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Can someone take two 5 mg oxycodone?
My grandpa has stage IV colon cancer and he's in so much pain. The prescription says to take one 5 mg oxycodone. Can he take two?

does one not work. i would stick to one. u dont want anything bad to happend. one should work right?

howard g
How much does he weigh? why dont you ask his doctor instead of the morons answering these questions!!!!

Tracy M
oxycodone is given out on a fairly common basis. 5 mgs is fine .I'm sure as I've taken that much for dental work. Now if it is Oxycontin.....way different story...consult the Dr for sure

yes he can take two and if they help then you should speak with his doctor about uping his doseage to 10mg to save on his medication. if that still doesn't help there is stronger medication out there such as oxycontin. or (heaven forbid) moraphine. All though you should try to avoid moraphine unless there are no other options.

Is it Oxycodone ER? I'd follow prescription as is, since this is a highly addictive drug. But it does come in higher doses, like 10 & 20 mg. If he is in a lot of pain, he should talk to the doctor about having him increase the dose. If the 5 mg isn't helping at all though, he would probably ok taking another one.

MonTana Tiggs (Smokey)
WOW he is definitely NOT getting enough medication.. I take 4-6 (5mg) , 3 times a day when bad enough...
OK to give it to him NOW, but for further treatment
PLEASE call the DR and ask for an increase in meds -it's possible that they may increase his prescription.or change it entirely.
I'm so sorry that he is in so much pain that is not encouraging

Call the dr tomorrow... tell him you believe he needs more medication and remind them that if you are giving him so extra, that you will need another prescription. (just trying to help ok)

Go ahead - give him 2-othewise if it is breakable give him a 1/2
God Bless you and your grandpa!!!

If it were me I would give it to him. It's not gonna make that much difference and I hate for people to be in pain, especially when they are old and have such disease. I give two at the hospital......

Sure he can. Some people can take more. I would expect it to make him pretty sleepy and out of it for a bit though.

Nurse Annie
If 5 mg oxycodone isn't working and that's what is prescribed, I'd call his doctor-wake him up if you have to- and tell him that. Increasing to 10 mg of oxycodone might be the answer, but you should always involve your doctor in the discussion.

This is Saturday; don't wait until Monday, but call NOW.

He might feel that another medication-COMPLETELY-will do a better job.

If his doctor isn't on-call, he has someone covering for him. No one in this day and age should suffer needlessly, so assert your right and advocate for your grandfather!


By all means. Someone asked if the oxycodone was the Extended Release type. They don't MAKE 5 mg ER oxycodone. Give your grandpa 2 pills to ease his pain. Or try 1 1/2 pills. Then try to contact the doctor and tell him the pain meds aren't working anymore.

Your grandpa's last days should not be spent in pain. Do what you have to do. Be aware that 10 mg dosing of oxycodone is not uncommon. My husband had an abcessed tooth last week and the dentist prescribed him 10 mg oxycodone for pain.

The Un-Cola
Yes he can take two.

If this is not controlling his pain talk to his doctor. They can prescribe something stronger.

cloversetter (tiara required)
yes, my mother died 2 yrs. ago and she had the 7.5 mg and took 2 every 4 hours, The object is to try to start before the pain gets worse, don't try to chase the pain if yo can help it. The MAJOR reason is to keep the patient as pain-free as possible; and DO NOT worry about addiction--when a person is that much pain the narcotic goes where the pain is. Good luck, it is hard to watch a loved one in pain and feel helpless.

Dana B grandma2be
Absolutely he can take 2 of the 5 mg. Sounds to me like the DR he is going to does not have his best interest in mind in regards to keeping his pain under control. For sure speak with the DR and tell them his pain is not being managed. He needs to be comfortable. Dont be afraid of giving him 2 of the pills. God Bless you for caring for him that is very special and I pray for your family and him. I am also caring for a family member that is in severe pain with Avascular Necrosis.

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