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KK <3
Headpains in a 16 year old?
Over the last couple of days i have been suffering from headaches. Every so often ill get what feels like a shooting pain in my head. It only lasts a second or two but will come on suddenly. Its usually either at the very front of my head or at one of the temples.Any ideas as to what is causing this? I do use the computer everyday for school work and have been quite stressed lately.
Additional Details
Im doing my GCSEs in the summer and will start A levels in september.

matt l

Veronica T
it sound like stress

Julie B
It could be from stress, smoking, drinking coffee, too much caffeine. It could be a number of things. If they pain continues and gets worse I would see a Dr.

ladydes728 cuttie pie
Idk maybe its genetic

It sounds like a migraine... You should go visit your doctor. And stress is most definitely contributing to it so try to relax and destress yourself out a little bit. Good luck,

are you drinking enough water?

Josh B
i have this issue too and i am on the computer alot 5 hours a day for my homeschooling, i get sharp pains through my head around my temple every so often for a second too, its been happening to me for a few weeks now, it might be the computer tho, if it lasts long like a week or two and it gets worser talk to your parents or gaurdians about going to the docter because you never know if its serious or not.
take it easy

and + yeah i believe stress is the key too i am a stressy person ^^

Ą§ħℓëy †
Migranes! you should definately go see a doctor because the pain is excrutiating. Im 17 I used to get them so bad I would black out.
And stress doesnt help that matter at all..
Drink lots of work, take youre time when it comes to school wok and go see a doctor or the painmight become more severe

Stress, if your a British student your probably taking A levels exams right?

There could be several causes but all of which should be checked out by the doctor. Have you changed your diet? Have there been radical barometric changes? Have you had your vision checked? Do you have any family members that have migraines?

I reckon that its because your a too nicer person and that you must be getting lots of stress from people who aren't quite as nice. I think that it is probably down to the stress of both a tiring GCSE year and school problems. If you start to get rid of the stress then you will relax and then feel a lot better. You also have a great personality and a fantastic group of friends who might offer help against the head ache.


Zoe Dot
I'm not a doctor, so he/she is the person with the last word, but your situation doesn't strike me as unusual. I once had a headache for 3 weeks when I was younger and it was because of stress and eyestrain. I would take it easy and relax and see if you improve. You probably will.

i had horrible headaches for a couple months i was crying and couldnt move the light hurt the sound hurt and most of all my head hurt it was horrible go to the doctor i had to get a cat scan and now i gotta take medicine everyday.

Abc D
my friend had this a couple day ago... she also had a fever..she went to the doctor and they said it was a mild flu.. you should probably check you temperature and if it's high then go to the doctor definatly.. if its not take some advil and get some rest

You have been having migraine headaches. Try to see if you need to start wearing glasses. Lay off the computer for a while and get some sleep.

Laura K
hi well i am guessing u r stairing at the computer to much and i get tht way sum timke 2 dont worry it will get better

Well i'm 15, almost 16 and recently I keep getting headaches, and they are quite the same. I usually take some paracetamol they don't help that much but a bit. It really hurts and feels like a migraine.

I don't really know why they happen and my mum cba to take me doctors or anything, and i guess its just to do with stress then.
Probably cause of exams and that as I am really stressed too.

Sorry rubbish answer but hope it helps

It says like a tension headache due to stress and tight muscles in your neck and upper back.

I would recommend to see a chiro to get a message.

That should decrease your headaches.

Drink plenty of water...

Ella Rose
Go to the doctor.

Early onset migraines... might want to get that checked out... you may need medication.

They do diagnose some younger ages with migraines.
They can perscribe you medications, but if you need to self medicate take the recommended dose of ibuprofen.

You can take a headache journal and write down what you were doing before the onset of the pain came, these can be triggers that are setting off the headaches.

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