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 I swallowed an ice cube!!?
Am i going to die?
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It's funny, those that didn't get the joke are all teenagers, adults understood it was pure humour and answered accordingly....

 I'm thinking about taking up smoking?
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 What is the legal age to have s e x?
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 why am i happy one minute then crying then next, then hyper then crying again?
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 Does smoking relieve stress?
or do you just relieve the stress that was originally caused by smoking?
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if you could find a link for proof, that would be great....

 What can I do besides eat when I'm stressed out?
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 I'm 14 and craving cigarettes but never smoked?
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 im 12, what will happen if i drank a full bottle or white wine?
will i get drunk or just stay the same way?? cuz i like wine a lot!
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my parents don't no i drink it, we have a wine cellar outback.
im 5 9''

 Anyone love sleeping in jeans?
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 Can people hear anything underwater?
I am deaf so I'm curious. (No pity please!)
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 Should fat Women wear bikini's?
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 is marijuana better for you than ciggarettes?

 I think my doctor behaved inappropriately...?
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 do you think i'll get sick..? 10 pts?
Last night I was at the movies with this guy and he kissed me. This morning he threw up and he has a temperature of 101.
Is there a big chance I will get sick?...

 How do I get rid of a sore throat?
I feel a sore throat coming on.
how do i get rid of it?
it's not quite 'sore' yet but i can def. feel something coming on....

 am i to young to be drinking and smoking every night?
im 13 i drink a whole bottle of jack daniels a day and i smoke 5 cigars a ...

what are the benefits of smoking?

oO0~Alice Cullen~0Oo

um absolutely NOTHING.
unless you call dying a benefit.

It has a calming effect, chicks dig it, and you will find that if your ever in a fire, you will survive longer when everyone else is dropping dead.

cancer lung disease and a whole array of health problems. Its a lot of fun. try it

Dahlia-XoXo-[RAPE ME]
addiction and stress-relieving with terrible sideeffects tho

There's none.

Lovely Rita
you die quicker-oh wait thats not a good thing! there are no benefits of smoking

♥ :) ♥ :) ♥

Nothing good comes from smoking!!! People might say it makes you look cool... Thats not a benefit because everyone knows if you smoke you're TRYING to be cool.
People might say they enjoy it.... Thats not a benefit because it's addictive!!!!

Can someone please help me with my thing? I don't know how to make this
Thank you! and PLEASE don't smoke!!!

♥ ~*Hey Minnie~*♥
there are no benefits,you smoke you die,no if's and's or butts about it

there ARE none you turd

NONE..please don't smoke, I'm 12 and Just please don't smoke...i am asking you,,,it will just ruin your life! ;(

Mr. Goodkat
none, unless you think that lung cancer is cool, or that carrying around an oxygen tank to keep you alive is fun.

There aren't any...

Most people say that it relaxes you but it DOESN'T!
Nicotine is actually a stimulant, not a relaxant like most people think! So if you're freaking out or stressed, smoking will not do ANYTHING except perhaps make you freak out more... Then kill you...

that you ll DIE!!!!!!!

there isnt any.

there is none!!

Rated R Superstar

Are you serious with this question???

The only benefit that comes to mind is that cigarette smoking is an effective treatment for inflammatory bowel syndrome.



It gives your hands something to do, while you destroy your lungs!

"Often referred to as “Smoker’s Paradoxes”, there are a number of therapeutic uses of nicotine or smoking. For example, smokers are less likely to need surgery to provide extra blood to their heart after an angioplasty, the risk of ulcerative colitis is reduced, and it even interferes with the development of Kaposi’s sarcoma (a type of cancer of the lymphatic endothelium). Perhaps most surprisingly, is that there are connections to smoking and a reduction in allergic asthma. There is also a large body of evidence to suggest that smokers have a dramatically reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s Disease. Nicotine is currently being investigated as a treatment for ADHD, and Schizophrenia."
EDIT: The man asked a question! Why preach? Yes we all know smoking is bad. He asked about the benefits.

a hobby. thats it. nothing is good about it

there is not any, unless you count cancer.

Smoking tobacco eliminates stupid people from this world. Go buy a twenty bag if you get a craving to smoke something.

Linda M


you die and gross people out and wheeze while you're on the way.

Dv X
Dont listen to those brainwashed *ssholes. While the negaives definitly outwieght the positives there are benifits

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