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HELP im really worried?
hi really hoping sumone can help me here.
My boyfriend is in agony with his belly he says that he cant move with out it being in pain.
He had a stomach infection before but all they done was send him home he was really ill tho.
At the moment he has fallen aslepp not like him trust me.
I have given pain killers but they are not working.
I dont know whats wrong he says the pain is in the middle of his belly. i just dont know what to do

take him to a doc

Hmmm, depends how bad a state he is in but maybe you could take him to A&E?

hospitol appendixxx go

docter now

if you have the time,
google the words Marburg Virus then try Ebola,
compare the symptoms,
if you really care about your boyfriend,
you should seek this information

Yeah I agree....hospital. He could have a burst apendix or infection or he could have a kidney problem.

It's serious

David K
Get your boyfriend an ambulance or doctor because it sound serious.

should run him to the hospital and tell them all about what's up and what he is taking..

call a ambulance, he might be having trouble with his kidney or liver, you should take him to the hospital immediately

Two letters, ER. That stands for Emergency Room, unless there is a doctor on here I would recommend taking him there now.

If he had an infection, the virous or whatever, could have damaged some of his muscle tissue. You should go to the doctor to make sure the infection is not there. Try doing sit-uos to regain muscle tissue.

He needs to go to the hospital right away. It could be his apendix. If you dont take him it could burst and this is very dangerous!!!!!11

take him to the hospital before his appendix explodes!


Appendicitis can do this. Get him to the hospital. Immediately.

Love Life
call the doctor again

First of all, don't give him painkillers until he finds out what it is. If it is an ulcer, they will just make it worse.
If it is off to the right a little bit, it could be his appendix. I recommend taking him to the doctor. If they don't know what it is right away, they will give him an ultra-sound and get to the base of the problem. It could be bacteria.
My girlfriend just had an ultra-sound, and it turns out she has gall stones.

DC xoxo
He could have appendixicitis (spelling?) go to the doctor and asked for a sonogram (like what they give pregger women) i had to have my appendix removed because it hurt so much i could barely walk, good luck!

Call an ambulance right now!!! It could be his appendix exploded. Call now!!!

~i love my boys~
to him to a diff hospital.....if he says there is pain & his doc wont do anything...take him to a giff doc...& then sue the 1st doc for not doing his job....they did that to my hubby & i almost lost him if he didnt make it to the er...good luck & god bless

Could be a pulled something or appendix. Tell him to go to the doctor right away.

Call a doctor.

Take him to the Dr. or the emergency room.

Call an ambulance. Now. This sounds like an issue involving maybe the pancreas or the galbladder. It's very serious and if it's left untreated it could prove to be fatal.

Megan M
he might have a hernia or needs his appendix removed. take im to the ER!

running free
can we say... emergency room?

How about taking him to the doctors????? Come on people, it isnt rocket science!! No one is going to be able to really tell you whats wrong with him without an examination!

i would take him to the emergency room, i don't think that i would be appendicitis because from what my cousin said, the pain was more to the side of his stomach and i think it was the right side. so if its in the middle it could be something dealing with an organ, (you said he had a stomach infection, this could be some sort of result of that), or it could be like a stomach ulcer, or something a little more serious. take him to the ER, let them know what he has taken, and then they can run test, ( ultrasound, etc.)

trust me you would rather be safe and take him and find out that its just an ulcer or something minor, than take him later and find out that it was something serious and he should have been in the hospital earlier.

Good luck. Hope everything turns out for the better. :)

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