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i meant jog not ...

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Brandon =P
Any Good remedies to get up in the morning?
Okay, so no matter what time i go to sleep, and no matter how many hours of sleep i get, i always end up sleeping through 2 alarms!!! any ideas???

Go to bed earlier, Seems smart enough.

Get a louder alarm.

Try Hardcore metal like screamo, etc...

slipknot for one!

I found that the only way I can get myself up is to not even think about it and just jump out of bed. It's a little hard to explain, and I don't know how well it would work for others, but before you even give yourself a second to think, stand up.

Though if you don't even hear the alarm to begin with, you won't be awake to do this anyway. Then I would suggest a really loud, sudden alarm that scares the crap out of you. My brother had this Star Wars one I used once, and when it went off (Anakin in a pod-racer thing). I almost freaking peed myself. I thought someone was shooting me or something, I can't even remember.

Another thing is if your phone is on vibrate and on a nightstand or something, it's usually really loud. In an extreme case, maybe you could put your phone on top of you or between your legs when you sleep, and set the alarm to vibe. Or put it on loud and right next to your ear.

Oranges and apples are safe alternatives to coffee that really work.

Try it.

Best of luck !

Roy W
I have the same problem... :[

Well put an other alarm in your room and if you live with any one have them wake you up.

I'm the same way! I set multiple alarms... my phone and my alarm clock. Make sure to put them on buzz, on the highest volume. It also helps to set them across the room from you, that way you have to walk to turn off the annoying alarm, and then you're already up and out of bed! If that doesn't work, there isn't anybody that can wake you up? Good luck!

Kevoh C
Early 2 bed Early 2 rise

use vibrating alarm clocks or those with strange shrill sounds.don't put the device near u.u will have to get up and out of bed to switch it off.

sounds to me like the alarms aren't the problem. I'm guessing that you don't go to bed at the same time every night and you are either getting too little sleep or too much sleep. Getting too little sleep then sleeping through alarms is understandable. Getting too much sleep can also make you feel more tired when its time to get up because the longer you sleep the more melonin builds up in you which is a sleep chemical.
If you get a routine where you go to sleep 8 hours before you have to be up every night eventually you won't even need an alarm...you will develop a natural alarm in your brain and wake up on time every morning.

drink a lot of water b4 bed so you have to wake up to pee in the morning...set your cell phone alarm on vibrate and put it under your pillow

Drink a lot of water right before you go to bed. That will make you want to get out of bed in the morning.

set the alarm clock across the room.

Ok, I understand ur problem. My analysis would be, 1) Do you always find it hard to focus on the thing you wanted to say, or argue on; 2) Do you always find it hard to stay awake at work? If you do on the two, I can say u lack of fruits and vegetables, and also plain water. My suggestion would be consume them much, in a proper portion, because they give you energy to focus on what you wanna say, to help you stay wake, and to wake up you in the morning.Ok, dude, you can try it today..

Greg Macquarie
Start a chicken pen up in your garden near your bedroom window. Have at least three roosters in there or bring a rooster in at night.

get a labrador

Set up a mini goal for the morning before you go to bed.
For example, if I tell myself that I'm going to play two hours of video games if I can wake up by 9:00, I'll wake up by 9:00.

drink coffee and if u do then get one of the alarm clocks that makes it in the morning
what i do when its hard to get up just jump out of bed
or pull the covers off u as soon as u here the alarm clock it defiantly turn on the lights
Position your alarm clock so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off. It’s quite common to reach over to the nightstand, turn off the alarm, and go back to sleep without even remembering doing so. If you have to get out of bed and walk across the room, however, you’re more likely to stay awake.
Try placing peppermints, Tic-Tacs, gum, or any kind of food on top of your alarm. When the alarm goes off, pop some into your mouth before turning it off. No matter how sleepy you are, you can't fall asleep with something in your mouth. Additionally, mint flavor can increase your alertness.There are some clocks out there that have a part that either flies or rolls around, and in order to shut the alarm off, you have to catch them and return them to the alarm base. Ex. "Clocky Mobile Alarm Clock" or "Blowfly Alarm Clock"
i hope these helped!

there are vibrating alarm clocks you put in your pillow. maybe try that?

CallmeLizza S
Try the water drinking method. Before you go to bed drink like 2-3 glasses of water and go to bed right away. That should wake you up a little early. If that doesn't work then schedule for someone to wake you up. Like if Someone in your household goes to work or even lives with you. Tell them to wake you up.

No more ideas..

Get your neighbour to wake you up by bashing your window.

set your phone alarm as a last option and put it right next to your door so you have to get up and set it a little later than you want to wake up so you will see the time panic and get moving

get a different sounding alarm or use a alarm that uses a radio, because with me when it just uses a beeping noise or something repetitive i get used to it and then i dont wake up. I had the same problem but i got a alarm with radio and now i can wake up

Definitely Shaken
drink lots of coffee

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