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Holy Smoked: ROTFL no it is not ...

why are some people on yahoo answers so freakin mean??
some people are abuseing this site!!!!!! they just need to answer nicley!!

Doug W
Wait, we get nicley's for answering?

i dont know that does confuse me also, maybe they are having a bad day or have anger problems they can be very umm.....opinionated! :)

Mango S
To makes themselves feel better, in their point less and worth less lives!

I so agree with you but if anyone says anything nasty you bit back 10x harder lol!

Yes, the world is full of people that are very mean and don't can about other people feelings. Some people think it's fun to be mean to other people too. Just look at the good people that are nice and give real answers.

mean people are all over the world. we would like for all nice people to respond to us, but that's just going to be impossible. we just have to overlook the meanies and take in only those nice people that are out there that enlighten us on our questions. i hope this answer helps you. have a wonderful day.

ash 7
as you said, "some". there are nice people around too.
just ignore those.

i was wondering the same thing

Molly M
because they have nothing better to do in their pathetic lives.

some guy on here made fun of my dislexia.

I would say that some people are so freakin mean because they get so tired of all the people on here who are so freakin stupid.

im a nice guy,why dont we chat,ill even answer all your questions ,ok?

The computer gives people anonymity so, they sometime say things they that are holding back on saying in face to face conversations. I think most of the people being mean are just being that way because they know there are no social ramifications to there responses.

because some people have no tallerence and kindness thay cant see what thay really do .people are really mean or there diening for someone's reaction .

People like to create controversy and they think that their answers are funny when reality they are the only ones laughing. People like to build themselves up by putting others down.

Mr Y! Answers
Because they havent got a life, and they think by posting someething abusive will make people laugh. ok you can have your fun, however some peoples questions are serious and people take the mick, its not on. I get annoyed when they go Zoink 2 points or something like that. Come on!! But yes its quite annoying and I totally agree! x

That is just the way some ppl are. They have nothing better to do. They were probly bullies in school too.

Just ignore them.

Willis Jeffords
Too many haters.

But it can be hard to resist. If someone posts something silly, it's faster to resort to humor than to even begin to address their messed up situation.

git along gal
10 percent of human population is dysfunctional, mean, agressive, I am a behavioral psychologist.
That is who you are coming in contact with, in addition to folks using dope or alcolhol, which skews the personality of otherwise "normal" people...

I think if you go into yahoo chatrooms or yahoo groups, you will find that a certain percentage of the people there are total idiots. The same at any internet site, the same in the real world. There is just a percentage of the population in general that are mean, miserable, ignorant, losers. Try to stick close to the rest of us who are lovely, positive, good people. :) Have a nice day!

diana li
Darling, you need to realize that yahoo just like any other of the many sites, you're going to find a little bit of everything. The world is full of great people and others are rude. Just be nice and do your thing and the good will come to you.

PS: Its good to know that their is good and bad.... because we learn to choose and learn from others mistakes just like we learn from our mistakes. And if you feel its going to far. Take the matters into your own hands and do something about it. Remember that many have your own opinion and when you make a difference many will thank you and appreciate the change. Maybe this lets yahoo know what to be more aware of.

sincerely yours,

Margret Diana Li Diaz Fley

Some people are mean because they just are!!! They think its ok to be crude, and cruel on the web!!! I am fed up with it aswell. Just eave it to some nice, sweethearted people in the world to keep it bright!!!

Dear Syd,
Yes some people on here are mean, and I will admit, some of my responses to stupid questions havent been all that nice. Most of the time I try to help if I can but if a person if being rude then I will be rude right back. Sometimes answering nicely just doesnt satisfy! Here is to you having a better day in YA. :)

I think some people are born mean, and they have to much time , and they don't think of good answers

It's easy to be "mean" behind a screen.Did I just type a rhyme?


math geek
Most people are just trying to earn more points for themselves and they don't really care about trying to answer anyone's question. The best things that you can do are Report Abuse, and pray.

all you can do is pray for them

Miss C
Because they are mean by nature, all the time. They'll get theirs someday. Don't worry. They'll need help someday and someone like them will come along and not only let them suffer...they'll add insult to injury.
Ignore them

you have just ask the sixy four thousand dollar queston! i,d like to know that myself. my opinion is they are cowards without the nerve to confront anyone openly. you deserve additional points for this queston instead of costing you five

Louie Anderson
We're not mean. Some people are emotional idiots.

they are here to stay weather i like it or not

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