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How can I help my sore muscles to not be so sore?
Soaking in a hot bath tub?
Will that work?

My muscles are sooooo sore!

Soaking in a hot or COLD bathtub is one way, another way is icing them with an ice pack.
another way most people dont know about but i use for cross country is rubbing a rolling pin across the sore muscle for about 20 minutes. it works great!
hope this helps!

if it's from working out, you have to do it again

You need more stimulating brain chemicals.
Try running a little every morning, to boost your brain chemistry.

Stormy .
that always helps me.. maybe also a heating pad after the bath

Naked Rider
soaking, ibuprofen, hot pad, or a massage. they all work.

Yes! Go soak in a warm tub and take some ibuprofen. Also you can use some "bengay" rub for soar muscles. Light some soothing candles and lay on a heat pad, while listening to soft music. Relax!

Jenny Jean
Put so hot packs/pads to lessen the inflammation of your muscles.
Along with it take an anti-inflammatory drug.Much better if it is prescribed by your doctor. Take advil for a while.
The doctor might give you an steroidal drug to eliminate the soreness of your muscles. But it depends.
Soaking in a hot tub might work, temporarily.

Exercise your muscles not too much until the soreness subsides.

Yeah.....One of the first answers was right..
soaking, ibuprofen, hot pad, or a massage

but....what have you been doing?
working out?
if so then thats a good thing

It might help. The only thing that will really help is sleep. You've stretched your muscles out to the point that they are damaged. Now they have to repair and rebuild themselves. This is why they are sore.
If you have painkillers that might help but it would be best just to sleep it off.

You should feel better in 24hours or so.

Hope ya feel better

Thumbs ^ Up
I just found that soaking in a tub of hot water and Epsom salts eases sore muscles real well. I never knew this until recently when I bought a box of Epsom salts for something else. It states this right on the container, that is why I tried it. I use 1 cup of Epsom salts in a tub of hot water and soak for about 15 minutes. Make the water as hot as you can stand it. It really works very well for me. You can buy Epsom salts just about any where and it doesn't cost much.

AJPs :) McCain
Hot bath works wonders and then a massage.

after working out go to the sauna...it really helps releif pain from the areas where you feel the pain. it also helps to lose weight if ur trying to do that and feels reallly good afterwards too. =)

try soaking in some hot water with Epsom salt in it, it helps relieve strains, sprains, and bruising...

It works for me.

Take Advil.

acutlly , heat will make it feel better for a short period of time but it acutlly makes it worse (i kno its werid) but ice packs make it better.

Rose du fantôme
that, exercise (your muscles need to be used every other day at the least) and a massage works wonders.

just take a warm bath, get a massage or relax in bed. or have some ibprofin or something. you could do all. pretty much just take it easyy.

Advil, soaking, epsom salts in the bathwater, all that will help. Also, try potassium supplements. That helps a lot as well, it will take away the crampy feeling in them. Also, stretching exercises. Hurts a bit, but will help with the soreness.

Richard D
Eat well or do not let your stomach go empty. Eat vegetables, they have oil that your body uses to maintain proper function of the muscles.

Ibuprofen over the counter works well.. Try taking about 800Mg's a day more or less as you body will tell you if you need more or less (Hurting or not hurting)

If your still hurting, then yes a good warm bath might help sooth your aches and pains.

If your muscle aches are from work then the ibuprophen will work well over time.


put some icyhot on it
take a warm bubble bath

that works.

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