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Kate R
Can I reverse a cold that I'm coming down with??
This morning I woke up feeling nauseous, achy, and I had a head ache. I also have the chills and my throat is killing me. Is there ANYTHING I can do before I take a 6 hour road trip tomorrow for thanksgiving? Thanks, guys.

Just try and get ALOTTTT of vitamin C
that should help..

Something that always has helped me control my symptoms with a cold is airborne. Another thing is if that doesn't help just take some suddafed severe cold.

yeah by coughing and sneezing in someone elses direction.

kimberly c
Well rest all day do yoga and go take a hot bath and anything more relaxing and take pills but its a cold you have im so sorry about how you feel but there's a sickness going around of that and i think you have it. Bye Bye!

a hot bath the hotter the better for as long as you can

never lookin back.
i say get lots of sleep and drink lots of citrus aka orange juice . it may at least bring the cold down a notch

you could try beechams powders - an uncle used to use these on the onset of a cold and rarely came down with a full blown cold good luck

sometimes you can make a deal with the cold, hold off for a day or two then you can make me sick, it has worked for me a couple of times.

no cure, but you can alleviate the symptoms - paracetomol will bring down a temperature and ease aches, lots of water, or hot drinks with lemon juice will help clear the bunged up feeling, echinacea is supposed to help but you really need to take this before a cold. vitamin c with zinc will help your body fight the cold. you can get over the counter remedies to ease congestion. you really need a hot bath followed by a day in bed with a good book. have a good thanksgiving!

Take Airborne and Zinc lozenges


Take vitamin C tablets, have a full meal and rest (stress makes it worse, because it weakens your immune system).


zinc (lozenges etc), echinacea, & vit C...lots of fluids too!

flu is going around right now...i had a touch of it & my daughter did too!

The first and foremost thing is stop drinking anything that is cold. For water if you can, warm it a bit before drinking.
Secondly, always keep your feet covered with socks.
Thirdly keep alot of fruits, specially oranges.

paul h
you could Kill yourself , that would prevent any future ailments , but I recommend a long trip round the globe , during which you Will be less self absorbed and grate full for the days gifts

The WingHunter
Zinc and zinc lozenges... also guiness beer (im not kidding)

get rest, drink fluids, take ur medicine, and hopefully ur be able to, Hope your Thanksgiving isnt ruined

Your Uncle Dodge!
Sleep! And get some fluids and antioxidants. You will still feel bad, but your body must respond.

Unfortunately, there is no remedy for the common cold. Zinc, vitamin C, echinacea and "Airborne" do nothing. The only thing you can do is get lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids.

All you can do is try to minimize the symptoms...still is no cure for the common cold other then letting it run its course.

Basically, treat your symptoms. Take Acetaminophen ( Tylenol ) for aches and chills. Do you have a fever ?? you mentioned that you have the chills, which can be caused from a fever.Plus, you have a sore throat. Many people don't realize that Tylenol can help this as well. If you are able to tolerate Ibuprofen ( Motrin/Advil) then take this but, be sure to take it with food as it may cause stomach upset. The Ibuprofen lasts longer as far as pain relief plus, it has an anti-inflammatory ingredient that is not in Tylenol. Ibuprofen will also help your headaches. If this is a viral illness, basically, all that you can do, is to treat the symptoms. Let it run its' course. If your symptoms persist ( over one week) or worsen, call your Doc. Rest and keep yourself well-hydrated ( fluids). I hope that this helped and that you feel better soon.

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