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 should i go to the doctor?
for the last 5 days or so ive been having these weird symptoms:
extreme headaches (to the point where sounds and lights hurt
light headedness (got dizzy almost fell over 3 times)

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 How do you cure cramps?!?!?
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 why does my left lower side hurt and my stomach?
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bid my blood to run
Do you have a remedy for stress?
I get really bad stomach pain when i cheat on my wife. She is a dragon from hell so i don't mind sleeping with 2 other women over the last year but every time i come home just after cheating, well my stomach really doubles up in pain.

After an hour it goes away but i wonder if a special tea might help?


Divorce was created to allow decent folks to get out of ghastly situations and away from ditto 'dragons from hell' - suggest you fill in the paperwork pronto and get a decent stress free life....

PS. STRESS KILLS and thatta funny pain in your tummy is the old adrenaline pumping through your veins into the 'ol ticker.....BOOM !

Your choice !

A bottle of single malt will relieve any stress.

Jia K
u know, she is not a dragon she is a human being, and you are a monster for saying that! maybe her being a 'dragon' is a reaction to something you do to upset her...im sure she doesnt plan her day and think 'hmmmm i wonder how i can make my husband miserable today!?' looks like you need to take a good look at where you are in life...if you dont like her leave her and then sleep with as many women as you like, but dont insult yourself and her by sleeping around.....thats why you are having stomach aches, because you know what you are doing is wrong....remember, what goes around comes around.....

even if i were to sit here and take your side, even if you wife is a total psycho and its not your fault, you still shud leave her before cheating....whats the point of a loveless marriage??? have some self respect and make a decision and your stomach ache will disappear by itself!

God help you buddy!

2 women well done mate

Quit cheating on your wife...and if that doesn't work go for a nice quiet walk somewhere...i always find that walking relaxes me.

I have always wondered if men are really monogamous. You know, one person for forever?

Your mind is winning the battle over your bod. Sorry, in this society, one wife per man is accepted. Stop cheating & start communicating.

You have a serious problem that you should discuss with your wife. No need to amit straying at this time but definitely you should both talk over your intimate life together. Your futures together depend upon it.

Good luck!

is it that you could talk with your wife so you shouldn't feel like you have to go where the grass is greener?
ergo: stress relief...

Good Luck!

and tea is good for tummy

Its called KARMA!!
I dont even know why i chould jelp you but try camomile tea for an upset stomach, if its gas pains, try peppermint tea.

I hope this is'nt a true question.

If she's a dragon just stop causing yourself the pain and leave her.
Tell her you don't love her anymore, but you can still be friends.
Even if you don't want that, tell her.
In these sort of situations you need to be honest.
Then you don't need to sleep with so many women and feel bad anymore.
You're doing whats good for you, so go do it.
But you can't just instantly break it to her you need to take her somewhere private and nice and tell her slowly and carefully.
Try to ask her how she feels.
Get it all out and leave the pain behind.

Amy W
Get a divorce, then soak in a nice warm bath with some bubbles.

Stop screwing around with other women until you obtain a divorce. That should take care of your stomach pains. Of course, if there is any justice in the world, then your wife will find out and start chopping off appropriate body parts.

[email protected]
Don't cheat on her, no matter if she is a fully-fledged Succubus or a sweet little angel.

You should always break up with a girl before going out with someone else.

And you will most likely find the stomach pain is a sense of guilt, so lose her, then you will feel better.


you do not have stress, you have guilt.

Well hey Mr fancy man, could you be feeling just a tad guilty? That's not stress, that's induced pain direct from Gods very own whip! Why do you bother to go home at all ... it's clearly not doing you any good.

As well you should. I mean come on are you serious? If you are married to a dragon, get a divorce. Have the dignity for yourself not to be a cheating slime ball. The only tea that would work for you is a nice tall glass of Karma which will bite you in the *** for being such an idiot.

Quit cheating on your wife. Maybe she wouldn't be such a dragon if you spent as much time and effort with her being a real man. She may not "know" you are cheating but she knows.

simple, don't cheat and you won't get the pain. you're getting what you deserve

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