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 whats the best remedy for a headache?
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 what time did you wake up this morning?

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Help! im scared of injections ?
Im going to get an injection tomorrow
what should i do so i dnt feel the pain
Additional Details
lyk wen i fink ov it ma arm starts hurtin
i dont know y =[

Razor Clutch
Just chill, it's nothing.

Colleen <3
Well you'll always feel the poke from the needle but if you don't look at the needle as it goes in it will help out a lot. Also talk to someone as you are getting the injection. I know these methods are very simple but it works every time!

Good luck!

Baby Boo
before you go there
eat a banana naked in your living room..
spin around until you puke the banana back up
then drink robutussen so you might get pregnant
then go in and you will be so focused
on every other problem in your body that you'll beg for the shot :]
works for me all the time

It's not really painful for me. Is this your first time? Don't look at it, and you will feel much better. Or concentrate on something else. Like the handsome doctor or something.

To not feel the pain:
Dont go

Really, most people worry over little stuff like this and they begin to think its going to hurt a lot. Really, It's most likely not going to. I myself get a little faint when it comes to needles, but I just think of a song that's fast, and try and say the lyrics of the song in my head, faster than the song. Or try and say the alphabet backwards. Spell the longest word you know, backwards.

John Q
Don't flex your arm, when you flex it hurts WAY more. Just relax, bring an Ipod er cd player er something. Try and make it no big deal. Good luck tomorrow!!

look away and hold your breath. go to a happy place. breath deep and don't look at the needle going in.

You need to relax when you're getting the injection. Don't tense up otherwise it will hurt more. Think about something nice or someone you like. Keep your mind focused on anything but the injection. You will hardly feel it and it will be over in seconds.

Look away and think happy thoughts also ask a friend to come with you for support.

don't look and think of something else

Kill Heather
take a friend with you and get them to speak to you

its not as bad as it seems.. i get pretty freaked out too then when its done your totally fine. also just before they do it take a really big breath =]

good luck, you will be fine =]

have you never had a blood test or any other injection before? hmmm... i've never heard of that.
well, you have nothing to worry about. it feels like a slight pinch when it pierces the skin. but when it's inside its 100% painless. and plus, an injection only lasts for like.... 15 seconds or more. you'll be fine!

I'm affraid of needles and injections too and unfontunatly there is nothing that can make you feel no pain. I always take a friend but I hold my breath and look away and its not so bad when it happens :)

LOOK IN THE DR'S EYE AND TALK TO THEM..IT WORKS...and tell them to use a baby needle! they will!

Pat G
don't look, and you won't even notice. but like are you only 7? cause that last part was crazy.

Linda Hiort
The more you work your self up about it the more it will hurt. Just relax. It won't hurt as much as your making it to be. Trust me I have to get Injections every 5 weeks! I was really scared the first time, but now its really easy!

Hey, I'm scared of injections too! I used to get really bad panic attacks whenever I needed to have them. I'd just try to relax, distract yourself, talk to a friend in the room, and warn the doctor doing it so that they know. Sometimes they can help too.

♫ Jodie ♫
Not sure if I will be much help because I have to have injections everyday because I am diabetic so I guess I am use to it. I often have them at the hospital though and I hate them ones because they are being done by somebody else so what I normally do is think of something I enjoy and I always look away and close my eyes it seems to help me a little bit :)

to me, a mosquito bite hurts more than an injection.

i remember a nurse who used to slap my arm HARD just before the injection. i did feel the slap, but not the injection. so tell the person who will give you the injection if you want to try that.

oh, yes, it helps to not watch.

just don't look and ask a friend to come with you for support.

breathe amd just close you eyes. Don't think about it too much. It'll be over and done with in seconds. You could also try and make wherever it is numb. It'll hurt less

Look away from the needle

like a shot? i got 2 in my left arm yesterday and another in my right arm. just sit on ur hands, close ur eyes, dont kick anyone,scream,ect. the nurse/doctor will ask which arm you write with so they put the shot in the other arm

I hate needles too, but they're much better than they used to be. Relax, it won't hurt a bit if you do... well maybe just a smidge... and the smoke or a zanex isn't a bad idea...

i had the same problem just dont tense up relax every muscle and at most it hurts for a second or 2 but if u worry ur mind will make the pain worse than it needs to be so its really just mind over matter

i had one yesterday for poleio.
it wasnt so bad.
the nurse held my hand :)

Dont focus on it.
Look away and have someone talk to you.
Keep occupied while its going on.
Good luckkk!

Try not to look at the needle that's all I can really tell you.
Make sure not to bite your lip and hurt yourself.
Think of someone or something that makes you happy.
And hopefully it will be over with as soon as you think about that thing.. :)
I hope I helped a little!

Do not watch the injection. Ask the nurse to rub the injection site vigorously with alcohol before giving you the shot. Think about something nice.

depends what injection it is. some hurt some dont. tell the nurse your really worried. they may allow your mum to come in or another nurse to distract you. its only a split second really. im sure you will be fine.

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