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Max Fresh
10 points if you answer truthfully :)?
If you get a needle stick on your shoulder do you bleed really bad or just a little bit? Because this is want happened to me, i was trying to get my ball from this bush and the suddenly i felt like i had been stabbed by something but i wasn't bleeding and later that night i had a medium sized spot on that same spot i thought i had been stabbed by a needle




Lol Catz

It shouldn't be that bad, but I never tend to bleed much.
It could possibly be a mild reaction, in which case your fine. It could also be that a mosquito or other insect found the warm spot resulting from your little scratch (injured skin tends to heat up more, due to increased blood flow) and figured it to be a good spot to bite. In which case, you should be fine.
Either way, if its still there in a couple days, you could get it checked out, or you could just go on WebMD or something. Don't worry about it. Hakuna Matatta.

Justin Bieber Future Wife <3
this happened to me before , you won't bleed much or you wont bleed at all , but you really need to get it out of your body ASAP before it's 2 late , becus if you don't your blood will push it threw your veins to your heart , so you better check the Doctor like ... NOW!

um u just bleed a liitle bit. its just like any other injury. calm down! no biggy! :) it will heal soon

Rose Struttmann
Most of the time you would only bleed a little bit. If it bleeds a lot, put pressure on it.

the prince
i bleed a little bit

Dina M.
It happend to me It wont bleed at first then little by little blood will come out but for me it was a thorn

It might actually be a spider bite! Normally they are kinda like mosquito bites, where you don't really bleed, and they can be itchy. If there is any numbness or discoloration ((other than red spot) see a doctor!

Joe S

Koala Luver
You dont always bleed alot after getting a shot, its possible but you probably just have an infection or something

you dont bleed a lot depending where and how it got on your body

if its a thorney bush the thorn might go in kinda deep and it could take awhile to start bleeding. make sure part of it isnt still in your shoulder

only a little bit. and im not surprised that you found the blood spot later. if you were stabbed by the needle from a leaf then there would be very little blood so it wouldnt flow as fast. so that is why you didnt bleed instantly.

go get it checked out prob. infection

The Awaken
Just a little bit.

i think you have an infection, you should go to a walk in clinic and get it cleaned out.

you bleed a little bit. i dont think theres to much blood there

Crocodile Dundee
You shouldn't bleed very much. It's very possible that you were bitten by a yellow fly while trying to retrieve your ball. They will draw a tiny bit of blood and leave a bump later on. And it really feels like a needle going through your skin.

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