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Smoochy Poochy
Do you suffer from cramp in your calves?
It's terrible so painful it's unbelieveable sometimes, a hot water bottle on the back of my leg worked last night but it's still twitching and trying to go in to spasm today, any ideas on what causes it? how to stop it?

Oligo elements and salt.

Usually, cramps begin when you are lacking in those elements.

try to eat a little slat each day, and take some multivitamin pills that contain Oligo suppliments.

Yes! And I hate it! Its almost always at night, too. A horrible way to wake up!

I heard the banana tip,too, but I heard that eating them when they're partially black is best as there is more potassium in them then.

curious man..
No, but occasionally my piglets give me trouble....

Oooh yes very painful. I was always led to believe it was a lack of salt. My mum used to put a pinch of salt in oj for us to take swimming so we didnt get cramp.

Danielle H
I know how you feel. I get cramp in my calfs but only in the middle of the night and when I'm asleep. It's the most painful thing ever. The only thing that really helps me is just stretching the muscle and even then it is still painfull the next day.

Exercise more, don't drink too much alcahol, stay off junk food, don't smoke.
The cramp could be a sign that your arteries are furring up and all of the above will make things worse.
A blood clot could be a next problem.

Always drink plenty of water all day. Not only when you feel thirsty.

Quinine tablets and drinking more water will help. Years ago when I was pregnant an old lady in the village said I could cure the terrible cramp I was getting by putting a potato in my bed! I thought - oh please! However, I tried it and it worked! You can imagine how I felt having to tell my specialist that I wasn't getting cramp because I had done what old Mrs Shepherd had said!

the answer is simple you need more water because a lack of it tights your muscles which are made from 70% water so it makes sense not having enough would cause problems

I do and my mother did. I was told it's lack certain vitamins, but I can't remeber which at the moment! My mother drank plenty of milk to get them back and try to hold them off. I want to say its iron or calcium, but I do know its vitamins you lose when you have your period. You might want to try just taking one of those womens daily vitamins, too. Hope it helps!

I did when I was young. I know if I would stretch and point my toes I would get an instant cramp. Best to talk it over with your doctor to make sure it isn't a sign of something more serious. Ibuprofen may help just be sure not to take over the recommended dose on the lable. I always had to get up and walk it off. Good luck.

[email protected]
Cramps can be caused by a lack of salt in your diet. That's not to say that you have to eat a boat load everyday.

Also if you are excersising regularly, uits really really imnportnat to warm up and warm down for about 5-10 minutes every time you excersise. I train under 13's and under 9's football. Part of the training HAS to include warm up and warm down as advised by the FA

Stealthy Ninja
I get that all the time! It kills and then hurts for days afterwards! Can be caused by many things, mainly poor circulation and dehydration.

I found the best thing to stop it at the time is to get up and walk straight away - even though this hurts like hell it relaxes the muscles and helps the pain.

Garlic is good for the circulation and drink plenty of water. My doctor said that the pill causes poor circulation so if your on that maybe its worth checking it out??

The NHS interactive page (on SKY) and their website is really good for all sorts of things and can maybe give you more tips. Hope this helps.

pudding queen
God YES,

Usually when asleep in bed, but sometimes when I am just relaxing. I can sometimes feel it coming on and if so tighten and relax the muscles, you just need to find what works for you.

get some ICEY-HOT for your calves. or are you getting enough exercise?(you're probably not moving your body as much as you NEED to) when you don't get enough execise, then that means you are not stretching or moving your muscles; which means that if you don't exercise and stretch, your calves WILL cramp up. so my advice to you is to exercise. [get into some fitness clubs, walk/jog in your neighborhood, do situps, and stretch your legs for 20 seconds everyday]

I used to get leg cramps so bad that I would be limping around for 2 days. So I started to research muscle cramps, and then I looked for an alternative cure. I take stress B complex made by twinlabs ( this is the only B complex that I can take, all others upset my stomach) and liquid magnesium made by Carlson. 400 IU. google those two manufacturers and buy online its so much cheaper than going to a health store. For me I am leg cramp free, I hope this will work for you too. Good luck!

Try Quinine Sulphate tablets from your chemist, also increase your fluid intake and avoid too much caffeine


I have always suffered from cramp in my calves and was told that it was a lack of salt ,however I am not so sure that is is the case,if you look at the website above it seems to be quite informative and comprehensive in its explanation of possible causes and cures.
Good luck !

You are dehydrated. You need to consume fluids.

I get these occasionally. I usually feel them coming on and if I can get out of bed and put weight on the leg before it bites, I can usually avoid it.

Fleur de Lis
Eat more bananas (potassium) and drink more water. Dehydration and lack of potassium can lead to muscle cramps.

It may be due to a vitamin deficiency how ever it may also be a symptom of poor circulation which in turn can be the first warning signs of more serious conditions.
Please seek professional medical advice, since with the best will in the world without the results of tests and a full physical examination any advice given to you on here whilst being well intentioned could very well be wrong (even if they are a medical professional) which could very easily make the situation much worse.
At the end of the day it might be nothing and easily remedied but its not worth taking the risk with your health and well-being.

Hope you do get a professional opinion and as a result feel better soon, take care, good luck.

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