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any illnesses you can think of ?
ahah thanks.<...

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 what to eat when you have a really upset stomach?
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Holy Smoked: ROTFL no it is not ...

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how to get high without drugs.the healthy way!
dont tell me god....

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which one of the 5 senses u think u couldn't live without?
Additional Details

i think i wouldnt live without seeing idk why but uh yeah i think it would be scary not to see even though there are alot of people that dont see i cant imagen my self not seeing anything

Sight for sure.

cHeEkY mOnKeY
I'd love all of them as they are useful in their own way but I'm going to be different and say which 2 I can live without and that would be touch and smell (for those of you who let a lot off wind of it would be heaven for me not to smell it).

Sight. I'd go crazy not being able to see anything. Although I appreciate all 5 of them.

Definitely has to be feeling.I have to be able to feel my fiancee even if I was bling, crippled, and crazy.

I wish I had no taste so I'd quit eating yummy things that are bad for you!


Not Tellin

Touch. EVERYTHING would feel numb...I don't like the thought of that...


--i could live without TOUCH. its true that i won't be able to feel the warmth or hugs and kisses, but i would also be living without physical pain.

--i could live without TASTE. i may not be able to enjoy the delicious food that i love so much, but i would also be able to eat the food i find disgusting. everything would be tasteless, so there would be no difference in eating something unhealthy or healthy. i would eat everything healthy and never have to suffer a disease my entire life.

--i could live without SMELL. i may not be able to smell the scents of perfumes or flowers or recognize the people i know by their smell, but i would never be bothered by bad breath and body odor of others. it would make life a bit easier if i didn't have to hold my breath when i'm around certain people.

ahh! i could not pick between hearing or seeing. i have to have both to live.

--HEARING: it is true that without it, i wouldn't have to hear the criticism people say about me, but without criticism from others, i would not be able to be a better person. i would not be able to hear music, which i have to listen to to live. i wouldn't be able to hear the laughter of loved ones or even stories that they have to share. i wouldn't be able to hear the advices given by my elders and peers. i wouldn't be able to listen to the pain of loved ones, and in turn, i wouldn't be able to comfort them. i would not be able to hear lectures from my teachers, and therefore, it would be hard to pursue my dream. not being able to hear has a lot of disbenefits compared to its benefits. i simply could not live without hearing.

SEEING: its true that i would not be able to see the evils of this world, shielding me from ever seeing pain again; however, if i did not see the pain this world really has, i would have almost no motivation to help others. i would not be able to see the faces of loved ones or treasure pictures--i find them to be one of the most valuable things. i would not see memories, and therefore, it would be hard to visit them at night. i would not be able to see the smiles of my loved ones or know what they look like. being able to see is one of the things i need very much in life.

I could live with out the sense of hearing. so much of the stuff we hear today is not necessary. Now they make all kinds of things to help the deaf people.

I, personally don't think I would do well without any of those. But If I had to choose 1 I can't live without it would be feel. Even if I couldn't physically hear, see, smell or taste anything I still could still do all those things though touching and feeling. It would be a sad way to live, but being numb to the world would be too. :)

Sight. No question. I'd give up all 4 other senses to keep my vision.

just the first 5

Sammy Hagar
taste, I love to eat, I don't want to lose being able to taste my food

We actually have either twelve or nine senses. The nine best recognized of these are taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing, balance, warmth, pain, movement. The other three are the sense of thought, ego, and language, but those are not backed up by any real evidence to show that they are actual senses, so you might not call them senses.

I couldn't live without the sense of pain. It's probably the most necessary sense, in my opinion, because if something hurts, it is most probably bad for you. If people had no sense of pain, we wouldn't be afraid of things that we damn well should be, and I probably would have died as a child.

[email protected]
smell because I really don't care about smell now plus the local skunk that comes out at 2:00am I could handle


Sight. It would be terrible not to be able to see anything. I would just.. I dont even know what.

Maybe smell, but it's really hard to choose, but i'd say smell. But then you'd have to take a chance to taste something when you could just smell it and see if it's bad.

i think i could live with not being able to see because sometimes theres nothing to see and most people can guide me through anything and i like it better when people describe stuff to u, that could be really interesting

im gonna say vision .

sight b/c i couldn't see where i am going

Hi, I would hate to live without any of my senses. They are all equally important to me. However, if i had to choose one that I could not live without, it would be vision. I need that to be able to enjoy the simple things in life. Such as a child when they do something so spectacular, or the birds as they go about their daily lives, or the colors of the world. I love color. It brightens my mood. So to be honest, being blind would just totally depress me, and make me feel dead.

Must See!!!
smell/taste/feel & hear are ones @ times I could luv to not have!!!!like:
bad tasting food!
Feel like crap!
& alot of chit I hear these days of coarse!

Feel, because sensory depravation can make emotions too intense to bear. And maybe also taste because then one wouldn't be able to enjoy food and might lose the wish to eat anymore.


Paul G
it hink from bith it would be sight but if it was right now with all 5 sences working I do not know I think serious about killing myself but I know I couldn't not my nature

I've lost all five senses, at least for a while. I injured my brain very badly. I was in a coma, and had periodic bouts of a loss of senses during the recovery. I couldn't see and had two eye surgeries to restore my sight. Couldn't hear, but it came back as the temporal lobe recovered. Didn't have any olfactory sensation (smell) which cancels the gustatory sensation (taste - if you ever lost the sense of smell you know it's misery). I had very little sensation of touch in my body, but I was in a lot of pain, so I guess I had at least one sense. It took a while to regain all of my senses. Sometimes they were hypersensitive, and even now I have to be careful, wear sunglasses, avoid loud noises, and avoid food that is too spicy. Overload makes me miserable.
I don't know if I missed one more than the others, but it was a joy getting them back. We don't know what a blessing we have to be able to sense things in our lives.
We have far more than five senses. I couldn't live without the vestibular sense. I didn't have the any vestibular sense for a while. I was miserable. The vestibular sense is the sense of the balance, the body in space, and detection of motion. I felt carsick all the time from that in my hospital bed. Well, until they medicated me.
Thanks for reminding me how good my life is, now that I can see it, feel it, smell it, hear it, and taste it.

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