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my knee has really been hurting me lately and i have gone to multiple doctors, specailists ect...
I have gotten x- rays, MRI's, Blood tests, And even bone scans and nothing turned up. It...

 how does it feel when your getting your tongue pierced?
i know it hurts i just want to get an idea of what it feels like... does the needle go through fast? to they use anesthesia do they numb your tongue? from 1-10 how bad is the pain? best answer takes ...

 Will my heart come leaping out of my throat?
Tears are running down my face as a burning ache wraps around my heart. My head starts to throb and thoughts of miserable memories flutter through my brain like a slideshow on fast forward. Where ...

 how can someone get 100 points for best answer if the person that asked the question doesn't feel that was a r
in my question about pain in bum to right thigh many DR have denied it was sciatica and have also had cat scan--with scitaca pain is down back of the leg with mine pain is only on upper right leg and ...

 I was told that tramadol has a very small amount of narcotic in it, is this true?

 what are good home remedies to get rid of an head ache??
dont say coke i have braces and i drank some already it wont work.....and my house is out of tynenol
Additional Details
its impossible for me to sleep when its still light out.i havnt ...

 What could this be?
I have a 2-5 minute pain in my abdomen. I get really sweaty and hot and it hurts sooo bad, I have to just sit through it cause nothing helps it to feel better. What could it be?

I ...

 I'm sick...?
It started with a nasty cough yesterday and last night I had a fever so i took some Ibuprofen and I feel a little better now. But I still have my cough and now my right ear hurts.

Does ...

 Everytime my friend bends down her knees crack, and that's been happening for 6 years. Will she get arthritis?
I have a friend, who whenever she bends down, her knees crack. I asked her how long she has been doing it, and she said since 2003! But she can't help it. Will she get arthritis in them? C...

 My left foot hurts when i walk on it and its been hurting for three days wat could be wrong?
nobody has stepped on it and i didnt hurt it....

 gall bladder!?
i had real bad pains the other night and ended up in hospital and was told its something to do with my gall bladder i now need to have scans to find out wat..... wat i want to know is wat causes ...

 Recurring Chest Pains?
When I lay down or stretch out I often get a pain in my chest. It feels like a muscle pain but it has been recurring now for a few months. It can occur more often when laid in bed and moved position ...

 i have a problem in my hand?
for some reason i have a handicapping pain in my left hand so bad that it feel like there something broke in there but i didnt do any thing to it i happens for like 2 weeks then it goes away but i ...

 RE: Ivy627's post on 05/22. How did your left foot bunion surgery go?
Hi, this post/question is in regards to a response from Ivy627 on the topic of bunion foot surgery. She said she'd had bunion surgery on her right foot a few years ago and was happy with the ...

 Back Pain--Please help.?
I have been experiencing pain along my spine, my left shoulder blade, my lower back, and I get leg cramps. While I do not experience these symptoms all the time, I do have them often. The pain ...

Let me tell you what has helped me. I come in here sometimes to see if anyone has asked about fibro. I have had fibro for over 12 yrs. I take Guaifenesin for my fibro. You have to learn how to take ...

 what should I do?
I think almost know my wrist is broken but my mom won't take me cuz she doesn't think its broken and it was a week now and i refuse to use that hand and she STILL won't take me.......

Can extreme pain cause nausea and dizziness?
That old pain attempts to take over my life, but we just cannot let the pain take over our lives. Even after 23 years of extreme pain, the pain is put away as much as any bad thing in your life. Anyway, doc says the nausea and dizzyness is caused by the extreme pain that is from the scalp to the bottom of my feet. What do you think about his therory? Ok, no blonde jokes, my hair is not only blonde but has the beautiful gray showing.

Time Lord
Well you have nerves running from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, so I guess he would be correct in what he says.
As far as the dizziness, you could be hitting your pain threshold. It happened to me when I got stitches in my leg. I tried to walk on it to soon and got this extreme pain shooting up my leg and the next thing I knew I was dizzy as hell and light headed.

Yes, It always does for me.

Have you tried natural alternatives to perscribed medicines and also massaging is good for pain =)

Yes, yes, and yes. When your body cannot cure it self in so much time you body will go into shut down mode. Causes you to lose control of your muscles and you can do more than just nausea & dizziness you can lose your bowels. So the best to do is keep liquids around you while you rest comfortable to get better.

Yes extreme pain can cause nausea

Laid back
I like your opening words. Have had my share for close to that long. Extreme pain first reaction for me is nausea and at one time even cause me to pass out. Turns out I could not tolerate it as well as I thought. Won't it be wonderful when modern medicine can come up with a cure that does not include opiate type drugs that mask the symptoms instead of treat the cause.

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