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ankahi(which was never said)
whealth can not buy health and health can buy wealth do you agree with me?

the natural
were all sitting here dying

ya i agree with u but plz check ur spelling of wealth

chidambaram k
Absolutely right.

Wealth CAN buy health. If your heart is bad, your wealth can buy heart surgery and good doctors and healthy food and a nice healthy place to live.

Health can't buy wealth, but health can help you attain wealth.

uppaluri k
I agree with the first part but not so sure of the second part.

Just because your healthy does not mean your smart enough to bring about any kind of wealth.


Wealth or Health can buy either.....
A very good health is the basic cause for earning wealth.. if u r down with ur health then u cannot earn...
In the same way if u have a good amount of wealth whatever problem with wealth u may have u can overcome thro surgery or medication
but it is not necessary that wealth always can buy health..
There are somethings money can't buy...
Even happiness is a state of health only.....
But as a rule of thumb we have Health is wealth.
Though it is not true all the times....

Saanchi A
everything has a limit

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