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S. Stevens
For the past two days when swallowing it feels as though something is lodged in my throat (lump) or food?
there is no food, what can this be?

Strep throat, it gets worse i consider going to a doctor, soon you wont even be able to swalloe, or it could be cancer.

you might have scratched your tonsils or you might have a bit of tonsilitus coming on

leave it a while and its still there go see your gp

Don't take this anecdote as professional medical advice, but I have had a small piece of hardened phlegm or blood caught in the crannies of my throat before. The ER doc explained to me that since the nerves aren't very well defined inside your throat, it feels like lodging in a vital place while it really wasn't and I should just forget about it. Sure enough, the next day, I was fine.

Michael B
It is the time of year that people start getting sick, but try to figure out what happened before you started feeling the lump. There might be a simple reason why. Maybe its was something you ate, maybe you're allergic to some food and your throat is swollen. I hope this is not the case but try and piece what happened together. If anything see a doctor if it gets worse. Hope you feel better! :]

It sounds like a type of heart burn. Stop eating foods that cause heart burn until it goes away. This happened to be too. It felt like I had swallowed a ball and it got stuck in my throat. If this is what it is. It is stomach acid traveling upward and when it goes through your esophagus is causes constant pain.

YOu know what i had the same thing a week ago i will get better in like 2 days

Mine felt like that before and it was strep throat. I didn't have a fever or any other symptoms. It could be other things also; it's best to have a doctor check it out.

One or both of your lymph glands might be swollen, which means you are fighting an infection (cold, or flu or some other infection like bladder infection, etc.). You might be able to feel the other side of the swelling on the outside by running your finger along your neck, just under the sharp curve of your jaw. If you get a fever you know for sure you're infected with something.
Once your body builds up enough antibodies to fight the infection the lymph node will go back to normal.

Could be comming down with somthing or have a small inflamed throat cousing small swelling and giving you the feeling of having somthing stuck in your throught.

it could just be Flem you could have strep throat or bronchitis when you have strep throat your throat hearts and you spit out a loogie type of snot thats odd an odd color your also feel sick if you have strep. bronchitis is the same type of loogie stuff but its from smoking or being around people who smoke

Baby Jack born 4/5/09
wow thats weird cuz this just happened to me 2 weeks ago! it just passed....

a pimple.....

you could have some swelling of your throat
im would advise you to go see a doctor just in case..you might have like strep or something. if not, you can always get that throat spray for your throat to make it feel better...but i would still see a doctor.

I believe it's because it is this time of the year that young people and others usually get sick. I highly recommend seeing a doctor. Feel better. xD

Sometimes that happens to me (it feels like a little food) and i looked in with a flashlight and i had tonsil rocks. you can look them up on the internet, they arent dangerous...just little white things that can sit on your tonsils for a little bit.

Are you certain you did not aspirate on something, you don't have to do that on just food, you could have drank something that went down the wrong way, which can inflame the esophagus and cause irritation almost like something is "lodged" in the airway. If you are having difficulty breathing and you don't suspect a cold, or flu like symptoms, you need to call your Dr and get in asap, if you can not get in and your symptoms worsen over night, get to the ER, this is not something to mess with.

Good luck!

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