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 GIRLS ONLY!If you're not comfortable with puberty, don't look at this...don't answer... what's wrong with me?
Ok I've been having my period and usually it only lasts 3 days but now it's almost 5 or 6 days, this month. What in the world is wrong with me?!?!?!?!?!?!...

 could i be a vampire?
i crave blood and alot of other stuff i dont feel comfortable ...

 I'm 14 and craving cigarettes but never smoked?
I have a reallly bad craving atm what should I do?...

 im 12, what will happen if i drank a full bottle or white wine?
will i get drunk or just stay the same way?? cuz i like wine a lot!
Additional Details
my parents don't no i drink it, we have a wine cellar outback.
im 5 9''

 Anyone love sleeping in jeans?
I've always wondered, because I have never came across anyone who loves to sleep in jeans like myself. My, they are so comfy to wear. They are cozy, and so warm. They don't bother me. When I...

 Can people hear anything underwater?
I am deaf so I'm curious. (No pity please!)
Additional Details
Oh yeah I remember I heard light clinking sounds while jumping into water. I only can be able to hear noises more than ...

 Should fat Women wear bikini's?
why do they stroll about with all that fat bulging out making everyone feel sick?
surely there is alternative swim wear for big momma's?...

 is marijuana better for you than ciggarettes?

 I think my doctor behaved inappropriately...?
I had a first appt with an endocrinologist today, regarding a thyroid problem. When the doctor came in for the exam, he did the usual routine, listining to my heart and lungs, and examining the ...

We're in my dorm room at my high school (It's a high school where you stay all year untill Summer time, and holidays)
My friend is really sick. She's throwing up so badly and it&#...

 do you think i'll get sick..? 10 pts?
Last night I was at the movies with this guy and he kissed me. This morning he threw up and he has a temperature of 101.
Is there a big chance I will get sick?...

 How do I get rid of a sore throat?
I feel a sore throat coming on.
how do i get rid of it?
it's not quite 'sore' yet but i can def. feel something coming on....

 am i to young to be drinking and smoking every night?
im 13 i drink a whole bottle of jack daniels a day and i smoke 5 cigars a ...

 How hard is it to quit smoking?
Just wondering. And if you DID successfully stop, how did you do it?
Additional Details
It's not for me! I just wanted to know. Because I always bug smokers about stopping and they ...

 Is it unhealthy to shower when you're sick?
My mom thinks I will worsen my cold if I shower, is there any truth to this belief?...

 What would happen if a person were to drink bleach?
Like the kind you put in the washer with clothes (Clorox)? About a 8oz glass? What about an entire jug?
Additional Details
I'm not planning on drinking any bleach. It's a ...

 Is there a faster way to detox you're system from marijuana?
I recently asked my boyfriend to quit smoking weed, that was about two weeks ago and today, his parents said they'd be drug testing him or he couldn't use the truck (he's 19). So he...

 Whats so bad about cutting yourself if you really can't hurt yourself?
I understand oh you might slip and stuff but cutting is better than straight killing yourself, and if you use scissors you cant slip because it wont go deep it just won't I've tried. I know ...

 When is the perfect time to wake up?

 How can i wake up at 6:30 everday for school?
i usually go to bed at 9:30 but fall asleep around 12 and wake up around 11.and my alarm doesn't wake me up or i wake up 30 min. after it went off.How can i make sure i get enough sleep and fall ...

what is the worst drug to take?

Cough syrup if you take it wrong

DOPE. There is no Hope in Dope.. :)

crystal meth

if you wanna get high.. just smoke some weed.. its way better.. and you cant get addicted, you can't die from it, nor can you get cancer from it.

and no people it doesnt lead to other drugs.. I have been smoking weed since I was 13 and I have never used another drug....


Meth or heroin.

When Hippos Eat to Much
I would suggest cannabis, heroine and cocaine

I dunno... Since I don't do them I couldn't tell you.. Ask Kristen Stewart :) LOL

εїз вяσкǝη ω๏я∂ѕ ღ [[wнoa.]]

meth for sure

Based on annual deaths in US, tobacco, followed by alcohol. Then I would probably guess prescription pain killers. Based on how addictive they are, tobacco, heroin cocaine, alcohol, caffeine. I say the worst drug is one you don't think can make you addicted, caffeine, tobacco, sleep medicine, pain killers, etc.


crack cocaine it makes you hallucinate and gives you serious pain on the downer dint think about taking drugs please its not worth being an Addict heroin is th next especially if you inject

It might be heroin. Not sure tho

crrack, im an addict he heh

Andrew K
crystal meth or heroin.

highly addictive

Crystal Meth (methamphetamine) is the most addictive chemical known to man.

A little as one dose can cause addiction in some people.

Continued ingestion of Crystal Meth detroys teeth, prematurely ages the skin, and causes permanent brain damage.

Daron M.
Heroin, PCP, meth and X. They kill your insides, including your brain, ruing your personal and professional life, and usually get you in jail, eventually. They are also EXTREMELY addicting.Stick to caffeine and weed. LEGALIZE IT!

How broad of a question is this?!??

Heroin or crystal meth. The only drugs I'll never try.

Chuck T
" Love :)) "

methamphetamine by far,

oh and alcohol. (i've seen some horrible alcoholics..)

Heroin is up there. Dangerous, and one of the few that forms physical as well as mental addiction. (along with alcohol and nicotine...)

heroin ,they say its the devils drug

freakin crack cocaine

i would say heroin, or some would say puff because it can lead to all the other harder drugs

Spike ( The soothsayer)
The one you don't need.

legal or illegal?

Wade H

Heroin or Meth.


sum *s L = 2short
I going to go with Tobacco, there 5.4 million deaths a year from Tobacco formed illnesses lung,jaw and lip cancer as well as heart disease
another rising illness from this which is hindering peoples life styles is COPD and these results are not counting second hand smoke

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