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Ã?â?¥Ã?ÄPixie Queen~*
Do you think you have a high pain threshold???
Could you give an example????

I have my tongue pierced,my belly button pierced,and I have breast implants.They were painless to me.

I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Ive had pain like you wont believe ?, plus at least 100 needles injected directly into my joints, not for the faint hearted i can tell you!!.

yes, i think i have
i used to pierce my ears
gave birth at home alone on the loo (not even a paracetemol)
pulled my tooth out when i was 12 as i hate dentists (now that did hurt)
knocked my thumb out of joint, sat for about a hour putting it back in place.(not recommended)
thats all so far

i couldnt take pain if it slapped me in the face

Alan S
I think so. My neck is constantly stiff and occasionally painful and I never take anything for it. Also, I always have my teeth drilled without Novocaine. Actually this is because the needle hurts more than the drilling.

Well i have to answer this one lol. Well yes i think i do. Well i had seen so many men walking around topless with there one nipple pierced, I said to my now X (who had both his done and one done twice cause he's a bit of a kink and enjoyed it) Does it hurt that much that they could only bear to have the one done (like he's gonna tell me it hurt when he enjoyed it so much lol) "no he said". So i thought well i have given birth twice now and that was pretty painful in its self so i thought i can handle it, Me step sister Kim had both done and had never given birth "yeah" i thought I'll have some of that, so my X took me on my birthday to Brighton and paid for me to have them done OMG i nearly shot threw the bloody roof and the air in that room was blue with the bad language that was flowing from my mouth lol. But they looked pretty then a year or so they came out cause they wasn't healing properly. But i did it i had them both done at the same time lol, but i can honestly say i would rather have given birth to twins or even triplets on that day lol.

my pain threshold depends where my head is at at the time. I can get myself into a state where I can withstand much more pain than if i was for instance, stressed and tense. Relaxation for instance allows me to have dental work done without injections at the dentists. Also, what might be painful and unpleasant can, in the right place and at the right time, done in the right way be quite the opposite!!

Yes and no.
Small pain hurts a lot, like paper cuts, smack to the nuts etc Wife thinks I am soft.
Large pain I can tolerate well. I once had a knee drain removed after an op. It made me wince, but the nurse said "Strange, we usually have to scrape people off the ceiling at that point". Plus when I snapped my knee in the first place, I was carried to my car, drove to the pub, had an after match pint, then drove to hospital.

Nope sorry paramedic 35 yrs I could deal with anything,But if its my blood or a needle aimed at me I would run a mile,I have an aversion to pain,its called self preservation or look after no 1 first.so basically i am a born coward.

helen p
If you have ever been through labour and childbirth - you would know your pain threshhold! I reached mine and went for the epidural and am not ashamed or sorry. My baby girl tore me almost inhalf!! It took months to recover. She was almost 10lbs!! Pain is relative and everone is different. So if you went through a pain experience better than someone else - don't gloat, it was just that you coped better than someone else.

I haven't but my wife has she has had 3 children and never had any of the pain releif that was available, all natural births and she recovered quickly from them, she can also lift things from the pan to the plate with her fingers and doesn't feel that they are hot, but then again she has got reynauds in her hands and the circulation doesn't reach the end of her fingers

I don't need a high pain threshhold, but my will is becoming more and more iron as time progresses. Less fear allows more freedom to balance the equation.

yes, i've been tattooed for about 20 hours (not all at once) and it never really bothered me. i also walked about a mile when i broke my leg (tibia and fibula, about 3 inches above my ankle). every time i took a step i felt and heard the bones ginding together.

I know I have a high pain threshold, because my body has been through trauma due to illness and somehow you learn to cope.

I broke my ankle getting into my car a few years ago when I slipped on gravel. I managed to pull myself into my car and drive 30 miles on a broken bone (I thought I'd just sprained it). I tried to get out of my car and couldn't stand on it, so drove back home and ended up in Casualty. I was in a wheelchair for a month afterwards.

It was agony when I did it, but the point Im making is that getting to where I needed to go to seemed more important than the pain so somehow I dealt with it.

Its a dangerous thing to do though and I wouldn't recommend it - trust your instincts!

Difficult - I went through two labours with no drugs, but that was only because they wouldn't give me any - I feel I know what it is like to be tortured now, having your body pulled slowly apart.
Dentist- I've had small fillings with no injections but then..
Injections - I HATE dental injections, they hurt SO much.

I'd like to know more about those people who have operations with no anaesthetic, just hypnotherapy.

A very high threshold...I should be in a wheelchair right now... I fight everyday with the disorders i have, every bone in my body feels like they are broken and this is 24/7, no relief. I live my life everyday as normal people do, i do the same things, sometimes slower and a little different but i refuse to give in to the pain. My doctors are amazed with what i can still do...Normally people who have what i have kill themselves, well 3 out of 5, but again i will not give in....There is still a purpose for me and one day i will figure out what that is...

I have had some teeth drilled and filled without any pain Rx. Sometimes my dentist would tell me I had to have a shot because he was going to drill close the nerve. My new dentist gives me a shot every time now...and I don't like it.

I thought I was the only one to go to the dentist and not have injections!! Glad for the company - thought something was wrong with me.

I think I do. I can go about my daily life (which includes choir and karate practice) with severe menstrual cramps. When I say severe, I mean that my friend went to the hospital screaming and was given morphine with less severe cramp than I get. I also ran 4 miles with a freshly crushed joint in my foot.

Yeah, someone once kicked me in the balls lol.and I donno I squeaked instead of screamed lmao...

Yes i have i high pain threshold. The midwives at the hospital told me after giving birth to a 10lb 8oz baby without epidural and with drug induced labour which makes contractions more powerful and more painful than natural labour pains.I honestly thought i was going to die!!!!

I think we do have more than we think. In a life or death situation, you'll stand any pain..

sorry I think that's not very well put, did my best

High-strung Guitarist
Yeah, I got sliced pretty bad with a kitchen knife, but it only stung a little... I should have been screaming in agony, so says the doctor who gave me stitches. That kind of scares me...

I have my teeth drilled with no Novocaine.

no, i have a fairly low one because my hormone levels serotonin which prepare the nerve blockers to pain , are very low, so the pain is not blocked off as it should be.

Yes....Labour with no drugs!!!

Yes, I have had kidney stones.

Elle J Morgan
Yes cos I had gallstones-I thought I was dying everytime I had an attack.

no not at all.

Yes, I do, but that's only because I'm brain dead...thank you very much. I just dropped a set of encyclopedia Britannica's on my crotch and didn't shed a tear. Have a pleasant day.

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