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typical not me
Let me tell you what has helped me. I come in here sometimes to see if anyone has asked about fibro. I have had fibro for over 12 yrs. I take Guaifenesin for my fibro. You have to learn how to take the med properly for it to work on fibro. Here is a book you need to get either from a library or you could get it at ebay or amazon cheaper than a bookstore.

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia by
Dr. Paul St. Amand

Here is the doctors website www.guaidoc.com
Here is a website for more info and for an online support group for those who take guaifenesin...

It is not a cure and it is not a pain
med but it has allowed me to stop taking prescription pain meds. I used to take them constantly. Check it out.

http://www.fibromyalgiasource.com has lots of information about Fibromyalgia and may be able to provide you with some information.

Thanks for the information. I will share it when the question arises.


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