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 Should I smoke weed????
I have a lot of very good reasons which I don't feel like getting into, of why I want to, but I'm kind of scared.. I don't wanna get addicted, or anything, or get caught, advice??

 if i smoke what happends to me?

 How do I make myself stay up late?
Tonight I have a costume party from 7:00 - 12:00 at night and I have trouble staying up late. The usual time I go to bed is 9:30 - 10:00 and it's almost impossible for me to stay up any later ...

 I really wanna gain weight!?
Are there any bars (like in mean girls)m That can help me gain weight fast!
Additional Details
I am 5'0" and i am lyk 85 pounds i wanna gain 15 pounds.
Does n e 1 know ...

 What's a good remedy for a really bad back ache? I've gotten a back rub, and tried Tylenol. Any ideas?
I'm open to inexpensive suggestions. I can't exactly afford a chiropractor or someone trained in massage. Also, I don't like to take really strong drugs either beyond over the ...

 Why do people cut their wrists?
My friend does it. =S
Additional Details
Well her Mum had been ill for a few years and dies this January. Is that why?...

 Is there some type of glue to heal a heart that's breaking?

 I like to fart. Is this ok?

 Does anyone else hate the sound of people swallowing/eating. ? I HATE IT?
i really hate the sound of people eating and swallowing!! it really winds me up!! it actually puts me in a foul mood!! i cant help it! i try not to let it! but i end up tutting at the person or ...

 Why do they sterilize needles for leathel injection?
feel free to star if you think this is interesting or just funny....

 HELP! is it dangerous to sleep with..
..is it dangerous to sleep with a knee brace. i dislocated my kneecap yesterday. and wanted to know if anything can happen like bruising or any more swelling etc..

thanks to all in advance....

 How do you get rid of hiccups?
I have hiccups and there annoying me!...

 I swallowed a worm! What should i do?
mygramma gave me a piece of chocolate yesterday, and it was too late by the time that i figured out that the piece had a worm (or more ) in it !
i know it's disgusting :s but what can i do?!...

 smoking weed, is it bad for you?
i've heard that more people die from smoking ciggaretes then weed.
what does it do to you? how does it feel the first time cause i have alot of friends that do it and i kinda feel like ...

 Is there a word that you're really uncomfortable using?

 I'm 15 and smoke..........?
Ok, I'm 15 and I smoke and I really don't know how to tell my parents I smoke, or if I should, any ideas? HELP...

 How much sleep does the average person need ?

 How many hours of sleep do you get a day?
I get around 5 hours on a weekday and about 9 - 10 on a weekend....

 Its 3 AM and Wake up time is 6 AM. HELP!!?
Its 3 am. i cant sleep. ive tried everything. i have to wake up at 6 am.
what do i do?
how can i get to sleep?
suggestions/ tips pleaseeee =)
Thank youu!:)...

 my wont stop telling me to stop smoking weed what should i do?
shes making me go to drug counciling and i tell her weed is harmless and drug counceling a big waste of ...

what's the average time for taking bath?
what's the average time for taking bath or another way to put it...what is the best lenght of time to take a bath ?

23 mins

""♥ ♥..The Chief ♥ ♥..
In india having a bath is a luxury,
If you using only water and paying for it, about 2 minutes 40 seconds. water with soap, and you paying for it about 3 minutes, water and shampoo and soap, about 4 minutes. please mulitply the time by 10 if it is my father in laws house and he is paying for it, please muliply by 22 if the company is paying for it.
In india having a bath is not a nessicity, its an art.

My average time is about 10 min because that is about how long my children can go with out fighting

lisa c
about ten minutes

lala ♥ (undress to impress)
it doesn't matter it's ur choice

30 min...candles and music and a nice soft pillow to relax after a hard days work.

Male Sicilian Trauma Nurse
depends what type of bath your taking, a quick one or a relaxing one..but usually i would say a good 30 minutes to soak and relax..

Depends on the person, how they want to get clean, etc. For me if I'm just wanting to take a basic bath then I'm usualy out of the tub in 20 minutes. Now if I want something similar to a spa experience such as facial mask, body scrub, and such the I can be in for about an hour.

Michelley ♥
about 15- 25 minutes

It depends mostly on the person. Some like long or short showers/baths. In general, it's around 30 min.

Normal average time.. 15-20 minutes

My average time.. 40-50 minutes

I only shower 5 minutes

15-20 minutes

jessica lee
about an hour

10 - 30 minutes. A woman takes more time than a man. Sikhs also take more time like women.

I don't like to take baths, but I like to soak in a hot tub.
I would say when your fingers are all pruned out, get out.

3 1/2 hours give or take ten min

until the water gets cold.

20 mins

It depends on what type of bath. If it is SSS(****, shave and shampoo) then at least 20 minutes. If you are taking a bath once in a week, then at least 30 minutes. If it is a cold season, 20 minutes of hot water shower/bath tub. It is a hot season, 10 minutes of cold water bath. If you have a hard days physical work, 20 minutes of hot water shower. If you are going to catch a plane and already late to wake up, then just 5 minutes. If you have a community bath or just the two-some in the bath room, take bath as long as you want to enjoy. Right now, you please go and take a bath.

depends on who you are. some people can take up to 3 hours

I would say about 30 min or so

marcellus bailey
aint u 2 old 2 b takin baths?!?!


answer me
If me alone, its 10 to 15 mins. For my wife, its 15 to 20 mins. And if we are together, maximum is 1 and 1/2 hours.

Katherine B
Depends on how dirty you are.

Nini W
30 mins

This is not the average, but will contribute to determining the average.
Boondock in an RV, (camping in an isolated spot without hook-ups).
With about 80 gallons of available fresh water on board, to last several days,...................................… 3 minutes or less.
It can be done and emerge clean.

until you run out of warm water

it depends on how many times you clean the fun places

I suppose a lot of it is personal preference, but I love a long soak in a warm bath when I'm taking a bath. 30 min or so with a nice fragrance and leisurely washing myself and then just laying back and relaxing for a little bit.

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