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when u breath y does you're stomach go out and in.?

the lungs should go in and out not the stomach

It is the movement of your diaphragm.

nope your chest does!

Because your lungs expand when you breathe in and out so thats is why that happens

Those are your lungs pushing against your abdomen when they expand from breathing in.

If you're breathing poperly, actually it IS your stomach that goes in and out instead of your chest. And a couple times a day you should take deep breaths in through your nose like that, when your stomach rises (like you'll notice on a baby), hold it for a count of 5 and then let it slowly out your mouth. This really oxygenates your blood. If only your chest rises, you are breathing too shallow, not getting really enough oxygen in your blood.

because your lungs are expanding and contracting.

Your stomach does not, your abdomen does. Your diaphragm is a muscle that expnads and contracts, it is located right under the lungs so when it expands, you exhale becuase it pushes the air out, the "in"; when it contracts the lungs are filled with air and you breathe in, causing the "out".

When I was taking EMT class (Emergcy Medical Technician), we were taught that there were two kinds of breathers...belly breathers and chest breathers.

Usually it's the women that are more the belly breathers (stomach goes up and down), but not always. The men are usually the chest breathers.

valerie b

because your diaphragm rises and falls. when you breathe in your diaphgram raises and when you exhale it falls thus moving your stomach in and out

Me M
your stomach doesn't go in and out - your diaphragm does. It expands to create a vacuum in your lungs to pull in air, and contracts so that the air can be released by the pressure difference.

It is your lungs - not your stomach. EXCEPT when my oldest was a toddler, he wasn't acting sick but the doctor said his tummy (not his chest) was going in and out was a sign of pneumonia. IT WAS too. Just for a piece of knowledge you may be able to use later (or someone might). He wasn't acting any sicker than a cold. They immediately hospitalized him.

nate jeezy
to make room for your lungs, they expand and get bigger so they need more room

The muscle that actually makes you breathe is a diaphragm, it is located just under you ribs in your stomach. Works just like any other muscle by relaxing and contracting.

oxygen fills your body up like helium does a balloon so when you exhale it leaves

Your whole torso does, chest and abdomen included. When you breath, the air intake expands your lungs, and that moves everything else with it. Since the lower part of your chest is adjacent to it, and partly supported by the ribs, it moves also.

Lorna M
Because your lungs fill and push on your belly which then pushes out.

Becky Jo
No, my chest does.

When you breathe in, your diaphram expands, and when you breathe out, it contracts.

Jonathan T
There is a large muscle under your lungs that swings up and down which makes you breath, its around the stomach area!

because the diaphram presses downward on your lower organs

When I intentionally breathe My stomach or abdomen does. It is the correct way to breathe for relaxing and for singing and general health. Babies always breathe from the diaphragm making their stomach rise and lower. I guess on this one we can learn from the babies.

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