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I put my hand into the garbage disposal and it turned on. I sliced my fingers rather badly, what do I do?!

it depends how bad it is because if its bad you should probably go to the emergency room before it gets infected if its not that bad, disinfect it or wash it or put neosporin on it or something
hope this helps

I'd say call an ambulence. Or go to a neighbors house and ask them to drive you to the hospital.

go to the hospital its common sense,

jojo :D
umm go to the doctor??


go see a doctor

Kissed by an angel

i dont know


Use your other hand to apply pressure with a cloth or something porous you can find. When you get it wrapped up, use your damage free hand to dial 911 if it is bad. If you can get the bleeding to stop, see if someone can drive you to the emergency room or drive yourself if its not too bad.

Go to the Hospital. How did u type this? jk

* first wash it off with really cold water
*and then let it dry a while then you take a germ cream so you have no germs or infections
*then take a bandade and gently plce it wear it hurts
and dot move your fingers for a while if it gets worse go to a doctor wait you put it in a disposal oh i never knew holy **** go to the neigbours and tell them to drive you to the emergency room cause you cant drive too painful

GOOD LUCK ! feel better soon

get the remains of your fingers...apply direct pressure and elevate above your heart with a wet towel and ice. GO TO THE HOSPITAL!!

lil 'b'
ummm u may want to call someone or call 911 or have a family member or friend take u to the emergency room and while ur waiting u might want to take a towel and wrap ur hand but mostly ur finger and put pressure on it so u can slow down the bleeding so u dont loose that much blood..

but honestly why be so stupid and put ur hand down the disposal how old are you dude....

go to the hospital retard

Boy George
Call a doctor not Y!Answers.

got to the ******* hospital

the key thing here is to stay calm get a knife of some sort then put it up to your throught and slice this will releave all pain =)

Sue the disposal manufacturer! It's their fault! How dare they allow you to put your hand in there!?
Wait till Obama-care is in place...that way I can pay for your mistake!
Yeah, that's it!
PS: Don't lean on a window screens on the third floor....

Mind Your Manners!
Okay, first of all, calm down. You will need to drive yourself to the hospital, FAST. The best way to do this is to take your bloody mangled hand and put it in your anus and then push it all the way into your anal cavity. Hurry! This will act as a makeshift tourniquet and and any blood that you do lose will just be absorbed back into your body. Do not remove your hand until the doctor is ready to see you. Good luck!

Douglas B
If it only sliced them get a new disposal, it's supposed to dice them.

Okay firsts stop typing. Then stick your other hand down the garbage disposal. The pain will go straight to your other hand! It's like magic!

Garbage disposals are full of germs. Even if you didn't lose pieces of your fingers, and/or you don't need stitches, you are best off having it cleaned up at the hospital. Get there whichever way works best for you - just don't drive. You could go into shock, so you don't want to be behind the wheel. Get there however you can. Just get there.

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