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Am I okay to do this?
Hello everyone,

Before I start with my question, I understand that it is likely to lead to a lot of off-topic answers; so please just be content with the small amount of background information I give behind it, and, if you believe you have a relevant answer after it, please feel free to share it.

Okay, well my girlfriend and I broke up after nearly 4 years of being together and this (as I expected) made me feel very down and, to some extent, depressed. The same time I also happened to acquire a very sore throat and bad cough... I started to take 12.4/500 codeine/paracetamol tablets and found that not only did it make my sore throat feel better and my cough go, but I also felt generally better and not so upset about the break up.

Now that my sore throat and cough has gone, I still continue to take the tablets just to make me feel better. Am I okay to do this? I take the maximum allowed dosage per day, and do not exceed this. I only intend to continue this for the next month or so; and am very confident that I won't be tempted to take more or continue for longer.

I find it's just an easy way to deal with everything, legally, and also allows me to deal with it myself rather than bothering someone else about a problem that everyone goes through after break ups.

Basically, are there any health hazards to doing this?

Thank you.
Additional Details
Wow, thanks for all the very fast replies everyone. I was expecting maybe 2 answers over the next hour, and even those to be lacking enthusiasm.

I will stop taking them; and the main reason behind that is what some highlighted on here about "dealing with future problems"; I need to get over this myself and that will make me stronger when I feel like this in years to come.

Thanks everyone!

THe only problem I see is if you drive, and wreck you have DUI, even on script. Mind that and I'm ok.

Well the paracetamol tablets are just paracetamol, they don't do anything but soften symptoms, if you don't overdose on them they are harmless. If the other things aren't drugs then you should be good, if they are you could create a biological dependency, which would be hard to shake off and could leave you worse off than before.

Moo Lovett
Yes, there are health hazards. If you're not clinically depressed, then you need to stop taking these pills because "they make you feel better". The classic pill addiction statement.

Stop taking them now. Throw them away, too.

you should quit those tablets or whatever they are
it's just all in your head you will feel better if you want to
you need to get a hobbie to distract yourself
read, listen to music, play some sport or try to get another girlfriend
i know it hurts but it happens

Douglas B
There are potential health problems with any kind of medicine you take and abuse. You are abusing this one right now and that is the first sign of a problem. You have to find a better way of coping with your problems than with some pills unless you get them from a dr. and are under his care. Anything else is like playing Russian Roulette with your life. If that is all your life is worth to you then go ahead and continue what you are playing. If you want to get yourself better prepared for life in general, for this is only going to be a small set back with what you have yet to meet up with, you need that help right now. If you feel this answer is b.s., fine, just pour what you have left of that medicine and walk away from it. If you can do that right now I am wrong. If you can't you are hooked and the longer you wait the harder it is going to be to even try to get help. You are going to keep looking at it for your pick me up. What it really has done is checked you out of reality. You are going to miss out on a lot of fine things in your fogged over state of mind. And what are you going to do when the rda is not enough? Abuse some more, but by then you probably won't care your fog will be so thick.


Paracetamol toxicity accounts for most drug overdoses, so you need to be careful of how much you take, to not be tempted to take more than the daily dose. "Am I Okay To Do This?" is an obvious question....NO. There are definitely health hazards to doing this: you could become dependent on paracetamol, and also be tempted to take more than what was recommended. Overall I would say try and stop now, there are other ways to deal with a break up.

Well, my advice is that one should not take a prescription med for something other than prescribed for initially without first speaking to a doctor or at least a pharmacist.
If you are going to continue anyway please consider lowering the dose little by little until you are off it. Try to lean on something other than those pills to get you through this tough time. Stay away from drugs and alcohol as they will only end up depressing you more. Let your friends be there for you, talk to them.
You are probably hurting your liver perhaps. If codeine was considered safe you would not need a prescription for it.
Good luck, take time for yourself.

Well, the combination of drugs that you are taking is typical given as a cough suppressant. Codeine is metabolized in the body to morphine, which acts as an analgesic and cough-suppressant. They usually have 1% codeine in cough syrup and it is normal in this concentration. The problem with codeine is that you wont feel the side-effects now. It will appear later as "withdrawl symptoms"

The sort of euphoria and wellbeing that you are feeling is partly due to Morphine present in your system. But later when you will abruptly end the medication, you will have the "craving" or symptoms of withdrawl (like tiredness, nausea, depression, anxiety etc). This happens with all longterm therapy of opiods (Codeine is an opiod).

My suggestion to you is that to stop the codeine dosage gradually. Never abruptly end it or you will have the above mentioned symptoms. Try to gradually reduce the dose over a timeperiod of few weeks. This will avoid buildup of these symptoms.

Other then that, with that much concentration of Codeine, there are few side-effects to mention now. But be warned that long time usage of these drugs have potent side-effects, especially on the brain.

Hope this helped.

4th year Medical Student

codeine is highly addictive, slowly you will start taking more to get the same buzz you used to. same reason as you, i started taking them when my nan dies to ease my headaches, then found myself taking them to feel happier, then have extra to give me a boost to tidy the house etc. Ive now been off of them for 2 weeks today, and i am finding it so hard, i used to take 6 altogether in the morning, then around 10-14 during the day, depending on how busy i was etc. I didn't go the docs, but i should have. I have been told *i dont know how true this is* that they are basically a mild form of heroine. I really do feel for you, please dont let it get as far as it did with me. It will happen. Its normally around this time in the evening i feel crap, my whole body is aching, my head is pounding, im VERY short tempered and im just dieing for some. sorry this may sound kinda sick lol Im so ashamed of myself and just wish i had stopped when i was at your stage. also had some routine bloodtests done and something flagged up in my liver, probably to do with the basic overdose of paracetamol mixed with the codiene, however i havnt been back for another.
Email me if you want [email protected]

There are health hazards with any drug that you take, prescription or not, over a period of time. You should see a doctor about it so they can give you the most accurate answers to your questions.

Paracetamol is bad for the digestive system, and codeine is addicting and can cause tolerance. While there is ideally nothing wrong with taking the recommended dose for a month, if you get addicted and start developing a tolerance the paracetamol will eventually destroy your digestive system.

There are hazards to using any drug. You should consult a doctor before continuing your use. The doctor may be able to prescribe something that is better suited for you usage.

no u need to stop taking pills drugs etc altogether!!! stop! dont take any at all.

Stop it, you will kill yourself... really. My friend died because of this.

You're using the medicine in an improper manner. Sorry.

This class of medicine causes dependence (addiction) and tolerance (need more of it to get same effect).

A doctor's advice? Stop taking them now before you're in over your head and shamefully begging friends or docs for a prescription.

Savvy Sauce
There are many reasons why you should stop doing this.

1. Your Health. It is never good to develop a dependency on a drug, and that appears to be what you've done. The longer you continue this habit, the harder it will be to break. Although it will make you feel better, that won't last long - your resistance will build up, and so will your required dosages. I'm sure you know what havoc drugs are capable of wreaking.

2. Your Wallet. As your resistance and dependency on these drugs builds, so will the costs. Pretty obvious, and not that big of a deal. But in the long run, you'd be surprised at the economic difference. Additionally, most people who develop a dependence on drugs at an early age are less likely to receive high-paying jobs.

3. Your Self. You can't just turn to drugs to fight off the world's problems. Sure, you went through a bad break-up, lots of people do. But learning how to cope with those downs helps you deal with problems in the future. People who don't learn to cope end up becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol.

If you continue to take the drugs you won't die. Sure, it's not "that big of a deal" you could say. But your life will run a lot more happily and smoothly in the long run if you break this habit immediately.

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