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 How to get it to stop hurting?
I put my finger on like a motor, just for a second, and my finger hurts really bad now, no blood, it just feels like it is burning and I need to put it in cold water to get it to stop hurting.

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I know this has been asked millions of times, but I am so interested in what people consider to be the worst pain they've ever experienced.... so, what's yours?

Mine was the ...

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whenever I poop, my lower left abdomin has this sharp pain.
what could it be? should i get medical help?...

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im crackin up now i lafd when a kid hit his head and and got a ...

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just wondering....

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thanks for your help x
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i have ice on it but it starting ...

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so i'm getting my earlobes pierced tomorrow >:o and i was wondering, since you have to twist your earrings around daily, if it is painful.

i'm also wondering how much it ...

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 What's the best way to get rid of a headache??

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aww... thx sweetner!...

 I have a raging ear ache cannot get an appointment with doc till next Tuesday?
Any ideas please...do you know of anything that may help I know not to put anything in the ear though....

 Just below my stomach it really hurts, feels like it's a balloon blowing up what can i do?

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What's causing it? btw i am 16 and eat ...

Alright, so im 15 and i've been thinkin about gettin my ears pierced, i was just wondering if it hurts?

No it doesnt as its so quick, but make sure you get it done proper and centered proper. Dont let some beginner doit or you will look silly. Put the right metal in your ear as well.

Laughing all the way
Yes, but only for a minute.

If you get it pierced with a gun it will hurt 500 times more then getting it pierced with a piercing needle.

if the person does it right, no. Depends on your ears and where you're getting them pierced, though. my lower left lobe is a teeny bit thick and the piercing stud didn't go through all the way, so the lady piercing mine had to push it the rest of the way through with her fingers. that hurt, but I felt ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when she did my right one. so no, it doesn't.

a warning, though. when you get your ears pierced the person doing it will probably tell you to put a drop of rubbing alcohol on the site and then twist the piercing stud so that it goes into the hole and helps heal the piercing faster. DO THIS, or you will end up with an infection that hurts like a mother. trust me on that one.

??? LadyBoyd ???
It's a fast hard pinch on each earlobe. Not the end of the world, and if you clean/take care of them they heal just fine. Follow their instructions and use the cleaning solution.

Good luck!

fruit cake
Only a little bit... like someone pinched your ear with their fingernail for a few seconds... but it goes away pretty fast. What really hurts is infections so just keep them clean!

It hurts when the initially piercing is done but its not so bad after a little while. As long as you clean them properly and they don't get infected, they should be just fine!

No it dosen't. I got mine done around this age it just felt like a small bug bit. But your much too excited about getting it done to even realize it. Good luck hunny!

Kelsey S
it hurts for a split second but thats all

Livia (:
i have 3 piercings on the bottom of my ear and one at the top. I have had them since i was 12. No pain whatsover, im now 28..

nope. cartlige dont either

janet h
hi its not so much hurt but you will feel a sting and a strange sound, go to a therapist and make sure they are clean and professional and get after care advice from them

Abandon M
u r young.
even for a small child it hurts slightly and u have more endurance than i 4 or 5 year old boy..
u will feel only a slight pinch.
Ask the piercer if u can apply ice and freeze the portion of the ear to be pierced or not , to cope even that small pain ; though u don't need it

not the bottom the tops do a bit tho.

Miss Marie
A little bit but its nothin you can't handle

yes its the worst pain..
haha no it doesnt really hurt..just the first couple days can be annoying if u accidently bump em
from 1-10 its about a 2

its really quick, quick sting, but then its better, you just have to be careful not to get it infected

If you go to your doctor or the local mall they use a piercing gun and it hurts, but only for a moment. As long as you keep them clean (with alcohol) and they don't get infected its no big deal
Go ... Enjoy life


Oh yes , it will hurt terribly for three weeks and no sleep, but its worth it and you will get over it

Well, it's a piece of metal that they'll forcefully jam through your flesh like a rivet through steel. So yeah, it hurts.

For cryin out loud, man. How many girls have their ears pierced?

No it doesn't.

no i got mine done when i was 5 didnt feel it. but cartilidge does.

No worse than a mosquito bite. Little sting but that is it if you go to a GOOD studio.

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