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 Lower back pain wont go away!?
I have been going to physio therapy and its still not helping! Its my lower back, right in the middle by my tail bone! I have a strong core, and have no history of back injury. What do you suggest!?...

 my stomach hurts!!!!?
the lower right side of my stomach hurts really bad!!! this part of my stomach hadnt ever hurt before. what can it be? and what can i do to stop it?
Additional Details
maybe i pulled a ...

 my friends eye hurts?
okay my friends eye hurts and its a little pink.i thin its pink eye but i always thought pink eye was for itching and watering.

if you know what it may be PLEASE tell me. :) thank you !!...

 All my new shoes rub the back of my foot. What can I do?
Over the past year, I have brought 4 new pairs of shoes. Not posh going out shoes or anything, but casual trainer type shoes. I have brought a pair of Vans, Babycham, DC and Dunlop.

In ...

 Why do i have a headache?
Okay i know this sounds like a stupid question, it's just a headache.
Hear me out. I never get headaches, only once in a blue moon. I went to the gym this morning and decided to try one of ...

 what would happen if you took 20 500milagram tylenol pills?

 My 7 year old Son gets cramp / growing pains in his legs at night.....?

 does any1 know wat is wrong with me?
I keep feeling really sick at any time of the day and keep gettin really bad stomch pains (usually worse at night)they get so unbareable at times ive been to the hospital and they just send me home ...

 Why does it hurt this bad when I eat?
Every time I eat or drink anything my stomach gets a sharp pain that only happens a little after I swallow! It doesn't hurt my throat but after I swallow and when the food gets to my stomach it ...

 What's the Worst Pain You've Ever Been In?

 Does anyone sleep on a 'memory foam' mattress? What are they like?

 Picking my nose addiction help.?
I pick my nose way too often and I think its all scraped inside because of my sharp nails ( I cut my naild so that they have points at the tips) I think it has too much dirt up there. How do I not ...

 Biggest headache of my life...?
I've just had the biggest headache/migraine of my life.

Whenever I get the constant pain, it feels like my head is being hammered. But the most painful one is just too indescribable. ...

 I have back pain and sharp pains down my leg,what can this be???PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
Hi, Iam 39 years old.... I have had SHARP shooting pains down the inside of my leg and now my lower back hurts also. Im more worried about the pain in my back, Its a dull pain. It started about 1 ...

 what are some home remedies for curing sore throats?
My throat is sore and i cant swallow without pain. Buttermenthols and soothers don't help because they make my throat very cold and also make it hurt when i breathe in through my nose. it feels ...

 bloody toothache!!! how 2 get rid of the pain ?
i got toothache i have 2 take paracetamol 4 ibuprofen it works

but it not working now

monday it hurts tues it didnt wed it did thurs it dont now it hurts why is ...

 I accidentally drank rubbing alcohol thinking it was the same as everclear, what now?
I'm feeling really sick to my stomach.
Additional Details
it contains methanol, darkness is taking ...

 Why do most of my arms hurt?????
Why do most of my arms hurt????????
They feel sore and with alot of pain like someone keeps punching my arms. This all happened at 10:30pm, i couldnt sleep the whole night beacause of teh pain. A...

 HEARTBURN. Anybody have a quick cure please?

 please help, my mom is extremely sick, has a headache and barely has any strength to even stand up?
its been nearly 4 hours and she still feels this way ... she barely has the strength to move ... she can't sleep at all.... she says that she feels as if she is dying .... im really scared just ...

Has anyone got their teeth pulled? I'm really nervous...?
Does it hurt lots?? I'm getting my two top wisdom teeth pulled and am freaking out because I'm scared of dentists... any help?

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled after putting up with weeks of pain from them coming in. Wasn't bad at all, I didn't end up taking any of the painkillers they gave me for afterward. Don't be scared, no big deal!

Elinor Dashwood
My sister did, she had 4 teeth pulled at once. She said she felt nothing, but it depends on the dentist (if he's good or not). The only thing she complainde about was the recovering, it hurts a lot and your face gets swollen.

u get all druged up. if u feel pain then they drug u up.

I was extremely scared as well, and I only got the novacaine, but to my relief it was no big deal. Didn't hurt....so relax.

I had 28 pulled at one time so don't worry about two teeth. You won't feel a thing if the dentists knows what he is doing.

King of Fire
When they're doing it, you won't even know. I was just sitting there wondering what they were doing and then all of a sudden they said they were done. The painkiller they give you works wonders. Your lip just feels like it might pop, but it won't. You just have to be careful not to bite it while you can't feel it, because you could accidentally bite right through it and not know until 4 hours later. After the painkiller wears off, it's a little sore for a day or so, but not too bad. Don't worry, I did, and it wasn't painful.

Have faith...
Most dentists are gentle, and you will feel little except a sting when the local anesthetic is used.

Some use a bit of laughing gas to relax you (Nitrous Oxide), or may recommend a mild tranquilizer before the appointment.

There will be soreness after, and the numbness from the shot is a funny discomfort.

Let this be the worst thing to happen in your life.

I had 3 wisdom teeth and a molar done at the same time. I was under light general anesthesia. When it was done I didn't have a lot of pain. You have to be careful of what you put into your mouth following the extractions. Listen to what the Dentist or Oral Surgeon tells you, follow their directions and you should be OK. Take your pain meds as needed.

You'll be OK.

David L
no worries it doesn't hurt the worst part is the freezing and that only hurts a little

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled by a dentist, I was not put to sleep or anything. I HATE going to the dentist, but the truth is, it is not as bad as you think. You will be given shots to numb the area, if you are not put to sleep, and you won't feel a thing. My teeth were out in 2 seconds. Then they will give you pain meds cause you will be sore.

good luck, and try not to worry about it too much!!

I was extremely nervous before I got my wisdom teeth pulled. I really do not like dentists either!! It was not that bad at all. I think everyone is different the way their body reacts to the pain, but it wasn't bad. I wasn't to worried about getting them pulled because they numb you super good. I was more worried about the week after I got them pulled because I have twins and they need their mommy!!

The first day I was extremely tierd. I slept like all day. I was really dizzy. I was really nauseas, threw up once. I think it was from all the medicine I was taking. I ate like bread and yogurt the first day.

The next day, I felt great. The bleeding had pretty much stopped and was able to eat a little better. I didn't take that much antibiotics that day, but I really didn't need to either. I wasn't in that much pain at all. If it did start to ache I would take a pain reliever.

I am so glad my husband was off that first day to help me out and to take care of our little boys other wise I wouldn't be able to. You will be all right. Just make sure you eat some food before taking your antibiotics. I didn't really eat anything and so that is why I think I got so sick.

Oh yeah and I got 2 wisdom teeth pulled two months ago and the holes still have not closed completly yet, but that is normal. It is just a little annoying when you get food stuck in it!! Good Luck!!

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