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ughhhhh important ! read!?
my stomach is killing me i feel like im about to vomit,
i know grosssss.
how can i make my stomach feel better or what do i do!?

This happened to me before and it ended up i had a mild case of food poisoning. My stomach hurt really bad and i felt like i needed to throw up but couldn't. I took pepto bismol and it helped a lot. And I also drank plent of gatorade to stay hydrated.

hope this helps! :]

Down With Bottled Water!
Take a gravol/dramamine suppository and a hot bath.

nausea, heartburn, indigestion....
upset stomach, diarrea!
Yay, pepto bismol!!!!!

get pepto bismol it could help :D
hope you feel better

ashley d
defiantly take stemital i think thats how u spell it but the best thing is ur local doctor

did you eat peanut butter? Take some malox, tums, whatever. Milk helps me.

All things being equal, go ahead and hug porcelain. It may be gross, but it's quick and, if you've eaten something disagreeable, it's best to get it out of there.

let yourself throw up.. i know its gross and i hate throwing up , but usually i feel better after i throw up.. it was proly something you ate that is making you feel like this... find some medication for stomach problems... drink lots of water... but not too much cause you dont want to throw it up.. wait a few hours before you eat and then try eating some crackers or something light and then see if you can keep it down... if you cant , then you proly have the stomach flue.. the stomach flue can las for 24 hour to a week or more... .. hope you feel better soon...

Tums. Pepto. Water.

eat the pink medicine.
make pepto your best friend.
i heard stomach flu was going around.
stay home as much

if you feel like you have to trow up....mak ourself....im ot anerexic or nuthin lol...but when i feellike i have to throw up i get it ove with instead of prolonginthe pain.....drinkin alo alot aloooot of waer at once helps if you dont wanna use ur finger

why dont you vomit,let yourself throw up maybe after that u will feel better..if not eat a little sugar then drink water...that helps you not to vomit,or try to sleep..

hopefully ur not pregnant lol..

turn on the heater and wrap urself in blankets and wear like 8 sweatshirts. burn the flew away

The Evil penguin :}
take some Pepto-Bismol its that flu going around i just had it ugh hope u feel better

2-lay down.
3-chicken soup :)
4-advil ;)

hope u feel better :D

Randi S
As gross as it is, sometimes it is just better to vomit so you'll feel better.

Fly in the Ointment
........|...Pepto Bismol..........|||"|""\__

first try to throw up. and if you cant or it doesnt help, take some tums or mylanta or something like that. throwing up usually helps at least a little bit.

If it's cramping take pain relievers, but you may just have alot of gas, so try laying on your back and massaging around the bellybutton. If not, then try sipping some herbal tea.

☆ Dave
See your doctor!!
Drink fluids....but not tooo much as this can make it worse
Orange or Apple Juice can make it worse!!
Eat lost of Pasta =]

Hope this helps

Pep-to Bismol works, I suppose. But it doesn't kick in instantaneously... Think about your buddy Dustin Hall, at School, and you'll be fine.

that pink medicine

Ryan Rickus
throw up, or drink water, stay from everything else. eat small simple foods

Sleep it off. Put a bucket by your bed

make yourself vomit, youll feel better

tea...or throw up. its better to get it out then feel discusting for days.

alan l
ginger ale

if it's a strong vomiting feeling, get to a toilet. that's about it.

if it's a sudden, stabbing pain in your stomach, that feels faintly like vomit, breathe and lie down it will pass. and you'll probably need to poo soon.

if it just hurts a little and just feels like vomit a little, but it has felt like that for a long time, take a tums.

no matter what, if it gets a lot worse or doesn't go away, get to the hospital.

tea, chicken soup, sleep, and possibly a garbage can to puke in. cause you probably will. and oh, drugs, like pills xD

I need help
TAKE TUMS... SIT ON TOILET.... lie down, lay flat... depends what feels good. DRink coke!

milk can help also - or mylanta

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