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What's going to happen next?
Have you ever been in excruciating pain before,...?
like the worst that can be felt being burned or scolded. I have, I felt so much pain I wanted to throw up but couldn't (it was for a short time, though). How did you experience it? Do you think it possible you could like leave your body so you don't feel so much pain?

lets see I've been hit by a car gotten a nail threw a finger and knocked out by a golf club.
but that's nothing a friend got a rusty nail in his crotch and had to sterilize it with alcohol because he didn't have health insurance.

one thing I've learned from that its preferable to feel pain then not because not usually well its not good for you (head injuries are no fun).


Go Bears
I had an axel of a plastic toy car go all the way through my foot..Thank god for shock it felt like my foot was asleep no pain until they pulled it out

have a nip tonight did we

Yes, I have been in excruciating pain before. I am in it everyday of my life.I do think it is possible for your mind to not feel as much pain. You just have to know how to do it.

Zero Beat
Ah, well besides being ball tapped, I get this random leg cramps and they hurt like hell! It's like someone is tearing your muscles.
Hm, it may be possible. If you can completely calm yourself down and meditate, I guess. There's also high pain tolerance -- extremely high pain tolerance.

Joy H
Slowly... but surely...

yes i have some from myself but i have altogether take some pain killers and focus on something else make some distractions to your self, maybe using your phone computer, tv, game, something to distract yourself from feeling it. im not so sure about leaving your body tho- sorryif i couldn't help

When i was 7 and again when i was 14.
amazing stomache pain, it made me dizzy every time i stood up.
and i couldn't digest ANYTHING. even water.
and yeah, i suppose i did try to divert my mind
but i can't leave my body unless i go unconcious.

I often suffer through things so painful, I can't even feel it happening


I have been in horrific pain before. It is in the mind and if you meditate you can lessen the pain. I had fluid on my lung and in my abdomen from a ruptured gallbladder. I had to be mindful of how I would breathe.

I tore my MCL all the way , it was so bad I couldn't breath, I was in the middle of a lacrosse game and a girl took me out at the knees, They had to call 911 and every single movement they made I felt a gunshot in my knee. They gave me a quortozne*sp shot on the field while I was waiting for EMS, and once they got there the EMS pumped me with an IV of pain killers but it really didn't help, the surgery the rushed me in to had them taking my thigh muscle and turning it in to a new MCL since so much of mine was torn and damaged. thinking about this again is giving me the chills it was one of the worst moments in y life.

when i got my tonsils out

you don't know me
yes someone lit me on fire and tryed to drowned me....it hurt

yep, one time when i was in a head on collision car wreck.

Isabelle Rose
Excruciating pain on the inside..

not on my body.

Jesse W
like an out of body expirence? you can but very dangerous

the risk is going into a coma the up side to it is you can see a doctor about hypnotizing you and when you do go into such pain you will be able to meditait and relax all your muscles but befor you do that see if you have an infection bruising or internal bleeding cause thats what it sounds like

Shattered teeth removed with no Novocaine cause the dentist could smell booze on my breath, shattered knee cap, broken back broken neck surgery on both, kidney stones, hemorrhoid surgery, yes I guess I can say I have. It was hard to overcome the neck and back pain and had to put it inside my thoughts allways that I was a strong person and could eventually over come all things and that life would one day be worth living and now it is.

JandJ C
Yes, you can "leave". In fact, your brain is designed to take you away if the pain gets too bad for too long. It's called shock.

Only for short amounts of time, not anything compared with what some people have been through. They say that once pain reaches a certain point, your brain sort of can't recognize it anymore. I don't know at what point this happens. Burn victims, for instance, generally their nerve endings are burned and therefore they no longer feel the pain of being burned. The healing process for this, however, is horribly, horribly painful, from what I understand.
Anyway, no, I've never been in that kind of pain.

when i was nine my kneecap slid out of place...it hurt. sooo bad, especially when they popped it back.
and about 2 years ago i had a job at starbucks, 280 degree milk, got dumped on my hand...
it hurt sooo bad.
but honestly though i just remember getting a headache cause my mind was whizzing from the pain, and the headache really numbed the hand pain...not that much. but..i still WISH i coulda left my body for that. (both times)

Pain's a funny thing, we all experience it and cope with it so differently.

I've thrown up 'cause of headaches before, and passed out from pain (embarrassing) and gone into shock - but I reckon they're all my body's way of coping, rather than actually leaving your body.

Along those line though, I've tried meditation. It sort of went like:
Them: "Imagine you're on a beach with the sand between your toes and the sun beaming down on you. How do you feel?"
Me: "Like I'm in pain on a beach."

Sometimes I wish I could leave my body and be free of everything, and othertimes I'm glad for the pain, 'cause it reminds me that I'm real and alive.

yes, its called meditation...

I had a pot of boiling water poured down my back before.
Ive almost been hit buy a car 6 times.
I feel into the creek into my back yard and came within about an inch of having a branch go through my hand. '
Ive had the skin between my pointer and thumb completely ripped off.

those are my worst,
and pain killers are amazing.

but to answer your question, no i don't think you can leave your body.

I have experienced excruciating pain on two occasions. One of those times was around the middle of last year and I had to use every pain medicine I had in the house plus a heating pad in order to help me get this pain under control.

The second time was with the surgery I had on my foot. It happened a week after surgery and I used the pain meds given to me as well as talked my way thru that pain til I could get to the doctor a few days later to have him check what was going on.

Dale D
What do you mean by leave your body? I think you'd be dead if that happens. You can go into shock and you won't remember the pain, but I don't think you can leave your body.

I've had some bad pain from migraines and a broken collarbone, but I'm not sure how I experienced that besides wincing.

No, I don’t think that’s possible. Pain is a part of life. You have to learn to deal with it. Whether it be physically or emotionally either way, learn to deal. Don’t count on leaving your body so you don’t have to feel pain. That’s just ridiculous.

The pain of a burn or cut passes and shock comes to the rescue to take us out of ourselves so we can cope.
The pain of a bone spur pressing on my spinal column with no relief in sight brought me to the floor one morning and left me unable to do anything but drag myself around by my arms.
It came in waves sweeping over me and causing me to utter expletives but as it surpassed anything I had previously encountered, I started to scream and when it got excruciating I cried out for God to help the pain to go away, and it did, for a short period of time and when the next wave came rolling in on me I let it build to where I could not stand it and cried out to God again, and I was relieved for a short period of time which allowed me room to shift my position, and catch my breath.
Over time I came to realize that I needed help, and when the wave had passed again I called for help and was taken to the hospital where they gave me pain medication so I could concentrate long enough to communicate my difficulties and they diagnosed the bone spurs which were removed a couple of months later. now I am pain free but now I have God firmly on my side.

Bob Dylan ♪
Does having your leg blown off count, I have not had a pain free day since I was 22 years old.

jon g
I have been in a sickening amount of pain, the most i have ever been in, and it was diffuse over three days, but the worst of it was in the first few hours.

I was bike riding and my bike slid out from underneath me. My foot was caught in the spokes and ripped around in a circle twice, completely severing my ligaments. I looked down at my bloody leg and I stared at my backwards facing foot....of course it didn't hurt, it was really disturbing though. I then did probably the worst thing possible. I watch too much Television. I grabbed my foot an twisted it back until it was forward facing.

The first few hours after this event were some of the most horrible. The doctors actually told me to hold my breath as they twisted my shattered ankle from one side to the other...

The moment of the accident i was completely calm and I felt no pain...i suppose that could be an out of body experience.

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