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11 yr old vomiting and headache?
be given pain med. He bump his head on window of school bus yesterday but still in some pain worry?

He/she is obviously sick. So go see a doctor or tell him to go sleep he'll feel better the day the next day, but if he doesn't you better go to the doctor to see if it's an allergic reaction. But I don't get the vomiting, if your son/daughter bumped their head against a window of a school bus, then why vomit ? is your son alien or something?) anywyas about the headache he might be lying so torutre him untill he tells you the truth.

I AM DEAD SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

Love Never Fails
He could have a concussion or something. He needs to be seen by a doctor ASAP.

Cupcake Jess
sounds major go to the hospital! maybe a concussion!!!!!!!

Vomiting is not a good sign. Take to ER, might be a cuncussion.

He might have a concussion, bring him to the hospital or call his pediatrician!

Gary B
This needs to be seen by an Emergency Room. These symptoms may not be related, but if they are then there is SERIOUS damage to the head and maybe brain. Vomiting is NOT a good sign!


Sealed with a kiss
Maybe a concussion. Take him to a doctor and don't let hm sleep

Dan Woodhouse

Amanda H
this could be a concussion. most children bump their heads and get over it, but if there's still pain and now vomiting, you MUST take the child to the emergency room.

a concussion is bruising of the brain. if left untreated, concussions can lead to bleeding of the brain, blood clots, and permanent brain damage. go immediately the the emergency room.

hope all is well :D

Go to the doctor

D'Artagnan Pluck
get him to ER or doctor IMMEDIATELY! Do not wait. it can be blunt force trauma, or brain hemorrhaging.

D Man
I'd wait a couple days, and see how he's doing. It could be a consusion..... ummm i would not worry about it untill a few days later. if he is still vomitting, then get a doctor. it could be very serious or could just be a simple side effect. What ever happens, i wish you luck. and hope the 11 year old get's better :)

Ask no more question take that child to emergency. To many death of children has happen because parents did not act quick enough.

hurts so good
best take him to hospital to be check out.
rather than wasting time here asking no one who is a doctor.

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