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note; I do not drink, smoke, or do drugs....

Me, myself and I
Any home remedies or techniques to help with tonsilitis pain...??
I can't eat or even drink because it hurts to swallow!!! :(

Carole Q
ice cream.
See Doc.

Well the cure is antibiotics or surgery but there is some stuff you can do until the drugs kick in.
Let icy cold water trickle down your throat from an ice chip. It's also a great excuse to eat ice cream, not with nuts! Nuts would really hurt.
Willow bark tea will take down swelling and pain. It's what aspirin was made from.
Gargle several times with warm very salty water. It's hard to do but does help when the burning from the salt goes away. That sounds terrible doesn't it!
Slipper Elm Bark tea is good for a bad throat.
But really, do go to the doctor, if your temperature gets very high you can get brain damage and also you could suffocate if your throat swells shut.
This is an extreme case but possible.

Felani Perez
Drink something warm, like a broth.

sweet tooth
if you can't eat or drink or have fever or both it's time to see the dr, maybe you need antibiotics to clear the infection, maybe you only need sympotomatic treatment, but only a dr will decide since you can't eat or drink, it's not just some mild pain that will go away with salt water gargle or warm soup.
you shouldn't suffer more /.become dehydrated it will only make you worse.

Gravitar or not...
Salt water, vitamin C, and Aspirin, all kill the infection, the aspirin also reduces swelling. Gargling is the preferred method, don't eat systemically anything that doesn't smell or taste good, but gargling is topical, not systemic, if you do not swallow.

I don't recommend Hydrogen Peroxide simply because it doesn't penetrate the tissues as well, but damages the surface some as all the above.

A more dangerous solution if you do not know exactly what you're doing is to put drops of concentrated iodine in colloidal silver and gargle, do not swallow.

I recommend alternating between the aspirin, vitamin C, and salt water solution. The water, as other's have suggested, should be warm. It is the safest effective solution. Of course see a doctor, if it worsens.

Thy Name is my healing, oh my God, and remembrance of Thee is my remedy...

God bless.

Cold always reduces sensation, so you could try eating small amounts of crushed ice, let it melt in your mouth and just swallow tiny amounts at a time, it should help a bit. You could also try gargling with some soluble aspirin.

OH HELL NO you HAVE to go to the doctor

Gargle with moderately warm water with salt. The salt content makes your swollen tonsils ease a little.

But remember that there is no better way to treat this than to take in anti-bacterial medicines which kills the bacteria that are causing your tonsilitis. :)

Dania C
I find warm drinks, salt water gargles, advil and numbing lozenges (chloraseptic or Nice) to be the most effective.

You may need antibiotics as well. Especially if you have a fever, etc.

Feel better!

I hope you go to the Doctor as soon as possible. But ....I do know one home remedy which will help some. Gargle with hot salt water... not hot enough to burn your throat, but warm enough to help ease the pain. Mix a good tablespoon of salt in a small glassful. The salt will help kill germs and infection and the heat will help sooth your throat somewhat. It's not fun and please be careful to not swallow it. If you can make it to a drugstore, Cepacol makes some wonderful throat lozenges that help numb it as well. Hope you feel better really soon!

Gargle with warm salt water. If you have any absorbic acid (Vitamin C) crush about 3-4 tablets between 2 spoons....add to a little water & drink. Do this often. The more you can get down the better. I have strepp right now....I began taking 1,000 mg . yesterday 4 times a day....I feel better....I am also drinking a tea called "Osha" buy it at a local health food store. It is wonderful for tonsilitas....larygitis, strepp throat....it is a root...so you need to break it down into smaller pieces then cook in water on the stove with a lid....for about 1/2 hour...add honey to sweeten. It will cure your tonsilitis. If that is too difficult to do.....go see a doctor. I prefer the herbs & vit. C over medication.

Jungle Jane
warm salt water gargle and tylenol for now, get to doctor 1st thing in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u can mix salt and warm water and gargle it and u will feel better

I had tonsillitis a few months ago (white spots on the tonsils), I gargled with warm water mixed with a lot of salt 3 times a day. It tasted nasty and it hurt, but it worked fast. I was pain free by the end of the day and it was gone by the next afternoon.

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