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my wont stop telling me to stop smoking weed what should i do?
shes making me go to drug counciling and i tell her weed is harmless and drug counceling a big waste of time

I'm gonna shoot straight:
- weed is not harmless
- it is costly and addictive
- whilst high, you are a danger to yourself /others
- you will lose out with you mum
- you slowly kill off your brain

+ it can help you relax
(I know this is very one-sided, but I have never tried it and don't think there are any more +'s (I'm not saying there aren't))

Overall, I would not do it myself (my aunt is a drug councilor and would kill me) but I know people who do, and they seem more relaxed and chilled compared to everyone else (sometimes too chilled)


P.S I would stop doing weed, but a solution to stop your mum telling you to stop is to cut her out your life (I know this is harsh, but it would be best for her rather than to make her see her son is vegetablisng himself)

Tell her to pull her head out

um..stop...its not harmless...

and if you want to poison yourself that bad..move out..im sure you wont be able to survive on your own. listen to her..you could have a better life. and she wont be nagging you..and im sure youd have alot more money laying around

yes it is bad for us it causes brain cancer and lung cancer . so get into couseling it will be good for you my brother is clean sense december he is more fun to be around then b4!!!!!!! being sober is better for you pot leads into other drugs!!!!!!!!

Alexandra P
First of all who is she? Your mom, sister, friend, girlfriend? Well whoever she is, she's right. Sorry, but weed IS harmful to your body, you can die. You can end up with lung cancer, your heart can fail, etc. When your hospital bed dying because of cancer I assume you'll still think weed is "harmless."

Your going to DIE if you don't LISTEN to her.

Just stop, because like..you are wrong. Weed is not harmless, and drug counseling is not a big waste of time. Maybe if you took drug counseling, and stop smoking weed, you could spell counseling right!

I love violin playing.
Who won't? Your mother,or girlfriend? Either way they are just trying to care for you. I suggest you stop smoking weed, and go to the drug consulting. It will only be for the best. If you don't believe me, then ask all the people who die each year from using drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. Wait, you can't ask them. See my point? Stop smoking it, because it is slowing killing you.

You Said: "My wont stop telling me to stop smoking weed what should i do?"

My answer:
Read what you wrote. That says it all. Stop smoking dope.

weed is slowly killing you, like cigarettes. there's a good chance you could get lung cancer. i really hope you quit before it's too late

stop smoking it! it is not harmless and will propably cause u a lung cancer...!

however,to asnwer to ur question, tell her that she is doing nothing and that in order to make u stop she needs a doctor or sth else

Let her know that you are willing to go to drug counselling and are wiling to quit. Hopefully this stops her from always asking you to quit. You are your own you so its your choice and if you really love her you would quit for her but it will take time. Good Luck

☻I Know All☻
your what???

who's trying to get you to stop? Maybe you should look at both sides of the argument and make an educated decision. Or you could humor whoever is asking you. If Drug counseling is really pointless, then you'll have no problem getting through it.

move out or find help im sorry but dont ruin ur life in drugs ):

um...stop smoking weed?

or move out! :) then it's not her house, her rules.

You need it dude. Look at your question.

weed is harmless as long as you don't get caught by the cops just ignore

Look, here's a suggestion... STOP SMOKING WEED? Weed kills brain cells every time you smoke it. You should be ashamed of yourself... she's trying to help you and you are being immature and stupid.

Weed really isn't harmless. It causes brain cells to die and is actually more harmful than tobacco in causing lung cancer. My brother used to be very intelligent until he started smoking weed all day every day. He got straight A's in high school without even trying and had a promising life ahead of him. Then the dope took over and he dropped out of high school to smoke dope with friends and couldn't so much as tie his own shoes, let alone do much else. He hung out in front of the tv for years. He's now a 40 year old bus driver for old people in nursing homes. That was after many years of living with my mom, friends and even with me a time or two. He went from job to job making minimum wage and couldn't support his son whose mother went on welfare to care for him. See where I am going with this? Drop the weed, buddy. It'll get you nowhere in life.

Weed shortens your life and can leave you brain damaged.

Weed is not harmless.
It kills the brain cells, like lights going off of a light bulb.

Listen to your Aunt. I know it's hard, but if you want to keep your brain intact, then please stop.

You may not see any immediate down side to smoking, but over time you will. I can only assume that you are not doing this alone, and have friends that are getting you to tag along with their choices. They are also probably telling you that drug counseling is a waste of time. It is not a waste if you have a legitimate problem. Please reconsider your choices, they can really affect your future.

Well although it is basicaly harmless to your body it still has an impact to your senses wich can effect for example your reaction time wich can cause accidents. Id say go to the councelling to make her happy but in the end its your decision what you want to do but she will know you have made an effort.

To quote the great Dr. Gregory House, "Your an Idiot."

Actually it isn't a waste of time, weed makes you get panic attacks, it can affect you down thereee and it can make you really stupid.

She just cares about you, why don't you just try the councelling

Proud Mom of Two Beauty's
You should stop doing WEED...... DUH it's not good for you anyways

maybe you should stop, I mean come on dude, read your question, it doesnt even make sense!

Black Diamond
I'll probably get thumbs downs for this, but I agree with you. As long as you don't drive while high, or work, etc, then you're fine. How old are you?

answer mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AleoMArdrKh2gSDphv4GbPvsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090522122655AAjYEjM

trollin dirtay
You're right, tell her to send you to night school instead.

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