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Jenna H
How can I prevent a hangover ?
I drank a little to much last night :(. I have NEVER felt so sick in my life as this morning :(. This is my first hangover and I don't know what to do to feel better. I really enjoy drinking with my friends... Is there anything I can do to cure or prevent getting a hang over? I would really appreciate if someone could help this lightweight drinker out. Thanks in advance.

Bob marely
DRink alot of honey after all the beers

Stephen T
Take about 3 Ibuprofen is about all.

Roxanne G
take asprin before you go to bed and drink at least one glass of water inbetween drinks and limit yourself.

when i get home from drinking, I take a low-dose asprin and drink a large glass of water before bed. then i sleep in and drink lots of water the next day

Drink lots of water and get some sleep. People will tell you all kinds of things to do but the only thing that really works is not drinking. Or be prepared to suffer the consequences...

Drink a glass of water in between every drink if they are strong...if not, in between every 2 drinks. And I don't mean a glass that is 1/4 water and 3/4 ice, like the bars tend to serve them...I mean a glass that is mostly water.

bob k
Don't drink so much. Slowly increase the amount. Hangovers are caused by the loss of water, or dehydration in your system from the alcohol. If it's not embarrasing or inconvenient what helps is drinking a glass of water between each drink.

people say fish oil...but i dont believe it!! you could try it though, if you have it. dont waste time getting it though

minnie m
Firstly if you are under 21 then you should, in no means, be drinking alchohol!!! And secondly what kind of question is that??? You can't really prevent a hangover...actually YOU CAN!!! by not drinking!!! please drink responsibly!!!


ralphy C
i heard eating raw eggs help

conniee babee<3
Okayy, well just rest for a while until it kinda starts to go away. I have had a hangover right before I had to play a sport, but I slept before it and i was fine. Also take some asprin that will help. But what is really best is just to rest.

there really is no cure for a hangover except time. A few things might make it more manageable though.

To prevent one, try to stay up for a while after you're done drinking, and drink a lot of water and go to the bathroom a few times before sleeping.

Alcohol is a potent drug which is toxic in high doses. So, you need to learn the dose that makes you feel good but does not make you sick. That may be only one drink, which contains several grams of ethanol.

To recover from a hangover, drink lots of tomato juice and water.

Don't drink so much. But if you do always drink with a lime or lemon in your beverage, the vitamin C always helps me.

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there is some pills just for this i don't know the name but i think you must take it either before or after you drink good luck

Drinking water is the first step. Towards the end of the night start drinking water. A couple glasses will do the trick. To cure a hangover drink a lot of coke and eat some greasy food, preferably a hamburger and french fries. That will wrap it up. The best way to avoid one comes through experience, practice, and sacrifice. First of all find out what you like to drink. Don't mix alcohol. Stick to one type of drink all night {so don't pick something you can't afford to drink all night or wouldn't want to drink all night}. And last but not least... don't drink cheap ****. If you can't afford Jack, Smirnoff, Jose, or better don't drink. Cheaper alcohol is distilled less and has more impurities in it which make you hurt more in the morning. Good luck, bottoms up, have fun, and quit drinking when the bad times out way the good.

Poet in a Hat
Oh we've all been there! Or anyway, I have...many times. Don't drink on an empty stomach the food will help absorb the alcohol. Some people say to take asprin or tylenol before going to bed, but I've always thought that didn't seem very safe, so I bring some with me and set them on the night stand for later, seems like putting a few hours between alcohol and pain killers is just common sense. Also get some water for next to your bed. You may want to do this before you're inebriated. Try to remember to brush your teeth because whatever you're mixing the alcohol with will sit on your teeth all night and it could make them ache in the morning. I know that's not easy to do when you're drunk though. In the morning if your sick, get some vitamin water or Gatorade and take some vitamin C and try to sleep it off!

Don't try to keep up with your mates for a start. If you lah the gargle down you will be going home in an ambulance by 10 o clock. Eat bread or crackers before you go out. This will soak some of the drink up. Drink at least a pint of water before you go asleep that night.You wont be in the humour after a good night out but trust me....you wont regret it in the morning! Keep a bottle of water beside the bed for when you wake up with a throat like sandpaper.

The most effective way to prevent a hangover (apart from the obvious) is by only having 1 or 2 alcoholic drinks, then just drink non alcoholic drinks. EASY!

Stay home...

Stina Lady
Drink lots of water. You are hung over because alcohol dehydrates you. Next time, drink a glass of water (or two) and take a couple of tylenol or advil before you go to bed and that'll help.

Loooootttttssss of water and bread. Something to soak up the alcohol when its in your system.

Best way to avoid a hangover is to not drink. However, you're going to want to. So, the next best thing would be to have a drink, then have a bottle or glass of water, then a drink, then water. It's not going to cure or prevent a hangover, but it will cut down on how much you drink that night, thus reducing the chances of winding up hungover in the morning.

Dalton I
don't drink

Just don't drink. There is nothing that will get rid of all the common symptoms including headache and nausea.

Don't Drink....


Don't drink to begin with. Next time drink water before you start drinking and afterwards. Once you're drunk don't fall asleep right away either, stay up as long as you can, that will help too

Don't drink. If your stupid enough to drink then you must face the consequences.

That's like punching a Grizzly bear in the face and expecting it not to attack your as.s.

Dont Drink

love is on the move ♥
How about not getting drunk?

James M
Hi Jenna! Well there are a few things you can do actually. First thing is you want to eat something before and while you drink! This make the alcohol absorb into your system slower and replaces some of the sugars that alcohol removes from your body. Also drink lots of water! Alcohol dehydrates you and makes you feel horrible later on, this is why you get the severe headache. Drinking a cup of water between every or every other drink will help a lot. Another good tip would be to NOT drink cheap liquor, cheap bottom shelf alcohol will give you a worse hangover. Also drinking clear and light alcohol will give you less of a hangover. Light alcohols such as Vodka, light beer, white wine, light rum. Alcohols such as Dark beers whisky and red wine and sugary drinks will hurt a lot worse in the morning. Also knowing your limit and drinking slow will help a lot (but where is the fun in that right?? haha).

But I find that if you really want to drink and have a good time without worrying about the next morning the best thing to do is take hangover pills. I like to drink a lot myself and I use these pills all the time and they work wonders! No hang over at all. They work by providing your body with the vitamins and salts that the alcohol removes from your body and causes you to feel sick. I found a free sample that I ordered myself here http://www.advtgc.com/click/2205o3749-6310 I highly recommend these pills. I have found that they are the best ones you can get too. And you get 20 pills which is pretty decent if I say so myself. For now the best you can do is take some ibuprofen or some tylonal or something.

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