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what's a good way to treat mild depression without taking anti-depressants?

talk to someone you trust about what is bothering you. write yourself a letter explaining what you are feeling and then read it aload to yourself as if reading a letter someone else wrote to you about their problem and think what you would tell them to do.

amber g
my mom has GOBS of home remody books (not a tree hugger). i dont live w. her so i cant ask to see it. what i found on the internet is that you should use St. John's Wart. its used for sadness, worry, nervousness, and poor sleep.

Today, the results of over 20 clinical trials suggest that St John's wort works better than a placebo and is as effective as antidepressants for mild to moderate depression, with fewer side effects.

Studies suggest that St. John's wort is not effective for major depression.

Go to your nearest pharmacy or Walmart should have it

Rex H
If you happen to live in a part of the country where the winters are long and cold, you need sunshine. That's right, sunshine. If you've noticed you feel the worst when you haven't been in the sun for a long stretch. Contrary to the popular news stories, sunshine is good for you and actually necessary for a healthy life. When you are exposed to direct sunlight, the UV rays trigger cells in your skin to produce vitamin D which not only boosts your immune system but also contributes to the release of endorphins in the brain which helps produce a feeling of well being. Also excersise, even just going for a good brisk walk through the park, does the trick well. There are supplements that help as well. The best place I'd found to educate ones self on this subject is http://www.douglassreport.com/ You can search for specific subjects there. Last but certainly not least, exploring your spirituality in the form of researching the Bible. Yeah, I know. It's not the "in" thing I know. It is a fact that people who have convictions in their beliefs do not suffer from depression as much or as bad as those who just live their lives to "live". The universe is a big place. Realize you are an important part of it!

St. John's wort has great results, but just be warned that it interferes with the efficacy of birth control pills.

The herb St. John's Wort, Meditation, and exercise.

Tell me why
Hi. I'm not sure if "mild" depression actually exists. Do you mean feeling sad?
If you feel sad you may want to talk to friends, listen to music, or do exercise.
If you have depression you may want to try cognitive or behavioural therapy.

Whatever people tell you, don't resort to "herbal" remedies like St. John's wort. The ingredients in those herbal supplements are still psychoactive (affecting serotonin reuptake in the exact same way prescription drugs, such as zoloft, do), and, worse, aren't FDA regulated.

I have found that exercising and getting enough sleep works wonders-- since I started doing both, my depression got a lot better, and, even better, I didn't have to go on a prescription.

Nick H
go on holiday/ do something youve always wanted to do - jsut get away from it all and cheer up

Miss Interpreted
Listen to upbeat music, stay around bright colors, watch comedies, laugh a lot, be surrounded by friends, excercise, get a good nights sleep, eat CHOCOLATE :)

Hi there. St John's Wort works for some. Daily exercise, engaging with others and a diet with lean meats and fruits and veggies can make a difference.I hope you feel better soon. Treat yourself to something you enjoy once a week. If after a month, there is no improvement, consider medication.

chocolat, food and lots of exercise. whenever i am down, i go exercise and i just feel all better afterwards.

you can talk to peopple or see a physiocrist. this is my 1000 point answer:)

The best thing to do is get in the sun. Get about 15 minutes of undiluted sun a day. To sweeten the pot take a nice brisk walk in the sun. And of course find someone you can connect with so that you have extra support. Everyone gets a little depressed at times, just keep in mind everything will work out!

Dr Universe
i found talking to soemone helped me

Crystal S
Working out, even dancing to some upbeat music for 20 to 30 minutes helps, but try to do it daily. Also, there is a product called SAM -E that is sold over the counter at pharmacies in the vitamin section and it has been reported that it takes only a few days or a week to see results. I have also heard that St John's Wort helps as well.

Also, just as a suggestion, it is good to consider if there are any medical reasons behind it all, thyroid, perimenopause, etc., can't hurt to check that out too to see if there is a physical cause.

peter w
Have regular exercie - swim bike run anything that gets your heart at a decent rate for 20 - 30 minutes - and you will feel a million dollars

Vitamin B!! High potency B complex. works for me!!

Get out in the sun. The effect the sun has on your skin produces vitamins and chemicals that improve your mood.

Also, exercise can raise your endorphin levels, which will also help you feel better.

I would recomend hypnotherapy as a relaxation technique or meditation. do you know that feeling where you want to crawl in a hole,bury your head in the sand or just hide from the outside world? well with practice you can kind of just hide in your head where ever you would rather be(the beach, your dream house whatever) with the positivity used in hypnotherapy you wake feeling calmer and more in control and then you can further that by identifying the underlying causes of the depression with a therapist or by buying a book and making your own tapes to listen to.whenever i get depressed it is for one of two reasons i'm either at a place in my life where i'm stuck in a rut and need to change something(doing some kind of activity like gym,or swimming to motivate me to moving forward.or changing my job)) or something bad to me or someone i love which i find harder to escape from,I start becoming emoitional at everything it's like permanent P.M.T. which to be honest is where i'm at the mo and the docters keep saying i need anti depressants but I'm scared thats just a one way road. I 've got myself out of it before and i can do it again and so can you.depression is a state of mind that only you can get over. I can tell you that you have a great life and all the good things in it but it won't make a difference until you do something about it. good luck and p.s Those people in you life that you love and may feel like you let them down because of your depressed behaviour-don't ever think they would be better off without you,face up to whats eatting you sue x

a good bath, beauty regime...maybe a new hair do!...if u look good ..u feel a hell of alot better!!...when your depressed you tend to become dowdy ....give yourself a shake...pamper yourself...look in the mirror and tell yourself what a great person you are and remind yourself of all your good points!..You have so much to offer the world!


Mustang Sally
I find when I am feeling a little depressed, I start counting my blessings in my life instead of my down falls and it seems to help. Also, this is about the time when winter depression sets in for most people and tanning in a tanning bed helps me with that. It has something to do with the ultraviolet rays and vitamin D. Play some relaxing music while you're in there and pretend you are on a tropical island somewhere drinking an umbrella drink which was served to you by a man named Carlos in a pair of swim trunks that he filled out very nicely. I am glad it is only mild depression and just remember, spring is right around the corner according to the ground hog! Good-luck!

Caro M
a 30 minute walk in the morning.
a dog :)
hope you feel better

A good exercise program is a great start, especially if it is something that you find fun. I like to ride my bike on nice days (of course, those are few and far between in the winter).

If you are already exercising, then change it to something different. If you have been doing a treadmill for 30 minutes a day, then find a step areobics class. Changing your workout routine can make a big difference.

St. John's Wort is supposed to help. Its an herb you can take in capsules. It takes a month or 2 of taking it before you notice results.

Bach Flower Essences are a good choice. To know more, visit the free online course available at the following:


There is some valuable information about depression and its treatment.

Behavior modification, find out why you are depressed and make adjustments. It doesn't always work, but it can.


Proud Momma of 4mth old Boy
Find an activity that you really enjoy during, get involved in exercise program, just do something new. Get away from all the old, traditional things that your life has been full of begin a new chapter that you can call yours.

Trust me, get active and stay surrounded with friends. When you're out with friends your mind is active and the physical activity will help release endorphins (feel good hormones)

Mandy, you've come to the right person...sorta. I've been beset by intermittent depression since winter 2001. I've found that although medication is very helpful--I take Celexa--mild depression responds to positive events in life ushc as recreation, romance, entertainment and relaxation. Find hobbies and things that enliven your day and make you enthusiastic, even if you are not overwhelmed with joy. For me exercise helps. That helps free endorphins which can cause you to be aroused and alert for the day. Talking to a therapist helps too! Working also to build up self esteem is crucial. It's a life long process. We all need to do it. Good luck. You'll find yourself on the other side!

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