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Additional Details

Help, I'm in rediculous amounts of abdominal pain!?
my stomach/instentines hurt so bad I can't stand it. im extremely bloated to the point where the skin around my entire middle hurts from being stretched out. its so uncomfortable i cant sleep or sit or stand or do anything. i need help! is there ANYTHING i can do?

i know my eating habits over the last 2 days have been terrible, but i don't think bad enough to lead to this!

Get a glass of warm water. Add 5gms ginger paste and 1/2 fresh lemon juice. Your bowels will be cleared and you will feel fresh.
Eating habit is most important in life. If you don't follow the descipline you will be punished.
Never eat without hunger.
Avoid overeating.
Avoid spicy, fatty, stale bekery foods.

take painkiller

Have you pooped?? If your poop stays in for a few days it causes pain. It happened to me once and I felt like i was going to die!

Sterling D W
you need to seek medical attention immediately...this can be something serious and life threatening

daddy r
I actually had this happen to me .I was in so much pain .get gas x and if you have to expell gas do it.It sounds like the gas is trapped.

Maybe you ate something that didn't agree with you.
Go to your doctor and tell Him/Her what you ate and, find out what
their thoughts are.
It will be better than a hospital trip later on.

[email protected]
well there are several things that lead top this. being the flu season, have your sinuses been running, constipation.
or are you simply clogged.
frankly i went through something like this from seasonal virus
i got charcol caplets,and used stool softners for about a week to re regulate myself before it got better.
but to be safe see your local dr and get his input antibiotics will help also.

if, per chance it is trapped gas then soda pop or baking soda could help.

if you really don't know and you have that much pain 911 is really the best answer.

Are you constipated? You need an enema. Go to the drugstore and buy a fleet. That will relieve you the quickest.

You should probably got to the doctors, could be anything

George G
It is your appendix!!! I went through it years ago and nearly died on the operating table GET TO 911NOW OR GET SOMEONE TO GET YOU TO THE HOSPITAL!!!PRONTO

Eric C
First you might want to try some anti gas medication, that has worked in the past for me when I get bloated. If that dosent work You really should go to the ER if you in that much pain. Pain is a sign that there is something wrong. If you mask that pain with meds or anything else you will not be able to realize when the pain has gotten worse or has spread. See if you don't go and get checked out now there could be something wrong that could easily be fixed since you caught it early. Hope you feel better.

Jim from the Midwest
Call 911 or go to the hospital. If you are in distress this bad you need immediate medical attention.

You should probably see a doctor ASAP. Could be appendicitis. You sure don't want to wait. Call doctor now or ASAP.

sounds like you need a doctor ASAP

dances with cats
get to a doctor. if you also have a fever or are sick to your stomach...get to a doctor now

Go to the doctor! Now!

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