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♥Proud To Be Canadian♥
please please please help me!!!?
ok this morning i when i woke up i was freezing cold. when i was all ready i got this GIANT headache. so i took a couple of advil. when i went into my bedroom, and all of a sudden i had this really bad stomach ache. so i layed down on my bed for a few mins then got up and went to school. throughtout the whole day and a bit when i got home, i was fine...no aches anywhere. but about 10-15 mins ago i got really weak and io had to sit down and im still feeling weak.
i no there is a flu going around but ive never been like this before. what do you think it is that i have or is it just some harmless thing. and do you think i should maybe see a doctor just to see if its anything serious.
thanks so much for your help and i will take anything!
Additional Details
do you think it may have anything to do with not getting enough sleep?
i forgot to add that i am not the best at getting to sleep at night. sometimes i only get about 3-5 hrs sleep. and its been like that for a long long long time. like 3-4 yrs. im a teen so i am a sleepy head and not getting enough sleep is not helping me any.

Your pregnant. Thats it your lifes over now!

just rest.

The Seeker
Anyone will tell you to go to a doctor. Can't anyone on here help you with this.

I would see a doctor, just to be on the safe side.

if it doesnt go away but worsens, go see a physician

Silence Is Just So Loud
go to webmd.com and do the symptom checker

Jade B
Well I have had this problem to but I found out that it was nothing it was just my head ... the reason trhat u werent feeling this during school and for a bit when u got home is because u werent thinking about just try not to think about and u will b fine .

Hang in there :)

Are you eating? It could be a combo of the bug thats going around and not eating properly... I went through a time were I was eating very little, cause I thought I was fat. I had the same symptoms you're describing... I'd talk to a Dr. especially if this continues... And make sure to drink plenty of water/fluids...
Feel Better!

proud vegetarian ``)
ahhh dont worry. i get that all the time. actually everyday now i have a really really bad head ache but a couple years ago i got reading glasses for school. i dont get headaches as much!!! it really helps. you also could be really hungry. if this happens for another 2 days, then i would see a doc, but it does not sound too serious. good luck and feel better!!!

Yes, you should see a doctor as soon as possible if not before.

better see the doc, ot the school nurse at the least

ღஐcavalier de fantômeஐღ
Taking advil on an empty stomach can cause cramps or other discomfort.. As for the symptoms, it may just be a cold or flu virus.

Make sure you're eating and drinking (water) regularly.

nick m
you are probly hungry or dehydrated or something go to webmd.com

you should most likely go to see your doctor. he is the one that could give you the best answer.

Jennifer M
could be a viral infection you should definetly see a doctor as soon as you can! drink some tea and turn out the lights and rest. sounds like you need to chill for a hour or two and if things don't improve go to the doctor or urgent care!

♥•♥MoNkii loVah♥•♥

Definitely see a doctor. Better safe or sorry. You have nothing to lose if you'r not actually sick.

Okay i don't know much about this kind of stuff but trust me i have had this before. Well i think that this is just nothing and you will probably get over it. Maby its just something like a big test or even something happening in your personal life that just makes you feel bad so you are just kind of shutting down.

chun k
maybe you are in a stage


dont worry im sure ur fine

it could be low blood sugar so if it happens again have some orange juice

if u took the tablets on an empty stomach that may have caused the stomach ache

if it keeps happening over the next couple of days see ur doctor but dont stress about it as this will make a small thing worse

rest a bit and eat well

good luck

i think you should definately see s doctor... you never know if it could be somethin worse than you imagined

♥Lil Miss♥
you might have the flu, but if you feel really really sick dont go to school and go see a doctor

go to a doctor that way if something is really wrong the doctor an find out what

Definitely need more sleep !

Also, just curious, have you had chicken pox yet ? I had similar symptoms a couple weeks ago, then one day broke out it spots. Or maybe its just an on-coming flu. Or maybe just lack of sleep. Either way, it sounds like your immune system is being challenged, maybe by the stress of inadequate sleep, or a virus. It could also have something to do with the indoor-air quality at your home, because that seems to be the only place you feel out of energy and headache, maybe not enough oxygen. Try open windows for 10 minutes each day, despite the winter, just to refresh the air. Maybe also get tested for things like pox, etc. IF you never had it and you still don't have it, get immunized ! Its worth it !

Take care

It sounds to me like the flu-they say there is a new strain this year and could be more intense. You should rest and drink lots of fluids for sure!

There is a virus going around that starts like that. The doctor insists that we stay home t rest, and beat this thing. Electrolytes, such as the ones in Pedialyte, will replenish what we need - you will know when your dizziness alarms you - one bottle each day, with a cup at a time spread out over the day. Take it for 2 days. Have a healthy and happy leap year!

Umm...i would take a nap for a while.
and if you'r like that for more than another day then i would say go to the doctor.

Word to the wise, do not trust most of the information you get online and certainly do not just take anything because of the recommendation of a complete stranger. I suggest going to see the doctor or at least call your doctor's office for advice.

Probably just sick but i would go to urgent care or something. The doctor is bull i had a stroke and the doctor thought i had the flu... they're idiots.

Brittany B
I had the flu last year for like 3 weeks. I felt like that. It was the worst feeling in the world, but I'd definitely go to the doctor just to make sure! Even though I was certain I had the flu.. I went just in case. Just lay down and take it easy. It's obviously not harmless if you feel so terrible. Get checked!

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