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 Weird, my throat hurts?
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 oww! how often do you bite your....?
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 has any one ever had an amputation..???
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 I've been drinking a lot lately i think its getting worse?
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 What is wrong with my wrist?
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 I broke my head open but i am scared to go to the hospital any help?

 HELP!!!!! I have to have a injection tomorrow and i'm terrified of needles!?
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 i took 15 tylenols at once.. its been 12 hours and i dont feel anything.. what is gonna happen?

 Helppppppp!!! My moms HEADACHES!!!??
Ok... my mom has been having a LOT of headaches lately especially on her right temple! And she has also been getting pain on her right eye!!!!!!! Can ANYONE tell me how she can cure it??????? PLEASEEE...

 How to get rid of a headache?
I've had this really bad headache all day. I've had some paracetomol and have been drinking water constantly. What else can i do?...

 Feeling dizzy, what's wrong with me?
For the past two days I've been very dizzy, light-headed... I can't stand up because I get overheated, and misjudge the position of things (like when I reach for something, or try to walk ...

 I think i broke my leg?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?easy 10 points ?
ok i wuuz at the malland it felt like my bones literaly froze. i fell over and everything...im 14. like i streached my leg and it went away but my leg hurts very much. this happened at 3 and it still ...

My whole body feels bruised and sore and i don't know why. I haven't done any physical activity so why would this be?...

 Why do people get cramps?
I get them a lot in my toes, and I have no idea why....

 I have been having headaches for months know,I'm 14 and the headaches wont stop,what kind of headache is it???
The headache lasts for hours and I get tired a lot,a little dizzy at times for about a couple seconds and then the dizzyness goes away.The headache is like on every side of my head,like it hurts in ...

 I just can't touch my toes.?
I'm 12 and I can't touch my toes when I stretch, is this normal?
I just want tips. :]

 sore chest! I have had a sore chest all day this mornng I couldn't take a proper full breath I also get a pain
I also get a pain kind of near my collar bone as if i had been running for ages yet i havn't left the house I have a bit of a cough but its infrequent and my nose is runny but not blocked whats ...

Best methods to use to get rid of a headache?
I have a headache right now, and my family used up all the advil (we didnt really have much to begin with) but anyway, do you guys have any other tricks that i could use?

spunky rabbit
sounds like a pms problem

tylennol, alieve, adviil, asirin, pepto bismal, ect


i always tie something around my head, REALLY REALLY tight. a visor, or a cap. it'll feel weird at first but lay down wth it really right on, it will take the headache away

soothing music, close your eyes, massage your temples, and drink some tea

sleep always works for me.

Margarita J
sleep with a wet papertowel on your forhead :)
answer mine:

*.* Lilitu *.*
Drink water and go to sleep. It's foolproof.

I normally drink some green tea with honey, smelling the hot fumes always clears my head.

Lavender Essential Oil works great for getting rid of headaches.
Head Massages
Hot showers running on your head

Take a Goodys Headache Powder! This works everytime!

Hey! same here. I'll be waiting for some answers on this page. lol

g charles
go to a quiet darkish place and lay down, maybe take a nap

well what i do is lay down in ur bad on ur back and breathe slowly and try not to think and try to just lay there

well idk about your question, but in response to your profile picture... you are very hot lol

bored student 3
A head massage should ease it a little in the short term, and a large cup of something caffeinated and liquid (coffee) should help in the longer term, then a nap.

Jichael Mackson
Drink lots of water, try not to stress, try not to my my eyes so much..I usually don't get headaches but those seem to help me as well as massaging it

Water, diet coke, alcaselser, sleep, food, and have someone rub the temples of your head.

tylenol and sleep

rub your temple or search google

Wisen Smart
Press hard for about 30 seconds between your thumb and your pointer finger and release. Do this several times. There is a pressure point in that spot that pumps blood to the brain and has been shown to relieve headaches. You might also want to put ice on back of your neck to bring down any inflammation causing the headache while you do the hand pressuring. Hope you feel better

Lindsey V
First things first- fill the bath tub up halfway and then switch it to the shower, if your nozzle has setting put it on the strongest one. Let the stream of water pour on all parts of your head, neck, and shoulder. Stay with this method for about 30 minutes or until the hot water runs out.
Secondly- put on your most comfortable clothes, don't worry about brushing your hair because that will make it hurt worse.
Thirdly-find a room that is dark and quiet. You may put on music softly in the background (preferably slow music) but absolutely no TV. The continuous movements and colors from the tv will make the headache worse.
fourthly- lay there for a long period of time and try to fall asleep. I know that this may drive people crazy because its boring but trust me it works. If after an hour your not asleep, I would advise making some kind of tea that will relax you. Although avoid potent fragrances (they will aggrevate your head)

I get frequuent migraines and this is my routine when I don't have my medication to control them. this method keeps me from going mad on nights when I have a chronic migraine and none of my prescribed medicine to take the edge off! Hope this helps!!

it's Camille Duhh ♥
Ok so like in Harlem(Where im from boo) I used to stick Mint Leaves or Yerba Buena leaves on My ForeHead with water. i usually left it there for like an hour & when i took `em off they used to always look like some one burned them and my head ache went away D: yaa i know buh like it workd!

sleep ALWAYS cures a headache. OR try to just not think about the pain and maybe it'll go away like that.

ok sweetheart the best thing i can tell you to do is to get really high it always helps my headaches and also relieves stress!!!

Put a a cold object (a bag of ice) at the bag of your neck. This slows down the bloods flow to your head. Drink a tea and go in a dark room and lie down. Avoid sounds.

this helps mee

Pinko Panty Bomber
- Drink lots of water. (NO SODA AT ALL!)

- Eat some bananas (Contains potassium. Lack of potassium can cause headaches.)

- Take a multi mineral supplement.

I think most headaches are simply the result of deficiencies in your body. When your body doesn't have the right tools, it is not happy. So don't just take painkillers, which are actually harmful, but try and see if you can address the root cause.

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