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 which pain killers are best??
i did a pain killer stronger then panadol (sorry about spelling)
its the time of the month, and I'm in soo much pain i cant sit till, its so painful.
does anyone know a good pain ...

 can someone help me please. i woke up today with a sore bum i took a look and there seems to be like a little?
blue vain and it kinda hurts.. its only on one side and i would like to know what it is. i was constipated and i have been straining to go sat on the loo for ages at a time. would this have anything ...

 HELP! i got burned by a hot glue gun!!! AAAKKKK!!!!?
LOL I have an aloe plant in my kitchenbut no burn medicen any advice???...

 when I travel by air, sometimes my ear pains like anything?
what do to in times like that???...

 Should i get a belly button ring if i play bball?
I just think it would look cool cuz i have a six pack and all. Would it make me more attractive either?...

 whats the most pain phisical pain you have ever felt?
the most painful physical pain i have ever felt was when i went to the orthodontics like 2 years ago and they had to do something to my teeth but first they had to make my mouth numb so they took 3-4 ...

 What could this be?! My doctor doesnt know!?
Ive had a painful ear, bottom jaw, head, neck and chin (all on the right hand side) for about 4 or 5 days now, and 2 days ago my top right gum just next to my teeth got a bit red and quite sore when ...

 doc says carpal tunnel syndrome but i don't thinks so?
i have had weird numbness and tingling and pain in my left arm for 2 weeks,also my hand cramps up to complete uselessness about 10 times an hour ,it used to happen about 4 times a year up until two ...

 Help, I'm in rediculous amounts of abdominal pain!?
my stomach/instentines hurt so bad I can't stand it. im extremely bloated to the point where the skin around my entire middle hurts from being stretched out. its so uncomfortable i cant sleep ...

 Cramps cures anyone?
Definitely the worst ones i had and i don't like taking meds. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks =]...

 Tongue piercings- What's the worst that can happen?
So I plan on getting my tongue pierced in a couple of weeks. I was so excited and I watched tons of videos on it, it seems to not hurt that much so I'm not scared of the pain I may go through. B...

 how can i get rid of stomach ache?
here's the thing, my stomach hurts me almost everyday, and when i'm in school it starts hurting me almost everyday to the point that even my school nurse doesn't believe me anymore......

 What are the effects of snorting oxycodone?

Additional Details
It's not me doing it. I just want to know....

 15 years old and really scared !?
I have been having pain in my lower right adomen randomly. Not severe but randomly. Could this be my appendix or would it happen real quick because iv had this pain for a while. Or could it be me ...

 what is more more scary to you?
which do you think is more scary
going to the dentist and getting a cavity filled
going to the dentist and getting a tooth ...

 Whats the most painfull experience you have been through?
Dont think im wierd lol but whats the most painfull experience you have encountered either physical or emotionally.
Thank you ...

 my ears feel swollen?
I'm having that feeling when your on a plane and their pressure on your ears? This all started when I was using an ipod. After using it for 2 days it started to hurt, and now it feels swollen. ...

 Sore Throat?!?!?
I'm having really bad pains in my throat especially when I swallow, it's been like this for 2-3 days now. The other thing that's weird is that i'm feeling so much pain in my hands,...

 does it hurt to get your braces taken off?
im getting mine off in five days and really want to know what to expect
thanks :)...

 Why Doesn't Anyone Understand That It Hurts?
Insecurities hurt, am I right? Especially when you already feel ugly yourself. You don't have to hurt more than you do by people talking about you and how ugly you are on Facebook. Why doesn'...

Can somebody with experience tell me if belly button piercing hurts

Lauren K
the actual priercing doesn't hurt that much. However I would advise not to look at when it's being done if your squemish- because a lot of pain is pyshological!!!
It is a bit uncomfortable after because the skin feels all tight round it.

Sophie H
Nope they don't. My tongue hurt more and my ears hurt even more than that.lol.

a little nip n its all over in seconds

Not mine - but make sure everything is sterilised properly. You don't want any nasty infections. Remember you should be16 or accompanied by an adult.

you feel a slight stabbing sensation as it goes through but as long as you keep it clean after that you will be fine and in no pain at all

the slight stabbing just feels like a sharp pinch from someone with nails and is over in seconds

no i saw my sister gettin hers it dont hurt
plz anwers my question

no. ears hurt more, i got mine done when i was 10

Sophie S
no! honestly, my ears hurt alot more! its beacuse you get worked up and nervous that you think it will hurt so bad

go for it!!!!

sarah h
My piercing hurt like hell. Especially a few days after it. I don't know if they hit a nerve or what. But it hurt!

Ella May
hun it doesnt hurt atall
just if u get it done dnt play wif it
or it will get infected

no its less the ears and its easy just keep your mind off of it

Not unless you get infected, and in this area hygiene, is a "must do" especially with the current forms of infection, particularly the emergent new infection of "community methicillin resistant staphlococcus aurea",( CMRSA ) that is growing in commoness, i.e. it is a form of MRSA, that is out of the hospital, and present in the community now, be very careful very, very careful .....

No it doesnt at all!! xx

Occam's Razor
It depends, will the piercer use any anesthesia and loads of disinfectant? Will the instruments be 100% sterile?

Mr. Trend Vampire
hurts like mad, theses people are lying!!!!!
i will never do it again in my life

Dr Frank
Let me start by saying I am not against piercings. I have one pierced ear and my daughter and I had our piercings together as a sort of bonding experience. However looking at it from the other side, by far the commonest piercing I ever saw infected was belly buttons. Not only did they often become infected at the initial procedure, but also I saw a steady stream of infections in established belly button piercings. The only way you could get these to settle was to remove the ring.

It doesn't hurt.It's very quick.. And I do agree with Dr Frank, it is by far the most common piercing infection..

(Dr Frank, you have your ear pierced? I guess I have a very stereotypical view of how Dr's should look! I like the fact you got yours pieced with your daughter for the whole bonding experience, I can somehow not imagine my father partaking in that! Although he did accompany me when I insisted on having a tattoo on my 16th b'day! on the condition that I behaved myself for the next year! I'm a total daddies girl of course!)

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