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Eric G
my girlfriend is like breathing hard i think she might be having a panic attack what should i do?
i don't think that it is a asthma attack and if it is she has no inhaler but i really need help she doesn't know what to do and i don't either i don't
she has not had one before i think? so if she is having a panic attack what should i do? or if she is having a asthma attack what should i do

she is having it right now please help now!

why are you on yahoo answers while your girlfriend is having some kind of attack? hahahahahaha! i'm like rolling around in my chair right now! go call 911! hahahahaha.

call 911 RIGHT NOW!
doesn't matter do it.... anopther thing... stay calm! don't freak her out
if its an asthma attack and she doesn't have her inhaler BAD thing! but have her lie on her back and tilt her head up like your doing CPR to make sure her airway is open... also does she have allergies? if so give her her epipen right now! epipens wont do anythign bad even if its not an allergy... and calling an ambulence is key!

you cant just sitt there u have to call a doctor right away see what up she probley doesnt have asthma because it never happened but u will have to see wats up with her u need a perfessional maybe she is pregnant im not really sure u might have to go to the emergancy room if its that bad

maybe u said somthing that made her breath hard. like maybe "will u marry me?" or "i think it's best that we see other people". if not, take her home.

If she is wheezing while breathing it may be asthma related so get her to a hospital soon. If there is no wheezing it may nto be an asthma attack but either way you may want to bring her to an emergency room since no one here can diagnose her properly and we arent doctors.

Calm her, take her to the bathroom and sit her down in a chair and run the hot water in the shower to build up steam. Breathing steam is good for that. Also check her forehead temperature, she may need a cool cloth on her head.

lie her on the floor or a couch, get a paper bag and tell her to exhale and inhale into the bag. She should calm down in a few mins. If she does not take her to the hospital.

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do, you will just have to wait it out. Have her lie down that always worked for me when I used to get them. Good luck I hope it's only a panic attack. Take it from one who has had them many times. It will pass.

Julia A
if its asthma give her black coffee it will open her air ways up. if it's a panic attack she just needs to slow her breathing down. quick go get her coffee now!

i <3 vanilla
get off the f*cking computer and go to the ER.

John G
If you can hear her wheeze then it's probably asthma. you can go to walmart and get an inhaler, doesn't work as well as the prescribed ones but the doctors say it's ok to use. I've used them, have asthma. It might be a panic attack, which may be hyperventilation. slow her breathing down and take deep breaths....lack of carbon dioxide...breathing into a bag helps keep the carbon dioxide in the bag and to rebreath it. Orrrr....you can go to the hospital.

If she's having trouble breathing, you need to take her to the emergency room ASAP!

You need to keep calm. If you get excited, it is going to raise the pulse and the heart rate of your girl friend, which will make it harder for her to breathe. I would like you to try and practice some deep breathing exercises, which I will provide a link.


If this does not work within a couple of minutes, I would like you to take her to the emergency, or if she passes out, I would like you to call 911.

Rick W
calling her doctor is much faster than waiting for one of us to guess.


have her sit down, and breath as slowly and deeply as she can. Get a paper bag, if one is available, and have her breath in and out into it. Make sure she is SITTING, NOT LAYING DOWN!!! If she's faint, have her put her head between her knees. Call 911 as soon as you can- particularly if she is wheezing!!!

This may be a panic attack, but it might also be an asthma attack or an allergic reaction (if she has an EPIPEN, USE IT). She needs to be seen by a doctor ASAP!!!

jesus christ...GO DO SOMETHING TO GET HER MIND OFF IT..the freaking brain is very powerful and the more she thinks she is having one then she WILL MAKE HER SELF HAVE ONE.....go and do soemthing to get her mind off it....

Try to calm her down, what is making her panic? She must be worried about something. Try to talk to her and get her to calm down. What are you doing on the computer when she is not breathing properly?

Take her home to her parents.

what tha?! so let me get this strait... your on the computer (yahoo answers) waiting for some1 to tell you to do what?...... what do you think you should do? call 911? is she dying? doubt it. just take her home...

Savana E
um tell her to drink some cold water and lay down or go outside for some fresh air if it's really bad go to the emegency room!! tell her i'm sorry

ll <3 II
panic attack:

get off the computer
get her some water
tell her to try to breathe slowly/relax
get her to sit down on a chair and put her head between her knees
tell her everything's going to be okay
If she's on any anti-anxiety med (PRNs) get her to take a dose.
when it's over give her a long cuddle unless that is what triggered it.


if she starts wheezing, gasping for air and telling you she can't breathe take her to the ER.

Steve C
If it doesn't calm down in less than 10 minutes, take her to the ER.

Don't do the paper bag treatment; it can lower the oxygen in her blood to a dangerous level.

I used to have these about once a week.

The most important thing is for you to remain calm, as it will help her calm down.

lee f
You can hardly breathe at all with an asthma attack, not if the air is getting through. The heavy breathing may mean she is having an anxiety attack. Is she on any medication? Feel for her pulse rate. If her chest hurts then take her to the e.r. You don't want to fool around with this. Also, she may have taken a drug that is counter reacting.

Tiffany M
tell her to lay down n try to meditate to take her mind off things. tell her to try to control her breathing, and think of good memories. if she has to breath n a brown paper bag. or try fresh air good luck

was Yahoo Answers your first reaction?? try webmd or something more medical or authoritative. But ER might be best if you think she might go into a asthmatic attack. Hope everything's okay,

911 dumbass!

stop doing drugs. Pot and Coke provoke panic attacks. Take her to the hospital if there isn't any drugs involved.

lo im ve
get off the computer
ask professionals (i.e.: 911) instead of people on yahoo answers

911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR call her parents or some1 that can help!!!!!!! neighbor???? hope she gets better :)

Perhaps you should:

1. like get off the computer and call 911
2. like ask a professional rather than an anonymous online chat group

when you're having a panic attack your chest tightens and it feels like you can't breath...try to calm her down...has she experienced any numbing in her hands or face?? if so she is having an anxiety attack...if after awhile she still doesn't feel good...take her to er but they really won't do anything for her if that's what it is...they'll just check her oxygen flow and send you home...

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