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thanks :3...

why do people sneeze?

Christina is SOREAL [gone]
red and white! :D

When some irritating particle or allergic substance enter in to the nasal cavity, we sneeze to get that particle/substance out of the nasal cavity to prevent harm. Pollen allergics sneeze a lot when they come in contact with them. So, too much sneezing also hints that you're allergic to something which you're continuosly inhaling.


dust, allergies, simple as that.

Fun Fact
did you know, some people sneeze at the SUN? Amazing, i know. to sneeze at something so ordinary. the sun is not so ordinary, actually, excuse my slang inferation. But something you see every day. Quite amazing if you ask me.

(the color i think of th eperson above me: purple, black (goth))

Just Being Me

Lets Start A Riot! [вαиgѕ☮] You!

because they get tickled.

Kristin S.
omg i just sneezed like 4 questions before i opened up this link from another question. weird.


I did it in the end

`where ya gonna be tomorrow

Nee-kah :D
Brown and green :D

lost inside my forest
oh !! orange !!

If there's something in our bodies, such as dust or germs or something that our sinuses don't like, we sneeze it out!

I don't really remember(used to know), but i heard when you sneeze you loose some brain cells, LOL i'll never sneeze!!


Abused Tampon

Bar of Soap
Silver/ gray

☮Mickey Mouse is Jewish☮

Shannon ♥
and they sneeze because something they breath in irratates their sensitive nosey.

Ritz (loves The Hush Sound)

Hi Guys вαиgѕ☮

♥мαяу вeтн♥ [ SUMMER! ]
Lime green and hot pink! =]


cʜεʟciɛ☮ (sρɛʟʟs ʜεʀ ɴαmε ωroɴɢ)
hot pink

crazy ducks do not have aids

Elmo Love You
Dust particles enter the nose. The hairs in the nose usually get rid of the dust particles by catching them. Sometimes, they can't, like in those really dusty attics where the dust is just too much. It passes the nose hairs and causes a sneeze.


Gir: Yes Sir!
Above: Green =]
Below: Brown

We have something in our sinuses that we need to get out.
A sneeze is our bodies way of trying to get rid of it.

i can't believe im answering it here >.>


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