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ok i need this answer in the next 10 minutes!?
ok so for a project i have to have a cast on my arm..the one that are super hard and it has to be colored! so please tell me how to do this!
Additional Details
OK FIRST of all i dont want to have a broken bone! i just need a homemade cast.........not a paper thing! please

papier mache and get a little kid with colouring pencils

Permanent Marker?

Paper Mache heres how


Put bags around your arm and then put the paper mache around that. You can paint it when its dry =]

You need to call and ask people at the hospital if there is anyone who will do this for you without an injury. You also need to see if you can get them to tell you how to do it yourself if they aren't willing to. That is where you need to start.

Take newspaper strips and stick them together around your arm with water and glue mixed together. Use old paintbrushes to spread it out. When it's dry you can use white tape to stick over the mold. You can paint or colour it with markers after. You might need somebody to help you as you'll only have one hand to use.

Sandi B
you can try a paper machae one .
just take old newspapers and rip them up into little pieces and put them on your amr one by one, but before you put more than one on put glue mixed with water on it with a brush,
just search it up if you dont know what i mean :)

Have you ever actually broken a bone? The doctor uses a gauze-type wrap and moistens it as he fits it around the arm. The gauze absorbs the water and hardens very quickly forming a custom shape. There is no way to do this at home and for good reason... if you ever break a bone you need to see a doctor!

Good luck.

What kind of school project is this?

You need access to MEDICAL SUPPLIES to do this. I assume you do not.

If you could make a cast at home people wouldn't need to go to the doctor to get one.

im guessing just do something that will hurt ur arm really badly...but if i were u dont do anything cuz it may be really bad...it could end bad...u can maybe lose your hand or arm...hope u dnt do it good luk...

:) or :(

It's like making a Pinata!!!!
1st you can grap card board paper and some how try to wrap it around your arm.
2nd grab newspaper and and first put glue on the cardboard and then out newspaper on top.. Dry for 5-7 min.
3rd you can paint your cast whatever color you would like.

uhh get some plaster and some gauze and wrap your arm with the gaze and cover with the plaster??

get the wrapping stuff and cusions wrap cusions around arm and then wet the wrapping stuff and etc. Can't help much more. sorry

plaster of paris? or ask the local dr to help you out

Pink Fever
Tell the person who excpets the project that you are not able to color the project becuase you have a cast on your arm or tell your parents to write a note to them. Hope this helps :)

go to your doctor tell him what it's for and he should put one on u

Paper Machete?

Or if you know anyone that works at the hospital, see if they hook you up and have someone put one on (I know people who have done that before)

scott g
sculpting Plaster (aka plaster of paris)... go to a masonry supply shop or college art store and buy a bag of it. Mix it with water (mixing instructions can be found on the bag or online)... fill a vessel with the plaster and stick stips of fabric in it (old t-shirts or something)... then have someone help you apply the cast to your arm.

LUcky Alice
Climb the top of a tall tree fall down call 911 then go to class youll have a broken arm i promise

The oldest of the Solo's
Buy colored gauze, make it look like a cast. use hairspray to make it stiff...

plaster and water. and then color it with non-toxic paint or markers or something.

i can't. but u can make a soft one with white tape and get people to sign it

make one like a pinata... get wet newspaper strips and mold them around your arm. then use plaster of paris to make it that white, smooth coat. then color it with your favorite shade of paint. ta-dah! now, good luck getting it off... :)

I agree with paradigm81...and xbeemarie, that is a little different

Go up to someone and say "hey, you! yeah, you!!!! Break my arm!!! kaythnx!"

Try These Sites:


Mason K
Go to the Art craft store, get plaster of paris, and then wrap the cast you made with blue masking tape.

On stage, it will look real.

Use plaster of paris (see your local art store) or you can just use paper mache (newspaper dipped in paste). Do several thick layers and let it harden. Once it's dry, paint/color it!

you can use plaster of paris and water. this works EXTREMELY well. just get strips of it, dunk it in the water and then place it on your arm. or wherever. then wait until its dry. you can paint it. this works very well. the paint stays very good. so ya get plaster of paris then use paint. i had to do the same thing but we made masks. good luck :)

Michael Bloomberg Rrr

Read the story "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."

It's all in there.

Try making one out of paper, then, add some layers to it (or wrap a magazine around your arm), then use paper mache to make it strong and stiff, two layers should do.

When the paper mache dries, you can use any colored pens (like markers) to draw on it. Or you can paint it.

Good luck, hope this helped.

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