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Torn Wings
Does popping your knuckles really cause arthiritis?
And if it does, how can I stop? It's hard!


Yeah, it does if you do it consistently

Captain Morgan
No. Over time your fingers might be a little puffy or sweeled (no big deal). That is just some old wives tail.

ƒαηтαѕтι¢ ☞CAT☜
What it does is makes the bones crack and YES it eventually leads to arthritis as it causes excess (and unnecessary) wear and tear in your finger joints.

I used to do it a lot in my late teens. The way I stopped was when my Doctor told me stop doing it. I got into the habbit of puting my hands by my side everytime i felt tempted to do it. It becomes habbit after a while.

yes it does..and you can check out the details on webmd

i've heard that too....but supposedly it doesn't ....

No. Just a myth. When I was younger the teacher told us that, but I found out later she was either lying, or wrong.

Captain Morgan said wives tail LOL

This is an old myth, and was just proven not to be true by a major Swedish study. It is, however, pretty irritating!

It's all a lie! My family used to say the same thing. And they said my knuckles would swell up and stay that way. Did your mom ever tell you that if you made a stupid face for to long it would freeze that way? Same thing. Hahahaha, not really, but you got the point.

No, I've heard that before, too, but it's a TOTAL myth, an old wife's tale.

no, but it is a bad habit you should break anyways.

There is no evidence that cracking one's knuckles can cause arthritis directly. However, repeated injury of a joint or repeatedly causing it to swell can injure the cartilage and potentially lead to degenerative joint disease.

Max Power says relax
Old wives tale to stop people making that annoying cracking noise.

Hell no, i been doing that for as long as i can remember.
I am 65 years young, i don`t have arthiritis yet.

I have the same problem , when you crack yuor knuckles its just the sound of the air inbetween your joints being released. So it doesnt really effect for worse or better.

good god I hope not.

Entrepreneur In The Making
Hell knows, im doing it rite now tho :)

that's what I heard

Simon S
No that is a big false it does not cause arthritis

No, it's just an old wives tail created to stop children from cracking their knuckles. I don't think it causes any problems, as far as I know.

Good question.. People always say that it'll make your knuckles/fingers big too.. is that true??

I am not sure but pulling your fingers out to pop them instead of bending your fingers into the palm is much better for you.

No, it doesn't cause arthritis. But it can increase temporary swelling in the joint, which can affect and imflame arthritis.

"Cracking" joints is merely the cartilage moving between your bones. The myth is that repeated cracking can cause wear on the cartilage, but it doesn't.

Bridie B
it can be a possible explanation as it leads to weakened joints, which can then express pain from rubbing your knuckle bones on tendons, but it is not always the correct analysation.

probably it would, but cracking them doesnt


Its not true, its just a myth. All it is, is you putting air between your joints. and then they readjust.

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