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Back Pain--Please help.?
I have been experiencing pain along my spine, my left shoulder blade, my lower back, and I get leg cramps. While I do not experience these symptoms all the time, I do have them often. The pain normally starts in the shoulder blade. They all hurt for several days and all at the same time. It hurts along my spine when I sleep, stand, sit at school, pretty much all the time but is really bad when standing and sitting. I have been experiencing these pains for the past five years (since I was 13ish).I was a dancer for many years and am not sure if I did something to myself or if it is something else. Sciatica is genetic in my family and my aunt has been suffering with it for many years. But I was also wondering if it could have something to do with eating disorders (i've been in recovery). Please help--I'm tired of these pains.

A massage by a professional chiropractor works well.They may recommend an M.R.I to find the sorce of the pain. My Friends has a similar problem from years of Karate and she has regular massages and says it helps tremendously. Stretching daily can help too. She also uses a heating pad when she is relaxing.Here is a link to a great cordless heating pad www.comfeencozee.com. I hope this helps.

ask your doctor for a medication called baclofen. it was too strong for me but,you could have a better degree of success with it.BEST WISHES FOR YOUR SPEEDY RECOVERY. FREDDY..........

It looks like you have a degenerated spine. There is a possibility of disc damage due to excessive pelvic movements. Also check for sciatica. I havent heard of Sciatica being genetic or hereditary. But bad posture and severe back abuse can cause sciatic nerve to inflame due to the compression of the lumbar vertebrae.
Better check with your orthopedic and get an x-ray or an mri done immediately.

In the meanwhile you can take Colocynthis 1M, homeopathic pills,,,,, 4 pills 2 times a day for 4 days followed by Colocynthis 200 = 4 pills 4 times daily for 1 week. This should help in Sciatica. Take Calcarea Phos 6x for a month 4 pills twice daily.

You can also try acupressure or acupuncture treatment.

Good Deeds
Check ou this website and follow the links to the pains you have, it may help.

first go see a Doctor and get a mri to find out what is causing the pain.
you need to do a lot of stretching excises,hot packs,massages,and hot water,hot tub are good for this.all this will help.but go get a m.r.i.

If you need more help with back pain head over to http://onlinebackpain.com -- they are part of the health information network http://the-health-information-network.com

If you haven't been to an orthopedist or spine doctor, you should go. Why be in pain for so long? Your doc can take an MRI of your spine and check to see if there are any disc problems. Such problems could result in referred pain, meaning the pain could come from parts of the body that are not the site or sites of the CAUSE of the pain. If you get a diagnosis, you can probably start an exercise and/or physical therapy plan. If you have self-discipline, you may be able to do it on your own. If the MRI shows something, bring it to a second doc for another opinion. There are so many pain treatment programs today that there is no reason to stay in pain.

Dr Graeme Teague
From the sounds of when you started to get your back pain and also its location - you may have what is called Scheurmanns disease. This is where the spine has micro-fractures on what is called the end plates. This creates the pain you are experiencing and will also cause the muscles around the area to be sore also.

The best way to find out if this is occuring is to see your doctor or Chiropractor/Osteopath/Phyis and organise an x-ray.

You do not want to leave this too long as although Scheurmanns usually disappears by itself with time, you need to be aware of it to avoid aggravating factors and to get treatment to help the pain.

Please seek help as soon as possible to rule this out and to get help.

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