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 I lost the ability to be able to swallow pills/tablets, what do I do?
3 weeks ago, literally I learned how to swallow pills and tablets for the first time ever and I was able to do it for all those weeks until yesterday where I just couldn't do it.. and today.

 Who knows the cure for an insomniac that can't sleep?
I do my homework, internet and reading at night. Until the wii hours of the night. I have horrible body aches the morning afte and i'm sleeping less and being a lot more active. But it's ...

 My arms & legs ache & hurt especially at night, ruining my sleep. Does anyone know why? What can I do to stop ?

 Should I go to the doctor now or in 5 days?
So something weird has been going on with my vision. It started about a year ago i think its progressivly getting worst. I got glasses like 6 months ago, but it didn't help. Anything with alot ...

 what makes you pee alot?
What does it mean when you pee alot?
Additional Details
i dont drink or smoke quit 2 yrs ago.... i feel like I can pee a little like 3 or 4 times in 10 min and for that time really didnt ...

 A Vicodin a day? Is it safe?
I have chronic pain and the fatique that goes with that. The ONLY thing that helps is Vicodin. I average 1/2 to 1 Vicodin a day. I can't take aspirin or advil and tylenol doesn't help at ...

 Mild chest pain for 22year old woman?
I'm 22 and today around noon time i started getting mild chest pains. The pain was dull and felt deep in my chest. Before i got the pain...like 4 hours or so before...my left hand got extremely ...

 why does my shin hurt?
Sorry I put another question before this one but I said chin, I meant its his shin sorry.I am asking this question for my husband. A few weeks ago he was kicked i the chin and it was hurting for a ...

 should i go to the doctor?
for the last 5 days or so ive been having these weird symptoms:
extreme headaches (to the point where sounds and lights hurt
light headedness (got dizzy almost fell over 3 times)

 please dont judge me but if i too 10 paracetamol could i die?
could i die if i take 10 paracetamol please don't say i need help just answer my question please!!!!!!!!!...

 How old were you when you first started smoking?
...another question, why did you start?
Additional Details
When I say smoking, I mean smoking anything....

 hurry before school plz?????girlz only!!?
okay i have BAD pms. i want to know how to keep it under control at school. i dont want to be cramping up during class and ppl asking whats wrong.help!!!
Additional Details
im 12. going ...

 How do you cure cramps?!?!?
I had it all day yesterday and im still having it!
I woke up about 3 times lastnight because of it!
Ive tried Green Tea, chocolate, and reg. water!
How do i stop the pain!??!...

 painful kidneys after a heavy weekend!?
when will they stop hurting!
Additional Details
i've had a kidney infection before so its not ...

 I Just Ran into a door head first, How can I stop it from bruising?
I'm Sad =[...

 I am so scared of getting my wisdom teeth pulled?

 why does my left lower side hurt and my stomach?
the pain is horrible! the pain on my left lower side is like on my waist.(i am askin this question for a friend of mine he is 55)...

 can you give a cat asprin for pain?
is it safe to give a cat liquid baby asprin for ...

 name of woman in coma that her parents & husband fought over turning off life support?
I don't remember what state this was in but it was in the last 3 years that this took place. The couple had decided long before she went on life support that neither one of them wanted to linger ...

 OWW!!!! Im in so much pain!!!!!!!!?
Whenever i lie on my stomach i get these REALLY REALLY sharp pains on my sides. it hurts sooooooo much. if i lie on my stomach it takes me forever to think of a position i can get up in that wont ...

Every time i walk past a graveyard i go hard? Help!?

Do you have a thing for dead people or something?
wth, you're sick.

Quite an unbelieavble question. i had to read it twice. i just wouldnt walk past a graveyard.

baby girl
Um..here's a tip, don't walk past a graveyard. That's not good though, is it something that you like about dead people that makes you do that? A graveyard to everyone should be sad because just about everyone that has passed away and is in that dark cold ground has left their loved ones behind and it's like a gap in their hearts now. For you to do that, there must be something wrong with you mentally. That's disrespectful and sick.

:) Lucy (:
I really hope you don't mean that in the way i think. Disgusting.

ღ£Ðwå®Ðz§ løv£®ღ
ur disgusting


TROLLL IN THE DUNGEON! just thought you ought to know...

thats kind of creepy
i dont know what on earth would turn you on in a graveyard, but whatever toots your horn lol

lol someone is a necrophiliac

but not sure you may just are thinking of the spookiness and danger that is linked to cemeteries and that can turn you on.

It's probably because it puts the willies up ya.

your sick

Fragile Rock
You mean you get Rigor mortis?

Ummm.... it just means you're a necrophiliac, you need to embrace your inner love for the dead.

Wow, and my questions get deleted????????? What the Phuck is wrong with Yahoo? This is the stupidiest question I ever heard in my life and you are a complete freak. I do write questions to annoy , shock or just get a response out of what I write but come on man, this is phucking ridiculous.

AND.............do you live with a bunch of graveyards around you? Stay out of them And please get some help, please, Jeffery Dahmer started like this.

◕‿◕ & The Answer Is.....
To each their own....good luck with that

Perhaps you should avoid walking past graveyards

But seriously... Graveyards can cause an emotional response in people. This is really just an extension of our body's reaction to this feeling. For example, all of the hairs on our arms might stick up and we get goosebumps. Our blood begins to flow during our flight or fight response during our creeped out feeling. I think of your body just reacting in that manner.

Anthony T
ummm thats a rather odd problem.

perhaps seek counseling for necrophelia

....and your problem is?

Just remember to re-bury them afterwards. Respect for the dead and all that.

Julie G
Rigor mortis probably, you should get yourself a death certificate.

Jasmine Peters At Home
It's funny that - I get the same thing every time I spend a day or two in a freezer

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