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thinking about starting smoking?
ive recently started college in the uk about 12 weeks ago. since i started ive become best friends with a guy who smokes and ive noticed that when im around him and he's smoking that i start 2 feel more relaxed beouse of the smoke. i havent smoked before do u think its a 'good' idea it might help with the stress of college.


You may think it'll make you relaxed but it won't

At the time you smoke it will, but when you're not you'll want to smoke and you'll feel more stressed.

It'll then run your life and you'll be a slave to cigarettes. They'll run you're life.

Encourage your friend to give up too!

No thats the most retarted idea ever.

I've Been Smoking For About 9-10 Months. Started When I Was 16 Now 17. But I'm Glad To Say I Haven't Had A Ciggarette In About 1 Month. I Would'nt Consider Myself Addicted. Cuz I Quit Like Nothing , But If I'm Givin The Chance To Buy/Receive Them I Will..Only Camels..HAHA...

Cancer later in life will be a lot more stressful for you and people who love you then college is now

r u crazy? i started 13 years ago and i swear i wish i hadent started pleast dont start

lol why dont u inject heroin while your at it? i started smoking when i was 12, im 22 now, and hate it, i only have the occasional one when drinking but id give anything for nice white teeth!

Are you serious? No

It's a great idea. I suggest you get straight on to 30 a day, as soon as possible. In no time at all, you'll stink like an old ashtray, your nails, teeth and skin will be discoloured, and you'll have a hacking cough, possibly with phlegm.

Carry on, and eventually you'll have furred arteries, and you'll be at risk of many types of cancer, stroke and heart disease.



I have smoked for 35 years, it is a habit you do not want. I have tried the gum, the patches, the accu puncture, hypnosis, reading books, the pills, and nothing works. If you haven't smoked before the 1st puff will knock you on your butt, giving you a good hint you don't want to start. There are so many people who are against the smokers, because the believe the propaganda of the media circus. I smoke because I want to, I've tried a 100 times to quit, and I was told because of my asthma I will never quit. The only thing that makes my asthma flair are the women who has to wear perfume that you can smell a block away, temp to hot, or to cold, and that's it. Smoking usually calms it down. Your old enough to make up your own mind, I have given you both sides of it.

Sally N
Don't do it !!!

hotbeaglemama (menopause)
Do not do it. It is so unhealthy and extremely hard to quit. The dangers by far outweigh the benefits and just find other ways to relax, yoga meditation, hot baths. Please

its not worth it it might make you feel relaxed but it can take 10 years off your life in the long runn, keep you lungs pink =]

I smoked for 12 months, I have recently quit. Smoking relaxes your mind and body, sometimes if you feel sick and smoking will make you feel better. Smoking is cool and feels cool doing it (at the right place).

But listen to this, smoking will kill you, you WILL notice your health decline withing smoking your first pack. Also you will encourage others to smoke thus endangering their health.

Then when you finally want to quit, trust me buddy... you don't know pain until you try this. I took a solid month off work to quit smoking and with my gf's support i only just managed. After quitting you will have nothing to do with your hands... they will shake. You will feel your breathing patterns feel strange and too take a deep breath you will have to use all your stomach muscles. Let alone this... the damage is still done and will take several years of non-smoking to repair yourself... and you may still even get cancer after all of that.

My roommate is dieing from cancer at the moment, his 29 years old... he never smoked.. but his parents and friends did constantly.

Be careful on your decisions... Ask people for their support - anyone will help.

No, it will be expensive!

no! don't start smoking, its too hard to stop and detrimental to your health in every way. if your stressed at college, try using relaxing aromatherapy candles or something.

how does one who is smart enough to get into college think that smoking is a good idea? not only will it turn you into an ugly ghoul, but it will cause your teeth to fall out, hair to fall out, voice to sound like ****, not nice and sweet, ur skin to get all wrinkly, make you smell like ****, when kissing a girl who smokes, she doesnt taste sweet at all unlike girls who dont, your place will stink, ur fingernails will turn yellow along with your finger tips, you will get out of shape super quickly and your lung capacity will drop radically.

and finally your chance for cancer sky rockets, chance of heart problems skyrockets, and 100% you will cut years off your life.

hope that helps and i hope you dont choose to start. but if you do well damn i will have no sympathy for you, as that is a dumb **** thing to do, and i have no respect for smart people who make idiots of themselves.

Emily R
Want cancer?
Want to die young and feel like crap ?

Don't start. College is stressful that is for sure but it will also be that way when you get out and get a career. Try exercising and hanging out in spots that smoking is not involved. Personal and family experience is where I come from, too much. It is ggod to have friends and I think that is why you are relaxed. Smoking actually raises your blood pressure.

twisted sista
I started smoking in college because my roommate smoked. That was the worst mistake of my life. Here I am ten years later and can't kick. Don't do it!!!!!!!!!! Your teeth will stain, your breath will be bad, you'll be short winded, and they make you tired all the time. Plus, your cloths and hair will always smell. Guys hate the idea that I smoke some won't even talk to me because of it. It's all around a bad idea. If you feel overwhelmed exercise or something. Go horse back riding that relieves a ton of stress. Smoking is not the way. Please take my advice it's a nasty habit and it can get expensive, don't start it.

♥ Jodes ♥
Well if you want to die, do it.

I wouldn't start if I were you,
I started smoking last year and it's incredibly addictive and hard to quit,
I wish I'd never started as I rarely have any money left over from feeding the addiction,
Think of you're health too, you get sore throats a lot more and you get out of breath quicker,

Hope this helped

Delton T
NO!!!! dont smoke because it will be extremely hard to stop and when your older your lungs will be all full of tar and you will die sooner. Also then you want to smoke tar, rat poisning, and toilet bowl cleaner those are only a few ingredients in cigarettes. So please dont smoke its bad for you and others around you.

Courtney B
i think it is not a good idea.
there are many reasons not to.
you will get addicted so if you decide you dont like it, it will be hard to quit.
it will get expensive.
my aunt died from lung cancer, and both of my grandfather's health has gone down from smoking.
if your thinking of smoking because you want to reduce your stress try looking into a hobby that will get your mind away from the stress

Billy M
Absolutly not!

all of my friends smoke and i still dont wanna smoke, 100% no no

keep your lungs healthy

emma b
No, please dont, i gave up and stupidly started again 18months ago when things at hoe got stressful

I am now on day 2 of giving up and it is hell, im not giving in and i will suceed, but it would of been alot easier had i neevr of started, its not big, or clever, it doesnt make you cool

It stinks, you look stupid, and it kills you

Kieran B
it's not worth it hon,

Wee Me ღ
No chance!
Unless u want to absolutely stink and have no-one who is a non smoker come near u!

Emily J
No! Do not smoke. While your friend might be relaxed when he does it, think of it, in the future, your hands will become more wrinkly and ugly, your teeth will become yellow and get ruined, your lungs will become black and tar-y and you'll have breathing problems, you could get lung cancer.

It is not a good idea to start smoking JUST because of stress. There are many things you can do, ever thought of exercising for stress? It's great. I go on a walk or a jog when I stressed and it helps. Plus I'm doing something GOOD for my body.

Smoking is NEVER a good idea,
you never get off of it, even if you tell yourself you are.
There are other ways to deal with the stress, like taking breaks, taking walks, a lot of more healthy things,
believe me I know exactly how you feel with the smell of smoke, but in the long run its a horrible idea

I have smoked for decades and will die of cancer. It is a hard habit to give up and if you think it is an easy death, watch someone cough up blood or gasp for breath from lung cancer. If you think you have stress now, wait until you have cancer or emphysema

its a great idea cigarettes will make you the person you want to be, you'll learn how to win friends and influence people it really will be the best decision of your life. boys will want you girls will want to be you. go by a packet right now and get started on your happy and successful new life right away!!!

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