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Mine was the ...

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aww... thx sweetner!...

How did you suffer the worst pain in your life (so far)?

01. A crushed heart from a broken relationship.

02. Nerve damage.

03. Kidney stone.

Caught my finger in my bicycle chain, went right into the sprocket.

When i was younger i was running with a pen in my hand then fell over and banged my head on the ground the pen got lodged in my nose that was very pain full had to get it dislodged at hospital (still hurts when i think about it)

In an auto accident back in 1999 I was the passenger who put on "the imaginary brake" when I saw that we were going to wreck. My right foot I thought was broken for almost 3 months and kept arguing with doctors over it because I couldn't put ANY weight on it for well over a year.
Turns out that I suffered nerve damage that is a chronic pain disease. Actually it is considered "the most painful chronic pain disease known to man" and has been around since the Civil War. I have RSD aka CRPS.
On scales it shows that it tops cancer pain, arthritis, broken bones, back pain, child birth, and any pain you can think of.
It has since spread up my right leg and into my hip area. I am one of the lucky ones as many have it spread to other extremities.
Because of it I have to see a Pain Management doctor and am on heavy duty pain meds. I have refused any increases in doses for almost 9yrs now. I realize I have to deal with this mind over matter and that raising drugs does not alleviate pain.
I agree that emotional pain is just as bad but at least you can be cured at some point of that mentally. There is no cure for what I have and because nobody ever talks about this disease (other than on House; Dr House has CRPS and why he walks with a cane and pops pills and it was revealed on the Ketamine Coma episode) it really hasn't been addressed properly.
At one time I sat here depressed thinking my life was over as most never go back to work after getting RSD. Now I have come to realize that mind over matter, a spiritual connection with God, and doing things for myself even in pain is the only thing I can do to ensure I have some quality of life and happiness.

Rhian H
i slept with my boyf and 9 months later out pops a baby...if only it had been that simple!go epidurals!

I'm a walking disaster so am having trouble rating the worst, but probably
1) collapsed my lung by inhaling foreign object into it (probably the worst)

2) c section performed while awake and prior to epidural kicking in due to baby in life threatening condition

3) trapped nerve in shoulder

ive broken a few bones, had several falls from my bike requiring stitches and on one occasion, having gravel removed from my chest using what can only be described as sand paper....

But by far the most painful thing was the anesthetic injection when i got my big toe nail removed. Actually i got two injections. The first was really bad, right in the big top at the knuckle and the guy stuck it in and wiggled it about for about a minute. But when i was in theatre it wasnt completely numb at the end, so he did another injection which oddly, as my toe was 90% numb, was 100 times worse than when my toe was normal. Its nerve pain and it went right up through my body. It was horrible!!!

breaking my wrist when i was six. i just bruised my tibia like almost 2 weeks ago which really didnt hurt that much at all. when i broke my wrist when i was little it really hurt alot.

i havent had much pain(knock on wood)

Ollie S
I used to get the craziest back pains when i was growing up.

Sticking to anything either really hot or really cold through out most of my teens was my method.

I used to walk to school in a t-shirt when it was snowing, and would lie on a hot water bottle in the middle of summer.

My ex was even worse tho, she has the hottest bath's ive ever seen, and drinks tea almost straight outta the kettle.

The King Of Kings
Well.... having an operation whilst fully awake and no anesthetic was a bit of a c**t. dya know how much pain is caused by a scalpol?

I'm suffering the worse pain right now from an undiagnosed illness.
I'd give anything to be healthy again...........:sad:


C section and hemorrhage the pain was horrendous

When I had surgery, I had a tumour in my thumb.....it hurt alot I was about 17 then...

i burnt myself on my hair curlers - i have a plaster and everything.

Slipped discs - twice now. Back pain is nasty - it stops you doing anything and everything. You can't get comfy sitting, standing or even laying sometimes. If you have it bad, we ar talking screaming agony pain, not just an ache. Take it from me - look after your back! I have been lucky that both my surgeries have taken the pain away.

Having a Long Line put in (Cant explain - research it if you must)

They kept failing, so had about 40-50 needles within 30 mins.
Very sore, and didnt go for a while =/

Either that or -
When the doc missed my Port-a-cath and just stuck the needle into my chest, not a very nice feeling, and bled quite a bit.. ruined my tee that i was wearing =/

losing my best friend to leukaemia. i got through it, but it took a long, long time...

The worst Pain I ever had was waking up after a c-section, the second worst pain is the radiation burns I got from cancer treatments. To those of you out there who have suffered from burns ( really bad burns, I mean), my heart goes out to you, because just the burns I had on my neck and shoulders were so unbearable that AIR hurt.

rdm cherubs
In my opinion my emotional pains have hurt me far more than any physical pain I have endured ie my 3 children's births but straight away you have a gorgeous child to embrace and take your mind off the pain, but the emotional pain I suffered when my uncle was murdered, horrendously - he was chopped into several bits and all in his own home, and the court trial afterwards cannot be healed with plasters or operations he does not come back to make it better or hug it away. The other emotional pain was when I discovered my husband of 13 years had cheated with my friend and that is unimaginable, you expect if your hubby hurts you you can turn to your friend and vice versa but I couldn't.

Now please don't mistake me I feel for all of you who have had physical pain operations etc and I am not undermining your pain I am just saying for me emotional pain takes a lot longer if ever to heal and ease. I would not wish this on anyone x

Kerry K
giving birth to my lovely daughter (9lb 6) and having a massive internal haemhorrage causing me to nearly die. that was painful

Emotional pain because my brother died. Physical pain giving birth.

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