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 why do i have this pain that hurts soo much? what should i do?
i woke up a couple of days ago with this pain in my jaw bone.it was like something i never experienced before. it was in my jaw bone and kinda moved to my ear, temple bone. the pain felt like a ...

 What pain killers do you take for a headache?
I take Nurofen PLUS....

 I am at my wits end .My daughter has chronic constipation any suggestions. been gong on for 2 years?
She is 11 years old and becoming more and more ...

 can anyone describe how it feels

 i have a terrible head aches last couple of weeks, does stress cause headaches?
my head is like pumping . feeling like my nose is going to bleed as well. really bad head ache coming from my neck to head . i fel like my head is so heavy. also i feel so anxious all the time. i am ...

 Why do my calve muscles cramp?
This morning, when walking to class, my calves got so tight I was almost in tears. I usually experience some tightness, but never this much. I used to attribute it to not being hydrated enough in the ...

 I woke up with a sore throat, and when I swallow water it hurts. Does anyone know what this mightg be?
When I went to bed, it was perfectly normal like when I normally do. I had the fan on high and thats it. When i woke up both sides of my throat were swollen. And it hurts when i swallow even just ...

 What can cause joint pain at 16?
I am only 16 years old and I am having joint pain. My knees hurt and I have back pain. Its minor pain, but I'm worried it will get worse.

I went to the doctor about it and he gave ...

 Appendix question? Please read?
Hi. Thanks for reading. Please help. Ever since I have gotten pains on my right and left hip bones and kidneys, I have been afraid I have appendicitis. I've had the pain by my ribs in May then ...

 What causes migraines?

 whats wrong with me? Is it heartburn?
Ok, so i sometimes get a sharp pain when I breathe in, but it goes away. and sometimes after i eat or something, i get a weird feeling to my right of my chest. I sometimes think i have a heart clot ...

 Rectal tenderness and minor pain, and BLOOD!?
Alright, I'm an adolescent guy. (13). I have been having an irritated rectum for a few days (like 5). It was and still is, itchy. Today, I went to the bathroom and wiped my butt to remove the ...

 what can help take the pain away from a migraine?
what can help take the pain away from a migraine


 i have been having headaches?
its a very mild headache because it doesn't bover me but i just keep thinking its very serious. i had my eyes tested and they said i had excellent eye site and they couldn't see anything ...

 HELP chest PAIN and BACK pain IM only 16 years OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
have recently been gettin a sharp/ripping pain in my chest at the bottom of my rib cage in the middle and slightly to the left. also i get sharp twinges in my lower/middle back. the pain in my chest ...

 Why do you get your appendix removed?
i just wanted to know because my friend just got it removed....

 How do i get rid of a gall bladder stone from home and with no visit to the doctor/hospital?
I think i have one right now and i wanna punch a whole in the wall! I was laying on the floor kicking and punching its hurts so much!...

 I am having really bad back pains today, and I don't know what to do?!?
I am only eleven, and I have my period right now. But I have been sleeping on my side every night that I've had my period. It's just a bad habbit when I do have it. But anyways, today the ...

 Help my adult son is on the computer 16 hours or more. He is a gamer and is locked in fearse battle the whole?
time. His fingers tingle and his wrists hurt. He drops things and I wonder; besides rest what can help with the pain. He loves his games and I can only guess this must be a common problem....

 my ex boyfriend has been haaving these episodes but he wont go to the doctor HELP?
It is scary and it has happend a few times now and he doesnt have insurance so he refuses to go to the doctor but I am scared for him Its happend at night he starts to feel cold and then out of ...

Excruciating pain in the lower left side of my abdomen?
My stomach constantly feels like someone is stabbing me with a needle in the lower left hand side of my abdomen.
What could this be?

This could be cancerous. Get it checked with a doctor get a scan. Usually it is some kind of infection but just to be sure its not cancer check it up with a doctor. Sometimes its still in its tumor state and can be removed safely. Many women die of cancer like this.

pulled a muscle.. or maybe broke/injured a rib or bone there.. im not sure.. ive never had any pain there.

Gas, go to a doctor and get some laxitives.

Cysts? Ovulation? Endometriosis? You cant self-diagnose this type of symptom. Go to your doctor and get some relief.

this happened to me-

So I went to the E.R. and the doc didn't want to do anything about it. I suggested he look at my gall bladder. Turned out I needed it out asap.

(I had eaten a hot dog the first time I felt this pan ALL NIGHT and the second and last time I had eaten a McDonald's chicken sandwhich).

Suzie H
If you believe in going to doctors, that is what you should do. I have lots of pains in my abdomen, stomach, etc. Mostly it is acid reflux. If I drink apple cider vinegar in water (about 2 tsps. in 8 oz. of water), it calms my pain helps my digestion right away. The acids nuetralize each other... You could have ulcers, pancreas trouble or kidney problems... Please see a doctor or a naturpathic doctor...

I had a hemorrhagic cyst in an ovary that really was agonizing. I also had a kidney stone that felt similar. You need to get yourself to the ER and they should do a urine test, a blood test, xrays and an MRI to make the correct diagnosis.

If it's a hemorrhagic cyct, they may also need to do a sonogram. To treat, they will give you pain meds and it will take about a week for your body to reabsorb the cyst -- the pain meds will help you function during that time, but rest at home while healing may be necessary.

If it's a kidney stone, they will give you pain meds and send you home with a strainer, probably some antibiotics, and a follow-up instruction for seeing an affiliated urologist. If it's a small stone, you may pass it quickly with and the pain will clear right up as soon as the kidney stone passes into the ureter.

happy wappy
Check to see if it's muscular. If it is then don't stress the muscles. If it's inside then go to a hospital.

Natalie G
Could be any number of things (gas,consitipation, PID, intenstinal obstruction and on and on) Best go see a doc.

Maybe it's just a trapped air pocket. You should go to the doctor and if this is the case he might use a needle or something to poke a hole and release the air.

Happy, :) & Sad :(
. You should go to the emergency room if it.s that bad..It could be a bursted blood vessel that happened to me. Good Luck

This can be due to variety of medical problems including skin conditions. But most commonly with either Intestinal upset or Ureteric (A tube connecting Kidneys with Urinary Bladder) infection or Stone. This can be Ovulation pain if it is occuring during mid cycle. Get Medical check up done from a Medical Doctor.

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