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Adrienne S Rivera
Bad Headache...help!?
Last night I got this really bad headache, it felt like a migraine, I went to bed thinking it would be gone this morning but it isn't. It really hurts, what do I do?

B1g [email protected]@n
you ought to take an aspirin and a few minutes later you will feel better

Tony B
try taking 500mg of paracetamol and 200mg of ibuprofen at the same time,its just the same as migraine tablets only that little bit better and cheaper.

Chloe R
This is what I do when i get head ache start rubbing ur temples in circles then rub your forehead

Charlotte G
Take a hot bath, and put a hot washcloth on your forehead. Also, take Excedrin.

go to sleep. rest. That should help.

see a doctor if it goes on longer. (im nine so you dont have to take my advice:-(.......)

Take and asprin then, put a damp warm washcloth on your head, take a nap with the washcloth on your head, if your headache isn't gone then you should call a doctor it might be something serious.

As i see it, you have 2 options:

A) Take Advil, Tylenol, etc..

B)Call up Squirtle and ask him to spit water on your head to cool you down.

Personally, I would go with B

the who
with a migraine go to a doctor, but generally just try to take it easy, rest , etc.

Ask mom for pain-relievers & how long to use them. If no better in 7 days, see a Certified Nurse Practitioner.

The M
Sit in a dark room for a hour and then eat your favorite food and take some advil with that food and then watch tv for like a hour then take a nap that always helps me

Relax, drink plenty of water, and it should go away.
If it's still there, then i advise some medicine.

If it is a sinus headache which are very common in the winter because we run central head and it dries out sinuses out....I suggest Advil Cold and Sinus. It's the only one that will actually cure a headache for me.

Drink plently of water and take an advil.


try putting a bag of frozen veggies on the back of your neck, wrap it in a cloth first though, this should work!

hope this helps!
good luck!!

Take some advil or tylenol. headaches are very common

1) Take 2 excedrin migraine. If you don't have any of these, take 2 tylenol, 2 aspirin and drink some coke, coffee or another high caffeine drink (this is basically what excedrin migraine is). Have a piece of bread to keep your stomach from getting upset.

2) After taking the medicine, take a super hot (but comfortable) shower. Don't worry about cleaning, you can do this later, just enjoy the heat for as long as you can.

3) Put on as little restrictive clothing as possible and lie down in a dark, quiet area with something dark over your eyes (like a dark towel or socks).

4) Don't think about your head, just relax.
With the meds combined with the relaxation of your body, your headache should go away soon.

Excedrin for migraines. It works like a charm.

Mr J
Take a pill and sit in the dark and silence for a bit ^^ you cant get rid of a migrane by doing activities

If its really that bad of headache that you think its a migraine than you should go to the doctor. I have a medicine called Foricet and its really good but it was prescribed. If you get headaches offen you should get it checked out. If this is the first time than you should eat something, take some over the counter medicine like aleve and rest.

Lucy Quinn
i get really bad migraines that will last for days.
typically i take ibuprofen or acetaminophen
you may also want to go to your doctor if these continue to happen. mine recommended bio-feed back (they teach you how to mentally numb the pain.)

try puting something hot on your forhead and laying down with it for a while you can watch t.v. during this but not to loud good luck.

ღ♫♪♥•*´`*•♥ Rebecca ♥•*´`*•♥ღஜღ
If it's a migraine you need to be in total darkness & quiet while lying still for awhile.

Tylenol, Advil, Ibuprofin

Some headaches are due to dehydration ~ drink water.

Get a towel as hot as you can stand it, ring it out, put over face ~ when towel cools, repeat about 5 times.

Drink A Mtn. Dew. If you're having a caffiene headache from drinking pop & suddenly don't drink it ~ you will get one & it will last about 5 days. The only cure is another can of pop or suffer through the headaches & get used to water.

Could be a tension headache, if you think you have alot of stress or very worried about something, try to relax.

The area of the hand at the base of the thumb, hold that tight for awhile or get someone else too. It's supposed to be a pressure point that massages away a headache. There's one on the foot too, but not sure where. In fact, you may find a chart online. Supposedly there's a spot on the foot for each body part & if you touch the right spot, it helps that specific area.

go to the doctors

Callie C
I have had several friends with this problem, Their migraine headaches lasted 2 days or more... each one ended up going to the ER to get a shot of adrenaline. It works, but I'd wait another day or so before resulting to that.
Try rubbing your temples with lime... and of course, OTC headache meds.

Try putting an ice pack or a cold wash cloth on your head while relaxing for a while. ive had migranes my whole life and thats one thing that makes it feel better, also take some painkillers

I have migrans too, if you have migrans it usal happens often but if not you just have a bad head ache .... this is what you can do.
1.If you weight between 130 to 150 take 3 motrens if you weight is lower take 2.
2.Then go in your room with no light and no noice.
3. lay on your bed and close your eyes if it hurts to lay sit up
4. Try to take a nap then if it still hurts after 4-6 hours take somemore motren and and go in a closet dark and NO noice and your head should feal better.

Memere RN/BA
I answer so many of these headache questions because I've been suffering from migraines all my live. The started when I was 10 yrs old. I see a neurologist regularly and I'm going to tell you exactly what he tells me. First I have to know, does light hurt your eyes. Do you get blurred vision? Does it feel like the top of your head is going to explode? and is it on one side? Not everyone has the same symptoms., however, this is what he said to me. Migraines are not in the brain. There is no feeling in the brain. The differ from ordinary headaches in that the veins under the scull cap vasodilate, (expand) causing severe pain because of the pressure. Ordinary headaches, the veins constrict, So with Migraines, use ice on the areal of the head that hurts. This will bring the swelling of veins down, Avoid lights if you can. I take Fiorecet because it's the only thing that works for me. I've tried many meds and that is the only one that works. Rest with your head elevated. and if you can't get away from lights, put a cloth over your eyes. Don't watch TV or use the computer, they make it worse. There are medications at the drug store for migraines that you might want to try and I suggest you see a neurologist. I had every test available and they all pointed to migrains. they are very debilitating and so miseralble. Please, if this continues, se a neurologist. They are the only ones that can tell you what's going on. Try what I said and I wish you the best. I know your pain. I hope you feel better, I really do. Take my advice, it works. Good luck honey.

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