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rollingg stonerrrr
why do people think weed is so bad?
its not. honestly i just think they havent tried it, or they're just to stressed to get high... you will not get addicted and they have proven that it doesnt cause any type of cancer. it doesnt make you stupid, it just makes your voice lower and sound stupid. so please enlighten me, why do people think its so bad when pot kicks so much ***?

Ewa B

Because it slows you down, and some people can't take it, they'll be wasted for a week after smoking it.

Nicole M
You're retarded. It's illegal and it IS dangerous.

megan t
I wish I knew why people think it is bad. Probably because they have never taken the time to read and find out that it is natural and harmless.

because a lot of things can happen if weed was llegal, bad things

it makes you high and you can get into a car crash.

Its a drug and its not legal.

Adun Toridas
Its a gateway drug

I personally dont think its that bad its a proven fact smoking is more addictive.

But the problem is once you start smoking weed you want to reach new highs so you try different drugs.

Because it is illegal to use drugs!

Don't you read the press, it can cause schizophrenia.

see, it already made you a retard :D

Ü Smexy Smiley Ü
They are too scared to try it.


K30N1 54N
To tell the truth, I've never smoked pot...EVER!!! but I really don't think it is harmful, for example, my uncle smokes pot and he doesn't have any health issues....except the fact the he smokes cigarettes....and *my great grandpa smoked sense he was probably in his 20's till the day he died...which he was 97 years old*!!! where as my other uncle...he never smoked in his life, very healthy, and died at the age of 32...I don't kno how...but...ya

*Ponciano Galera Sr.*

First of all, don't know who does your findings for you. There are health issues that have been found to link to week. It may only be a small amount of people who get effected but why risk it?

I have smoked weed myself, quite a few times, where it be due to peer pressure, because I was in Amsterdam and its legal.. I just don't see the interest in it anymore.

People really only think it's bad because it's against the law. Also, it takes away your judgment causing you to make stupid decisions that you wouldn't if you were sober.
I agree, I don't think it's that bad, but we can't change that, can we?

dark horse69
yes,i also think your way but can you make me believe that when someone do or go by your way,they will only have voice lower and sound stupid.if they don't cause anything to anybody,then i would let them go their way but if they cause trouble then what ????????????????????????????????
if they hit somebody(with their car or bikes)?
if they trouble somebody?
if they behave unsocialy?
etc etc ........................................…

Its Easy As The Ocean
" it doesn't make you stupid"
I beg to differ. It is addictive, it is illegal and when u are high u put yourself and others in serious danger.

Kittykai M
it has no physcial affect, that is great.

but after a long period of time, it messes with the chemicals in your brain, altering your mind and the way you think. there was a boy i knew that once got hooked on cannabis and he reckons it made him suicidal. it can trigger off peoples anxiety and make them withdrawn. it affects people in different ways and yes, it IS addictive.

seriously, weed may seem harmless, but its darker than you think.
visit the frank website for more information.

it totally messes with your memory. that's why you should wait until you get your degrees and such, before you really start getting into it all the time. like, it would be a good retirement drug.
no seriously. when i retire i just want it blown thru the ventilation systems , ya know? but honestly, if i don't stop smoking this shitte now , i'm never going to figure out how to use my celphone.

Hell if I know. Alcohol is a legal "drug" and causes far more problems than marijuana ever will.

matthew j
look the only good it does is for dying cancer patient. ill admit alchohal is just as bad if not worse but still it is addicting

Alex H
Menefregismo I am sorry about your friend (I just read the beginning and the end) but you said he was drinking, partying, and dropping his classes. That isn't just weed. He may have been smart but he didn't have the smarts to limit himself. Weed by itself is not bad. And all of you saying omg pot is so bad for you, DO SOME RESEARCH. Would all of you say the same thing about alcohol? Alcohol is MUCH worse than weed. Let's think of the extremes. Would you rather be a really bad alcoholic or a big stoner. Compare getting super stoned 4 times a day to getting piss drunk 4 times a day. The first would get a bad cough, while the other would most likely die.

**** you, nicolesunset.

CON-gress THe Freedom Czar
Why if you are so educated on the Subject do you need to be enlightened.....if you can put your pipe down long enough to read. and I have done pot and much more and in the end I got no where fast lucky for me I wised up....

Stella S
It is easy when you have not smoked it for years to say there is nothing wrong with it. Spend your 20's and 30's smoking pot everyday, then get into your 40's and you will have your proof that it is indeed dangerous. You wake up one day and your lungs are slowly shutting down and you barely make it to the hospital. It hurts to breathe. You hear the ER doctor talking about dry drowning.
A virus hit me and because my lungs were in such bad shape from the years of smoking, I almost died. So, was the high everyday worth it? No, but you sure could not convince me of it then.

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