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real talk
what is the best method of cleanicg marijuana out of your system. I don't need sarcasim?

Go to GNC and buy their tea.



Nick's Mom
Besides not using it, there is NOTHING you can take to cleanse it out... no water, vitamin, or herbs will clean it out... sorry babe, you should of thought about it before hand!

Go to a health food store and get some WheatGrass
They will know what you are talking about

ingest it but you can't eat for 24 Hours--minimum
It will clear your system

risking sarcasm ... - the BEST method of clearing marijuana out of your system is to never smoke the stuff --EVER !

dont smoke it. drink sur-jel

When you stop using it, the body will clean itself within a few days or a week or so.


Perhaps not using it in the first place. A question like this is what sarcasm is for.

Drug screening looks for more than just the THC level so whatever you do to alter the results will also show up. Goldenseal is detected in some tests and drinking excessive amount of water will lower you creatinine level - another clue that the "testee" is trying to fake the results.

My best advice is to leave the marijuana (etc) alone. It may take up to 2 months depending on the fat level in your body to test clean, but it'll be worth it, Just imagine, not having to worry about a random test, a pre-employent screening and lots of extra money in your pocket!

Now, if they do a hair sample test on you because of an altered urine test, get ready to lose your job or go to jail if you're on probation because those results will show everything you've done for the past 6 months...

Ready clean for women:

I once worked at a pharmacy where we had random drug tests very frequently. I have passed MANY tests (15-30 ) having smoked the night before at times and using only this stuff. You can get it at your local smoke shop for about $40 and it's gurantteed by the manufacturer. Make sure and drink LOTS of H2O before taking, that is KEY. Drink as much liquid as you can handle and you will be just fine. Don't listen to all the haters, and don't risk it with the home-made concoctions. I have heard that some things MAY work like lemon juice and sure-gel will coat you digestive system, however, the jury is not out on amounts to take and reliability. The Sure-gel method, for instance, can block all nutrients from the test and you will have to take it again. If it is important that you pass this test (and I'm sure it is) use READY CLEAN, or another real detox product. It's a life saver, even for a HEAVY smoker like me. Highly recommended! Good luck :) :) :) Dont forget to choose me for best answer!!! :)

Alpha to a golden
this isnt sracasm- your that worried- dont smoke it

drink a pot (no pun intended) of coffee before you have to test. it will make you go a lot and so when you do give your sample any residual thc will be very dilute.

Dark Angel
stop taking it and drink lots of fresh water and try to excercise a lot, but it can stay in your system for up to 3 mths.

stop smok'n
lots of water
time (3-4 wks. / more if your fat)

Jesus Christ

honestly girl when i was smoking and i had to give a urine i would drink a gallon of water most people will tell you the night before i say two days before you don't want to pee white they will know you flushed your system out thats a big red flag!! you could always try drinks that GNC the thing with those is you have to drink it 4 hours a head of time and only have i think a 2 hour window period and there nasty and thick and will turn your mouth what ever color the drink it also a big red flag!! i would give the water a shot and if you dont feel comfortable with just that also go to gnc and get the pills that flush the water out its like two double wammys good luck to you... ohh yea if you got o GNC and get the drink there like 40 to 50 bucks they have a 100% money back if you fail i would drink them and even if i didnt have to take a test that day just to be safe you know you can return them only save the reciet...

Darth Maximus Macleoud
Drink water, lots of it! Like a gallon or two, "Golden Seal" helps cleanse the system. you can get it with echinachia if it is not availbe by itself ie: Echinachia w/ Golden Seal.

it takes 28 days of being marijuana free for it to get through your system. There is nothing you can do to speed this up or cover it up.

my brother told me to drink vinegar

Girl you need Jesus!

This is probably gross to a lot of people but take two spoon fulls of vinegar in the morning and two at night. Drink a lot of water and cranberry juice. I got it out this way in a week but it depends on how much you use and sometimes how much you weigh

lots and lots of water. but it will return in a few hours.
the only true way to clean system is to stop for a few weeks. before test. if you buy pills at the health food store. it says on the directions
drinks lots of water. save yourself 30 bucks and just drink the water.

Proud Mexican
drink alot of water and cranberry juice use the restroom every 20 min

lots of gatoraid...............

i was a heavy user and it took almost 65 days to get out of my system....drink lots and lots of water and avoid fattening foods like candy, fast food, and anything fried...eat tons of vegetables, fruits, and especially FIBER..

Vitamin C

Try your local Bong shop... they might be able to help you out with some product that can cleanse your system.

Niacin works along with sweeting as in working out to burn it out of your system.

If you want it permanently gone; Stop smoking, start exercising to remove the weed stored in your fat cells ( although this may be hard for the pothead type) and drink lots of water....But if you have to take a drug test or something buy a cleansing drink called "Vale's Triple strength" is the best on the market; make sure to follow the instructions though..

Stop using it. It's the ONLY way.

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