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oh um who eats peanut butter with apple?? i dont but my friend does....

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 whealth can not buy health and health can buy wealth do you agree with me?

 i'm pale and i sunburn very easily?
is there a way to make my skin more resistant to burning and more likely to tan?


i'm a redhead, yeah and i heard it makes your skin paler and more prone to ...

 Do you think more of us would go to the doctor?
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 My throat feels tight?
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 I think my pharmacy gave me a bottle of poison today?
who should I contact to have it checked?
I havnt taken any yet.
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Im on propranolol, and they told me my new kind is from a different company called "Actavis&...

 Anyone who can help me with a digestive question
These are my symptoms....
Diahrrea anywhere from 1-4 times a day
Lower right sided abdominal pain (bad at times)
Tenderness to touch on lower side of abdomen
Skin ...

 is this weird? bony hands?
my hands are really bony. the bones sick out of them and its really gross. is this normal?
Additional Details
im 13 years ...

Haylee J
what am i alergic to?
i ate popcorn and butter and roll and potatoe and gravy all on differnt ocassions and i got diahrea and felt incredibly sick!!!
Additional Details
theses have been over 4 months apart i have goting those symptoms b4 but never as frequently as i do now

You can be allergic to all of those things or ingredients within them.

Popcorn - corn plus toppings e.g. butter = lactose
Butter - lactose
Bread - wheat, gluten, yeast, eggs, lactose.
Potato - Contians potato strangely.
Gravey - corn, fat, onions.

Get an allergy test. They're expensive but worth it if it becomes a chronic problem.

I think you just need some meat ;)

Just because you had a temporary case of diarrhea, really doesn't mean you are allergic to any of these items, You may have over eaten or just had a simple stomach virus. Give these thing another try maybe one item on different days, to see if it happens again,

I suspect this is not an allergy but instead it is a dietary intolerance. These were all high fat foods. If you continue to have troubles after eating high fat foods, you should see a doctor. This could be a sign of gall bladder problems.

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