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Bad headache, Loss of feeling in arms & legs, sickness...?
I was at college today in lesson (I'm 17) when i got a bad headache, when i got on the bus i got double vision, i was really hot and got a temperature and started to get pins and needles in my hands, then my arms went dead and couldn't bend my fingers well, then i stood up and lost breath and found it difficult to walk like my muscles was seizing up and my legs were shakey. and felt like i was going to faint.

I had played netball the night before and not ate anything this morning, but the pins and needles and lose of feeling in my body really worried me.

Anyone had anything similar or know anything like this.. im really worried.
Additional Details
I dont think i had a stroke, iv got feeling back now.. ive just got a really bad headache and butterflies in my stomache

Yes you're pregnant

its cuse you havnt ad anything to eat

or you could be preg

joel c
Yep I got clattered in a game of football once i felt sick , hot, pins n needles, jelly legs the lot.
It's probably a one off but you should eat breakfast in the mornin.

you should of eaten, missing meals does you no good at all. especially after playing netball, silly girl. always carry a choc bar or something to keep your blood sugar up after a game.


i think u have a bad fever or illness

lovin' life
I know you're very young, but it could have been a stroke. My grandfather was only 21 when he had his first one. Here are the symptoms.
You should see a doctor.

Do not take aspirin in case it's a stroke. It can make it worse.

well all those are symptoms of a panic attack, but then again you would have told us you had a racing heart if that happened. could be a migraine as when ive had them i get really hot and have blurry vision but i dont think ud get pins and needles. you should see a doc, i dont think he/she would think your wasting there time. just to be on the safe side ya know.

[email protected]
sonds like you had a panic attack hun, bad anxiety about somthing, do you suffer from anxiety or have ya had alot of stress latley....i wouldnt be too concerned with the syptoms cos there arnt really any deseases that would cause all of those at once, try to destress hun if it happens again id go see the doc,

If this isn't a reason for an immediate trip to the emergency room, I don't know what is.

waltzing matilda
See a Dr ASAP.

Could be a migraine BUT I would see a doctor today.

If you were in a lesson and maybe had your neck hunched over, this can cause a trapped nerve which causes the pins and needles sensation. Have you been to the doctor ? The missing of meals may also be the problem. Anxiety can also cause the same sensations in your body. Don't skip on meals and stay hydrated by drinking lots and lots of water. That will also help your concentration levels at college.

Lucey , I had the same symptoms . It sounds like you have a pinched nerve in your neck . See your doctor , he or she will probably prescribe physical therapy .

you experienced a migraine.

are u seriouse? you need to go to a doctor cuz it sounds like you were having a stroke....

That isn't a good sign... maybe you should look into going to the ER now. You could be pregnant or maybe a mini stroke???

um u should prolly go to the hospital.

I think you need to see your doctor, you could have a pinched nerve, also does sound like the symptoms of a stroke also I dont think you had a stroke but it is possible. You need to see your doctor to at least get yourself checked to make sure it is nothing serious.

Angela B
you probably had a bit of a migraine or tension headache caused by having not eaten. The double vision and hot flush is likely due to slightly low blood sugar and all the other symtoms are classic of a panic attack.
Perhaps you got worried about the headache.. you seem the worrying type.
If you are well now then i'd be almost certain that is what happened. See your doctor if it happens again

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